Transformation Program

This high-end Transformation experience has been thoughtfully created and thoroughly tested for the person who is ready to change their health AND life. 

You know you're feeling unhappy, even depressed, experiencing unhealthy addictions, you want to release negativity, stop your aches and pains AND want more confidence to have great relationships with yourself and with others. 

You know what you need to do, but get overwhelmed at the thought of doing it.  You understand the importance of investing in yourself.  You're ready to get your mojo back for life, having the health and confidence you want and deserve to have! 

Get ready to be inspired and take action.


The Transformation Program is for you if you know the following about yourself:

  • You have addictions in your life to some degree this could be (food, drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping for example).
  • Have a bad relationship with various things and people.
  • You want to lose weight, but feeling fitter and eating healthier is more important-the weight loss will be a bonus.
  • Have tried everything to sort your health, weight and aches and pains out for yourself before with no success.
  • You know what you're meant to be doing to feel healthier, but you just can't stick to it.
  • You are overwhelmed with the information out there about what to do/what not to do and as a result, are taking no action at all to improve your  health.
  • You have stiff, sore achy joints.
  • You can’t touch your toes for your belly or back pain getting in the way
  • You have weight related confidence issues, or another weight related health challenge.
  • Anxiety or depression is affecting your life.
  • You are ready to embark on a health and life journey that will transform your health, happiness, confidence and relationships, breaking down the subconscious limiting beliefs you have around successful, long-term ultimate health..
  • You know you have to have one-to-one accountability, coaching and support to achieve anything in your life.
  • You know once you have the steps and accountability, you will take action for yourself.
  • You are fearful of initially enrolling to do something about it.
  • You have 12 weeks of time where you can allow for the transformation to happen.
  • You believe you can do it, somewhere inside of you.

'Before I got in touch with Leila, my health was reasonable but I lacked motivation and direction.  I asked myself 'was it going to work?  Did I believe in hypnotherapy?  Do I really want to discuss my personal life with some one I didn't know?' But my reservations soon disappeared, I feel relaxed and comfortable with Leila, she is understanding and positive about my difficulties-there is always a positive when I say something negative.  Leila has done everything she said she would.  I can see things differently, I'm feeling better, more motivated and able to accept I cant change things that have already happened, but I can move on with those thoughts and feelings in a positive way.

Leila has been so supportive and helpful.  I still have a long way to go but I do wake up each day now feeling positive and able to face the day.  She is always there if I have a query.
I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but 2 sessions in....I can't wait for more coaching!  Thank you Leila xx'

Fiona Rivers

The Transformation Program is a 12 week program designed to eliminate multiple deep rooted issues affecting your health, life, confidence, aches and pains and relationships with others.  It includes online, email and telephone support and accountability throughout the program. 




The Experience:

  • (1) 30-minute Complimentary Clarity Call.
  • (4) 90-minute monthly deep dive confidential Break Through sessions (face to face, or via Skype or FaceTime), covering:  hypnotherapy, life coaching, weight loss coaching, nutritional coaching, mindset coaching, mindfulness and meditation and accountability.
  • (4) 30-minute monthly Transformational coaching sessions (face to face, or via Skype or facetime). 
  • (4) bespoke, unique to you hypnosis recordings
  • (4) bespoke action plans for you to take action in between sessions.


  • A signature Welcome Package. That's right! While, yes, you'll receive an extensive Welcome Packet to help clarify what you desire to experience and achieve in our time working together, I'll also be sending you a fabulous package filled with goodies!
  • Access to all of our call recordings so you can go back and listen (this does not include the 90 minute hypnotherapy sessions).
  • E-mail + text support between sessions. For those days when you need that extra love and support. I've got your back!
  • Coaching, love, and support to help you create the life you desire at the weight and size you deserve.

Investment: £1595

(or 3 monthly payments of £595)


For those wanting:

  • Help coping with stress  
  • Relaxation
  • To stop yo-yo dieting
  • Some ‘me’ time
  • To learn how to build muscle and joint strength so current pain doesn’t get worse or bad again.
  • The motivation and inspiration that comes with seeing a mentor regularly, who has got your back.
  • No pain!  To not have to think about ‘being careful’ anymore.
  • To look better in clothes.
  • To feel happier.
  • To lose weight.
  • To get rid of any unhealthy habits that are preventing them from doing it themselves.
  • Full, personal support, accountability and mentoring through your journey to ultimate health.

What you will get:

  • A full body and life transformation.
  • Four confidential, 90 minute hypnotherapy, energy clearing and/or coaching sessions (face to face, or online via Skype or FaceTime)
  • Four follow on 30 minute telephone calls for continued coaching support including:
     - nutrition coaching - pain management coaching - accountability - mindset coaching
     - weight loss coaching - movement coaching - soulful strategising - goal setting
  • Transformation and improvement to your mind, body and spirit.
  • Greater health.
  • Incredible energy.
  • A strategy to cope with stress and anxiety.
  • Support and accountability every step of the way.

What you can expect:

  • To feel more relaxed about food and eating.
  • The desire to eat healthily without relying on motivation or willpower.
  • To feel less stressed
  • To get to know you CAN cope
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • To change shape, lose weight and tone up.
  • Relaxation
  • To become recharged and energised about life again.
  • To personally develop in huge ways to improve your life.
  • To be able to do more and have more energy!
  • To feel more in control of your own life.

'I've tried lots of diets and none have lasted-it made life hard because I couldn't get clothes to fit and look nice. Leila made me feel so welcome from the moment I met her, she is amazing, encouraging, always there to help on good and bad days-she is truly a life changing person.

The one best result other than being healthier and happier, is that I've found that I am enough.

Since having hypnotherapy-well, I'm calmer, more relaxed, I realised that emotional eating, pain, hate, regret, all eats away at your soul. Figuring out where my problem lies has meant that I can make long term changes to my eating habits, I've been amazed to find I don't fancy eating chocolate and forget all about it for weeks-none of it has been a conscious decision, I just don't want it.

The recording Leila made for me has helped change my attitude. The past is not who I am-it's my attitude now that defines who I am. Leila has given me all this knowledge.

I am enough.

Thank you Leila so much.'

Sarah, Lincolnshire


'My health before working with Leila was very poor.  I suffer with Fibromyalgia, Asthma and Osteoarthritis, amongst a few other issues.  

I had no reservations about working with Leila, and working with her on the Gold Breakthrough programme has been amazing- like a total new beginning, getting rid of old constraints, finding energy and enthusiasm to renew myself. 

There are so many benefits I have had after just one session; but the initial primary physical one would have to be joints-my joints are stronger, more flexible and without pain. The overall result is renewal-of body and mind.'

Other benefits have been: 

  • Straightened fingers-I've been able to drive for half an hour without stiffness and pain which previously meant I had to keep wiggling and flexing my fingers.
  • My shoulder is now able to support my weight (when on all fours) so I can do yoga moves and positions which I had to give up several years ago as my shoulder hurt too much.
  • My neck moves more easily-it always crackled and cracked with arthritis.
  • My shoulders are naturally back more and chest feels 'open' so breathing easier-I felt this immediately after my session with Leila.
  • I have a general feeling of being more alive, awake, alert, more energy-Fibromyalgia had made me feel often in a 'fog', lethargic and needing lots of sleep.

Anthea, Skegness