Do You Wonder if You Feel Other Peoples' Pain? Part 3

Do You Think You Feel Other’s Pain?

Here’s What To Do If You Do

I've been sharing some perspectives on this title over the last two blogs, you can catch them here:

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But today, I'm talking solutions!  If you are someone who connects with other peoples' pain and you want to know how to release this, read on!  PLUS there is a free visualisation for you to listen to in this blog!

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What's the solution?

There are so many different ways to look at healing and releasing experiencing other peoples' pain.

I’m going to give you some techniques to help if you feel this happening for you.

But there are ways to protect your energy field and feel empowered in any energy or around any pain, so you can make sure you stay strong and grounded in your own energy rather than your energy being pulled away from you, or left in pain yourself or feeling drained. 

Personally, once I was able to bring these thoughts and feelings that I was having around picking up on others' pain to the forefront, I started to understand and work with my awareness around picking up others' pain much better. The  most powerful shift for me has been since really questioning, if this was a belief of mine?  It wasn’t a belief of my own; it was something that I had picked up from somebody else, but I was able to take responsibility for it now being my belief and then start to scrutinise it in a really healthy way to see whether this really needed to apply to me, whether this needed to be my reality.

As I started to increase my knowledge of energy, working with energy and helping other people with healing theirs and unblocking their energy, I have noticed especially since becoming Reiki-attuned as well that working with energy, working and helping other people and being in those kinds of areas where you might be noticing collective pain or confusion or any kind of lower vibration energy, I can stay very grounded. I am very energised these days.  I think that’s because I’m able to really give myself permission when I’m in a therapy kind of environment, to allow me just to be the vessel, to allow me to be the channel for energy to come through, not to have to push it, pull it or take it in any kind way.

When I’m around crowds or when there’s something collectively going on, let’s say in the news, right now there’s a lot of collective pain going on around the world, it is my aim to stay grounded and stay strong in my own energy field. 

Allow yourself to become aware of your own energy field and how that might be being affected unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, when there are different energy fields around you. The same applies when you go into a room that is full of high vibe people. You feel great generally, don't you?  We all do it. It’s not like there’s one particular person who just takes all the energy of others'. We all have our vibrations lifted or lowered in some way at various times.  

Have a look and see where or feel into where you may have energy, people or influences around you that you’re allowing knowingly or unknowingly to take your energy, or you give it away.

Look at your grounding practices.  If you allow yourself to take some time to make sure you’re grounded, to tune in and become aware of your energy, which is actually really easy to do with a little bit of practice, you will find yourself staying grounded, energised, or staying at the vibration you’re at when you’re around anything that’s going on; whether it’s listening to the news, whether it’s in a crowded place, whether you go to a memorial or something like that where you notice there may be a lot of pain or lower vibrations around.

Tip number 1:

The first tip I’m going to give you if this is something that you experience and maybe if you are a therapist or you are extremely sensitive and you do feel these things in crowds and crowded places,  I’ve already mentioned this, acknowledge that this is happening and actually thank your energy, the person or the room or the atmosphere for indicating to you something in this in the group, in this person, that has an energy issue - pain or a lower vibration. Set the intention that it doesn’t need to be your. Thank it for the indication by saying 'I’m really grateful, but this doesn’t need to be mine.'  Allow it to pass through. That is really powerful and it has been really powerful for me.

Tip number 2:

Tip number two is to clear your vessel daily.  This might be a really simple grounding practice. Five mindful deep breaths will really help you to ground your body and calm your body.  If you are Reiki-attuned or any other kind of energy modality-attuned, then you could use that to clear your energy and allow yourself to remove any blocks and heal any leaks that maybe in your energy field if you’re more aware of the energy side of things.  If you are in public and that’s somewhere where you experience a lot of these feelings I've talked about here, then really practicing any grounding exercises and becoming aware of your own body - becoming aware of your feet on the floor, how your body might be moving, the sensation of your hands in your pockets and things like that – can really help you stay in your body and really focus and stay present in you and of you.  As you do that you’re allowing your energy field to become that little more connected to you as opposed to feeling and going out into everything else that’s going on and picking that up.

