Reiki Level I & II Course


Create A Personal Life That Is A Subconscious & Energy Infusion

For a life of Ultimate Health, your subconscious thoughts have to align with your energy vibration AND your inspired action.

Allowing all of these to balance is to create balance in all areas of your life-a homeostasis for your life, work, health and relationships.

One of the most powerful ways I found to do this has been accessing Reiki energy.

Reiki helped activate my intuition, helped me identify my intuitive capabilities and amplify my own power to align these three aspects of life, which lead to me feeling happier and healthier in all walks of my life.

Create A Business That Infuses Reiki in to all its parts

In any business you have, you can infuse Reiki into it, the benefits are extraordinary!  You don’t have to be a ‘Reiki Practitioner’ offering Reiki to clients to use Reiki powerfully in your business, although if working directly with clients to heal them is your desire, Reiki is a powerful medium for that.



You can use Reiki to:
🌈Connect with and attract amazing soul aligned clients who are ready for the services you offer

🌈Allow your message to be seen, heard and more importantly, RECEIVED by people who need to hear your truth!

🌈Inspire people in a way that they’re not sure what it is about you, but they just need to get to know you and what you do better

🌈Ensure your message comes from a place of abundance, not lack

🌈Release the heaviness of rejection from those who unsubscribe, leave your group, unlike your page.

🌈Allow people to experience YOU!

🌈Align your subconscious and energy towards your goals, dreams and desires, so you are clear to manifest!

🌈Create powerful energetic containers to hold space for clients' transformations

Online Self-Study Reiki Level I & II Course with 1:1 Attunement

A blend of self-study online modules and live teaching recordings and coaching, you will learn all you need to know about Reiki, plus receiving your own individual online Reiki Attunement to Level I & II, so when it comes to practicing Reiki and using it, you are fully confident in your own unique abilities.

Designed to be learned over 8 weeks, you'll get:

❤️ Clarity on your intuitive gifts

🧡 Healing of your own energy blocks

💛 An individual attunement to activate the Reiki energy for you, so you can start to understand what you feel, sense and understand around energy!

💚 Practice time, creating and using Psychic Synergy, using the Reiki attunement symbols so that you are confident to be able to practice Reiki on your self, friends, family and even to use it in your business, or create a business around it.

💙 A private Facebook community to practice, network and receive coaching and guidance throughout

💜 Your own Reiki manual to study from and make your own

💜 Certification upon completion as a Reiki Level II practitioner

You’ll also work through how to infuse Reiki powerfully in your business, whatever it is that you do!

This Reiki course is $333

Who would this course be amazing for?

Anyone wanting to improve their health


Just embarking on a Mind, Body, Spirit journey



Copy and Content Creators

Oracle and Tarot Card Readers

Business, Health and Life Coaches




Previous Reiki practitioners desiring a refresher of their ablities to use Reiki


Here's a glimpse of what the course covers


The History of Reiki

Understanding the origins of Reiki is super powerful in embracing the energy of Reiki to help yourself and others.  This exciting chapter allows you to see how Reiki has adapted and evolved over the years to the collective energy and needs of the world today.


Sensing & Feeling Reiki

Getting to know Reiki is getting to know your intuitive gifts and how you can help heal yourself with Reiki and go on to help others too, whether that be family and friends, animals, and/or clients and customers.


How to build a Powerful Online and In Person business using Reiki

You'll learn the nuts and bolts of building a powerful business around Reiki, whatever your desires for your business and type of business.  You'll learn how to create powerful online transformations in your work and how to connect with clients both online and offline, or in person.


Guided Meditations and audios

You'll receive step by step guidance through every technique used in Reiki, visually and via audio, as well as live practice sessions.


This Reiki course is $333