In Person Sessions

I'm sure you are aware by now that I specialise in Holistic Health Coaching!

What you may not know is that I still have the luxury of practicing a passion of mine as a hands on massage therapist, intuitive healer and movement specialist for a small, exclusive group of clients.   

At BU4life Health & Wellbeing, I believe that every client of mine deserves to be able to enjoy a healthy, exciting life, being the weight and size they want, without being slowed down or stopped by aches, pains and self-doubt.  

I do this using Intuitive Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, relaxation techniques, Nutritional Coaching, Mindfulness, but also using hands-on Deep Tissue Massage, Spinal Touch Massage, Pilates, Reflexology and Facial Rejuvenation Massage.

With 10 years of experience, you can expect an outstanding bespoke treatment plan specifically adapted for your unique needs, be it rehabilitation, relaxation or maintenance.

I am based in Skegness, Lincolnshire.

Prices range from £50 to £100.


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You are in pain, or recovering from pain and know it is a priority to maintain a level of health that means you stay out of it, whilst allowing your body to rebalance and recharge from the inside, out. 

You know complementary therapy is the way you would like to move forwards, but you are not sure exactly what would be best suited to your specific needs?

You want to be guided by a therapist who can intuitively lead you and work with you through the journey to recovery and ultimate health, based on what you, your body, mind and spirit requires and desires from week to week, month to month.

What you will get:

  • A comprehensive physical health assessment (for massage and movement based sessions).
  • A complete intuitive chakra and organ energy assessment (for energy based sessions).
  • A 50 minute treatment intuitively chosen from the following:

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a profound way to de-stress and stimulate tired and tense muscles to release and promote healing.

Muscles you can't reach with ordinary massage will be warmed up, stretched and released, healing knots, breaking down scar tissue and relieving muscle tension.

You are left feeling looser, more relaxed and more mobile.




Spinal Touch Realignment

Of only a handful of therapists practicing this highly powerful and profound treatment in the UK, clients experience a light touch massage of the spine and acupressure points of the body which induces deep healing of postural and muscular imbalances, as well as energy imbalances, which may have been causing pain, aches, emotional and physical ailments.

A minimum of 3 treatments are required for lasting postural benefits and dependant on client challenges, more may be required, although this is rare.




Swedish Relaxation Massage

The original ultimate relaxation massage, Swedish Massage incorporates a variety of gentle massage strokes and lymphatic drainage to reduce muscle aches and pains, induce deep relaxation and improve circulation, skin tone and elasticity.  For the client wanting to enjoy time to recharge and re-energise, whilst improving overall wellbeing.




Chakredy Energy Healing

Part assessment, part healing method, the Chakredy™ System, working with a very special crystal pendulum, I connect various pendulum movements with energetic impressions along your chakras and organs.  After identifying and prioritising energetic imbalances in your chakras and organ energies and connecting these priority points, dramatic and quantifiable energetic shifts occur.  The Chakredy™ System is a game changer for your health.  

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It identifies and prioritises energetic imbalances within your body

  • Provides you with tangible information and measures your progress

  • Helps you clients experience quantifiable benefits to your energy


Facial Rejuvenation Massage

Using the ancient techniques of acupressure massage and lymphatic drainage over the facial area, Facial Rejuvenation Massage, AKA Facelift Massage, is not only deeply relaxing for the client, but the visible results of reducing tension in and around the face are incredible, leaving the face rejuvenated, wrinkles reduced, sinuses cleared and with a healthy radiant glow.



Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.




Dating back centuries, it has been recognised that the soles of our feet hold the map of our bodies and in releasing blocked energy meridians and working with acupressure points on the feet, clients experience profound relaxation and healing throughout their body.  Used for general relaxation, or specific health challenges, Reflexology is a versatile light touch therapy.



The Emotion Code

Created and refined by a chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson, who realised that his patients’ aches and pains were more than just physically based- they were emotional. He coined the phrase “trapped emotions” – negative energies that become trapped in the body during intense emotional events.  Because the body is actually made of pure energy, the negative energy of trapped emotions can exert a damaging force on the body, which worsens over time. Trapped Emotions cause pain, self-sabotage, emotional problems and all kinds of malfunction and disease.