Tip number 3:

The final one, I can just walk you through this now, is creating yourself a little energy bubble.  The energy bubble is something you can do any time.  It could be a daily practice, it could be something you do when you are going out, it could be something you do when you’re expecting a confrontation, or something like that. It really allows you, again, to create that presence, that connection with you and also in your mind’s eye if you are a visual person, it creates an image of a shield around you. Anything that comes towards you in terms of negative energy, pain, or anything like that, you are able to allow it to just bounce back off and just ricochet away from you. It keeps you in a really lovely sensation of feeling very safe, very supported, whilst being connected and able to go about everything that you do.This is one of the exercises that takes very little time and that I can talk you through how to do that here: 

Or you can read through and practice it below:

Just close your eyes for a moment. You might want to take a moment to feel your feet on the floor if you’re sitting down. If you’re standing, just notice how your body feels. We’re just going to take five deep breaths. Breathing in through the nose, allow your belly and your ribs to expand, and as you breathe out through your mouth just allow your shoulders to relax. Breathing in, out, allow your hips to relax and release as well. Breathing in, the breaths are starting to slow down now, you might start to notice your heart-rate is just gently easy, slowing down. Noticing your feet on the floor, any sensations in the body, two more breaths. Breathing in and out. Just really now centering yourself inside of your body, being aware of all your skin, the clothes on your skin. Last breath. Breathing in, and breathing out.

I want you just to imagine in the centre of your chest, just at the tip of your sternum, just around your diaphragm, imagine there a little ball of light. That little ball of light is slowly going to get bigger and it’s going to get bigger forwards and sideways. It’s really growing so it’s going to start filling your body. As that ball of light starts to get bigger you’re going to notice it starts to expand just slightly out of your body now. Up, down, out, right, and left. And you’ll start to notice it’s now the size of your whole body. It’s going from top to toe and it’s going from side to side, filling your body and creating this sphere of light. As you do this now, just allow it to grow beyond your skin, so outside your body now. This is just starting to create an energy bubble. It’s just starting to create a shield. What you can do now is as you start to allow this to expand even more and within it are the feelings you want to feel - safe, secure, loved, connected, compassionate, strong – all of those feelings you want to feel, I want you to put that inside this energy field bubble. Allow it to just go two to three ft. outside of your body. It can go bigger; you’re in total control of this. But for this exercise just allow it to go two to three ft. outside of your body- front, back, up, down, and side to side.

And as you imagine this bubble now, two to three ft. outside of you, full of all the feelings you want to feel, all of those happy sensations, all of the love, the joy, the high vibrations, allow anything, anytime you felt a piercing, a hole or something being sliced into the energy field, anything that’s ever tried to pull on you or that’s stopped you down or made you doubt yourself or wonder what is your purpose here, just allow those great feelings you’ve put inside of those bubbles to act like Polyfilla. You’re just going to fill any hole, any gap in that bubble. And it’s going to allow you to really make it strong, as strong as you want it to be whilst remaining soft and gentle and holding compassion for anyone around you.

As you just allow this energy field around you about two or three ft. in front of you, behind you, around you, just notice how you feel inside of this now. I’d be totally okay if you had different techniques that you prefer to use. But if this is something you haven’t tried before and it feels good right now, then allow yourself to use it. We’re just going to take three deep breaths and I want you just to become aware of your body again- your feet on the floor, maybe wiggle your toes, circle your wrists and your feet and ankles. Breathing in and then as you breathe out just open your eyes again and just come back.


Let me know what you felt whilst you were doing that last exercise, or as you have been reading these perspectives and tips.

Let me know what you liked about this series of blogs, what your thoughts were, and how you think it might help you in future as well!



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