I'm Leila, the Soulful Long-term Weight Loss Strategist for women!

For most peeps who have been on the weight loss rollercoaster for a long time, the idea of beating your food addictions, losing weight and keeping it off, might feel like an unattainable dream, but trust me, all of this can 1000% be your reality.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE showing ladies, just like you, exactly how do just that; beat your food addictions, lose weight, stop your aches and pains and get more confidence, step by step, in a simple strategic way, with a soulful, 'ninja' twist!  I show you how to Break Down the old patterns and beliefs you hold around food and your weight, Break Through them to eliminate and eradicate them once and for all and Transform yourself into the happy, healthy, confident lady you have always dreamed of being and achieving.

You might be wondering how on earth to do this and the 'pull the plaster off fast' route is to work with me inside of my signature deep-dive One to One or group program, Break it Down, Break Through and Transform (BDBTT for short!)


But if you’re like, "Wait a minute!! This is moving a little too fast, I don't even know that you're human like me yet!" and want to do some additional stalking and exploring—here's what I've got for you!


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BDBTT Master Class

You're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, overweight, unhappy, achey and stuck.  I know EXACTLY how you feel-that was me not so long ago.  Now, I'm a recovered food addict and I have created a simple, yet soulful strategy to Break Down your weight issues and where they came from, Break Through to find the new dreams and desires you want to have and Transform those dreams into your reality.  Being your ideal weight, with a fantastic relationship with food, happy and confident in your own skin can totally be you too.  Check out this awesome master class complete with real life case studies, a supportive, encouraging Facebook community and an action packed webinar - all for FREE!!