I have been trained to help you discover and release your trapped emotions, which will help your body’s natural ability to heal itself, often resulting in a reversal of the disease process and a disappearance of emotional and physical ailments. The Emotion Code has been able to help all kinds of health challenges.

It's non-invasive, totally safe and requires very little time and effort on your part. No dredging up the past is required.



Using 10 years of fitness and massage experience, Leila can use Pilates to take clients from stiff and sore, to flexible and supple.  Improving muscle strength and tone, using controlled movements and exercises, clients strengthen their core muscles supporting their spine, reducing joint soreness and developing strength all over their body.

On a one to one basis, Pilates can be prescribed exactly to the needs of the client rather than a general class format, so results and benefits are experienced rapidly.




Success Stories from the exclusive group of massage and movement clients.

'I was suffering from constant pain in my leg, I limped and had a low quality of life, all due to a horse riding accident years ago.  The damage prevented me from enjoying the sport again.  

Working with Leila has not only given me a 100% improvement physically, but emotionally too, her approach is so positive!

The best feelings in the world are being able to ride my horse again without fear of days of pain, everyday things are so much easier and I'm pain free and upright!'  

Jane Hampson


'Before enlisting Leila's coaching, my cardio fitness was very good, but I wanted to work on my core strength to improve my running and avoid injury.

Pilates was very successful for me.

Leila is a joy, she is the rare professional who's people skills are perfect.  Some of the best benefits I have had since working with Leila are laughter. Oh yes and a strong core!'

Paula H.


'Leila came recommended, so I jumped straight in to working with her without any reservations.

The process of working with Leila has been great, which is why I still regularly see her!  

Leila has helped me develop a love of Pilates I didn't have before seeing her. It is now my one regular bit of 'me' time that keeps me toned, flexible & de-stressed, alongside Reflexology treatments with Leila.'

Abigail Jones


'I had been recommended to Leila for health coaching as I have over the years battered my body through horse riding, motorbikes (both of which I had had some tough accidents) and squash, which had left me with postural and mobility challenges.  I then worked with Leila. Well, the results speak for themselves! I have never felt so balanced and at one with my horse and in a short space of time!  I am so much more comfortable whilst walking and sitting too.  Leila has also helped me adjust my nutritional intake, with the use of supplements, which I feel has rejuvenated me, also eased joint pain - brilliant!

I have always felt so at ease and comfortable with Leila, I look forward to seeing Leila, albeit now only for maintenance coaching, she just oozes warmth and comfort.  Apart from the physical benefits, I also gain mental strength and positivity from Leila.

I will be and have been recommending Leila to all I can.'

Sue Perkins


'Before working with Leila, I was struggling with neck, shoulder and back pain due to my posture at work.  It often woke me in the night as my arms ached.  I had had other treatments before, but none that really concentrated on my problem areas.

I've found my treatments with Leila are very enjoyable, I always look forward to my next visit, even though my neck, shoulders and back are 100% better!  I feel so much better for taking the Forever Freedom, I hardly ever wake up now with aches and pains.

I just love the one hour of 'me' time.'

Becky P.


'Before working with Leila, I was totally unfit and still recovering from a major back injury.  I was concerned that working with Leila would ask too much of my back, too quickly, but I felt completely happy with her.

The results? Brilliant...Leila started out as a personal trainer and also became my life coach during a rough time. It gave me focus, confidence in myself and the ability to be myself.

It's an excellent time with Leila, she gives you 100% attention and focus. 

I thoroughly enjoyed and have benefited from all services Leila offers.'

Alison A.


'I had been suffering with chronic back pain, coupled with low fitness levels, for a long time.  Admitting I wasn’t coping, or giving in to the pain was really difficult for me, as I did not want to be seen that way, but I took the plunge and started working with Leila.

Doing this has been so positive, through Pilates and Massage, Leila has made me realise things about myself that I had not thought about before.  I am more motivated and fit and more importantly, I am not afraid to ask for help or advice when I need it now.'

Charlotte W.