Bonus Time!!

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Here's your hidden Bonus, lovely lady!

Shhhhh...this is not available to just any lady...<3

If you know you are a determined, committed action taker of a lady, and you know you are sick and tired of feeling overweight and ready to do whatever it takes to blitz it, then this is for you.

If you think or know you have a food addiction of some sort, need to lose weight, have weight related aches and pains or have weight related confidence issues, then I am offering 5 ladies the opportunity to experience a one to one 45 minute sample coaching session, where we will work specifically on ONE of those things.

But wait!

I’ll be honest, I’m not looking to help a lady with this free coaching call who thinks that I’m the solution to all of their problems and as soon as I wave my wand, POOF! Their weight will drop off.

I’m looking for the go-getter lady who knows she has what it takes to create serious magic in her own life, with her own relationship with food, but also realises that in order to master all of the elements of success with this, she’s going to need some support and guidance to address emotional and physical issues that have lead her to this point. 

The lady I have in mind is soooooo not okay with remaining stagnant and overweight and unhealthy and is ready for some serious change but she knows that change is necessary in order to make her BIG dreams a reality, because up to now, nothing else has worked for the long-term.

If you're sick and tired of comparing yourself to other people, while you're still fumbling around and wondering where the heck to start on your long-term weight loss journey, I want to help you skyrocket your success and create some serious magic.  

I truly want to support you in creating not only your ideal weight, size and body shape, but also a passion-filled, healthy lifestyle.  You can have everything you desire. Let me show you how!

Your 45 minute session will include:

  • Diving deep in to ONE of your weight related problems and looking at where and how it has come about.
  • Reframing the root cause of that issue so you can let go of the control it has over you.
  • Hypnosis, meditation or guided visualisation  to allow your subconscious mind to release your food addictions, weight, aches and pains or reasons for low confidence (whichever you choose to work on) on the call.
  • Coaching and support to achieve exactly what you want in the 45 minute session.
  • Tasks to complete post call to ensure your success.

If you already know you are a go-getter action taker, then book your complimentary coaching call NOW!

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To Summarise:

You are a woman who is:

  • Sick and tired of feeling overweight
  • Frustrated that you just can't stop eating the foods you know you shouldn't be
  • Ready to make changes for the last time to your relationship with food and your weight
  • Aware you have to invest in yourself to get the help, accountability and support she needs to lose weight for good, because it's not working out for yourself right now
  • Committed to doing whatever it takes to make transformational long-term weight changes

You know or think you:

  • Have an addiction to food in some way
  • Need to lose weight
  • Have weight related aches and pains
  • Have weight related confidence issues

You know you need:

  • To dive into ONE of those challenges and blitz it so it is gone from your life?
  • A taster coaching session of what transformational changes women just like you are achieving, worth over £100.
  • One to one time with Leila Hardy, The Soulful Long-term Weight Loss Strategist for Women
  • the peace of mind that comes with letting go of your food demons.
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