Breakthrough Intensive Session

This is for you if you have ONE of the following challenges that is affecting your life, health and/or weight and you would like a permanent resolution to it.  You know that if this were solved, you would be much happier and healthier:

  • Being Overweight
  • Food Addiction
  • Aches and Pains
  • Low Confidence
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Smoking
  • Childhood problems
  • Skin Challenges
  • Sleep problems
  • Phobias
  • Other Addictions
  • Relationship challenges

A Breakthrough Session eliminates deep rooted issues affecting your health, happiness, confidence, relationship with food, losing weight and aches and pains, for example.

The Breakthrough Intensive Session is an intensive 4 hour immersion into healing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and giving you the tools to take away and continue the work yourself, alongside online and telephone support and accountability.

If you are ready to make health a priority and you know you are short on time to commit to a longer program...even if you have let things get so bad that everything is a struggle or you're worried and fearful of showing weakness in case everything else falls apart, take that step-I know it's a big step, I've been there.

I am looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.



'Before working with Leila, my health was average, I was overweight but physically just okay, I lacked motivation. I wasn't in control of my eating, drinking and had poor self-worth. 

I was intrigued to work with Leila, apprehensive but knew I wanted to try hypnotherapy as I recognised I had past issues that were stopping me feeling good about myself. I believed in hypnotherapy, I hadn't tried it, but I was interested in tapping into my subconscious, a way I hadn't approached. 

I was nervous the first session, but as I listened to my recording every day I began to relax into it, to believe in myself more, and found I wanted to break out of my comfort zone and try more things. I actually looked forward to my 30 minute relaxing recording each day. I enjoyed hearing her voice and still do!  The whole thing has motivated me, I've joined a slimming club to get healthy nutrition advice, I walk 15 minutes daily, I go on my exercise bike most days, and I feel more confident, happier, in control and focused. 

So, the one thing I've got out of this eat healthier, to exercise regularly, to love myself, to take care of me....Leila has helped me so much, to help myself.'

Linda W.

The Experience


For those wanting:

  • Freedom from aches, pains, low confidence and emotional/physical illness.
  • To breakthrough old habits to increase motivation, confidence, lose weight and transform your nutrition.
  • To remove the hold emotional triggers such as stress, food, conflict has over you.
  • Relief from acute symptoms and challenges which are affecting your motivation, self-belief, weight, health, happiness and confidence.
  • To remove unhealthy addictions from your life, such as procrastination, comfort foods, drugs, alcohol.
  • The positivity that comes with having a breakthrough in your life.

What you will get:

  • A four hour intensive session (online or face to face) to work on emotional challenges, physical challenges and energy blockages, preventing you from feeling healthy, happy and confident.
  • A 30 minute intensive goal setting session to get crystal clear on what you want and why.
  • A comprehensive chakra and organ energy or trapped emotions assessment.
  • One confidential 90 minute Breakthrough hypnotherapy session (online or face to face) to eliminate deep rooted issues affecting losing weight, achieving success, anxiety, health, motivation.
  • An energy clearing session following hypnotherapy to remove energy remnants from your field to prevent return of physical issues and to allow you to tune into your intuition to guide you through your life.
  • An original, unique to you hypnosis recording to listen to following the session.
  • An action plan to take away with you containing your next steps and a toolbox for success.
  • One 30 minute follow-up on recalibration call to share your feedback and discuss any questions.
  • Ongoing email support, for the days when you need to know someone has got your back (that's me!)
  • Freedom from your health and happiness demons.

What you can expect:

  • Powerful breakthrough and transformation in 90 minutes.
  • Deep relaxation and understanding of yourself over the whole 4 hours.
  • Healing mind, body and spirit.
  • To feel less stressed and anxious.
  • To get to know you CAN cope.
  • To become recharged and energised.
  • To get clear on identifying your next steps to move towards your health, happiness, or life goals.
  • ‘Me’ time!

'Both my mental and physical health has not been in a good way for some time now. Since I have started working with Leila, both have seen some improvements. I have still got a way to go until I am where I want to be, but Leila will stop at nothing to get me there. I feel very supported at all times from her.

I felt embarrassed telling someone about my situation. It's not something I would talk to just anyone about but I felt comfortable enough to open up to Leila. I have been very well supported throughout my journey with Leila. She messages me regularly to ask how I am doing.  She will always give me new techniques to try and I definitely feel like I have come to the right person for help.  I am confident by the end of my journey she will have helped me conquer my problems.  

The one best thing I've noticed since working with Leila is that my diet has changed without me really noticing. I am generally eating healthier foods and also only eating when I am hungry as opposed to through boredom/comfort.  So far I have lost a stone and that's the most I've ever managed to lose!  I'm confident my new eating habits will eventually get me back to the size I once was and am longing to be again.'

Beth P.


Investment: $698

'Before working with Leila I had quite low self esteem, very low self worth, a terror of letting people down and some mighty strange issues around money! 

The whole experience has been fantastic. Very professional but also so personal and I know Leila is there for me whenever I need her. The one best thing I've got from working with Leila is the belief in my mission in life - that I too want to help others see that they have a choice - that if there is anything they are not happy about that they too can work on changing it.'

Caroline P.