Self-Study Reiki Level I & II Training Course

Self-Study Reiki Level I & II Training Course


In this self-study online course, you will learn:

* The history of Reiki

* Meditations to activate and identify your intuitive gifts

* Feeling Reiki energy and interpreting what you feel

* I’ll activate the Reiki energy so you can connect with it in all of your chakras, your hands AND your feet

* You’ll receive an individual attunement to activate the Reiki energy for you, so you can start to understand what you’ve been feeling, like I did, or so you can start feeling, sensing and understanding energy!

* You’ll practice creating and using the Psychic Synergy, using the attunement symbols so you are confident to be able to practice Reiki on your self, friends, family and even to use it in your business, or create a business around it.

* You’ll learn how to powerfully work with Reiki energy online, and in person

* You’ll work through how to use Reiki powerfully in your business, whatever it is that you do!


  • Welcome

  • The Basics of Reiki

  • Your Attunement for Reiki

  • Practical Techniques Part 1-5

  • Useful Guides to support you with Reiki

  • The Reiki Symbols for Level I & II

  • Creating a Full Reiki Session

  • Client Preparation Essentials

  • Using Reiki in a Business

  • BONUS CONTENT: Techniques to Enhance Reiki Sessions, Creating and Infusing with Reiki, Chakras 101, Energy and Anatomy, Powerful Grounding Techniques and Manifesting with Reiki

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