I'm Leila, I'm an introvert, empath, intuitive, INFJ and number 9.

I've learned how to pull all of these gifts, that were once my nemeses, into my superpowers and now, I help other women who are empaths, introverts, healers, lightworkers, intuitives (even if they don't know they are yet!), readers and therapists to do exactly the same.

I geek out when it comes to the subconscious mind and energy.  As a Holistic Therapist for many years, the Mind, Body, Spirit connection is one I have followed and been inspired by for most of my life.

I am a fast worker though - my mission is to create fast change inside of you PLUS give you the tools to change yourself, so that you can go on through your life with all those skills and tools to hand. 

I believe in coaching, mentoring and support, with an emphasis on guiding you to come up with long-term practical solutions to self-sabotaging thinking, beliefs and behaviour that are leading to you having an unhealthy relationship with yourself and others, low confidence and health challenges.


Who am I?

I am your Rapid Transformational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Intuitive Confidence Coach. 

I like to think I'm firm but gentle, strong and soft.  

I'm a pull the plaster off quick kind of coach; I'd rather go straight to the subconscious and superconscious root cause of any issue you have, rather than keep trying to 'fix' the symptoms of that issue with limited or no long lasting change.  Then I can effectively support you to put grounded systems and strategies in place with coaching that are life, business, health, wealth and success transforming!

I have been an influencer in the Health profession for over 10 years, with a background in Holistic therapies, Fitness and Nutrition.  

After overcoming  my own subconscious limiting beliefs and confidence issues, I now specialise in helping women who have health, wealth and happiness challenges that stem from lack of confidence, or not feeling 'enough'; such as weight issues, anxiety, depression, fear, co-dependancy, self-belief challenges and limiting money beliefs, to name just a few.

As an Online Holistic Intuitive Confidence Coach, my work goes much deeper than this title suggests-I help others to heal at a deep cellular level using my unique blend of conscious, subconscious and superconscious mindset skills, such as Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Hypnotherapy, Reiki energy healing, the Akashic Records, mindfulness and meditation.

As these combine, I give you permission to allow yourself to become the happiest, healthiest, highest versions of yourself by embracing ALL of you, not just the ‘good’ bits!  That way you can go on to thrive in your life and business!

In a nutshell, I'm filled with passion and joy when combining the subconscious mind and energy to create transformational health, wealth and happiness success!


My mission?

To hold you in your power fully, so you can get to know what it feels like to be there and grow into it, so you can have the confidence in your incredible abilities, the health, wealth, happiness and success you desire.  

I am able to see, sense and feel the energy in your body, facial expressions and your words, both written and spoken that can reveal lifetimes of patterns, behaviours, trauma and more importantly, opportunities to heal.

By combining your subconscious and energy with identifying and embracing your shadow parts, together we can alchemise those parts you were once ashamed of and guilty about, into your super powers.

My attitude is ‘come to my sessions and programs and leave with new skills’.  We are not going to spend endless hours going over why these issues came about - I believe we can do this in the space of just a short time, so that I can focus on coaching you the how’s that you can take on for the long-term success in your life and happiness.