Reiki Advanced Techniques Training Course

Develop your Energy Healer Abilities and Skills using Advanced Reiki Techniques Training



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Join in the Reiki energy container of Advanced Reiki Techniques Training (ART) and continue your personal and spiritual growth and development to the next level.

Advanced Reiki Training is an 12 week long online course with 12 weekly Q&A and live practice sessions so you can immerse yourself deeply in the powerful Reiki energy container we create within the course and dive deep into enhancing and amplifying your healing abilities.

🌈 You will amplify your current intuitive abilities even further, developing your skills and strengths in your areas of expertise and passion, so that you can grow your business to the next level.

🌈 You will understand Reiki energy and how it relates to your muscles, bones and hormones as you integrate what you learn into your own physical body, so you can go on to create powerful sessions with clients, experiences with you that they will never forget and want more of!

🌈 You will deepen your own meditation practices, so you may receive clarity on your future offers and programs, activations and healings you will share with the world.

🌈 You will gain higher spiritual awareness, connection to source and greater inner calm within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, allowing you to feel calmer, sleep better have more energy and focus.

🌈 You will identify and amplify even more of your psychic abilities, so you can heal yourself at a deep level, but also so you can expand your toolbox of support for your clients.

🌈 You will learn the steps to master your own healing so that you can go on to master your other healing modalities and make them your own, so you can create powerful, unique coaching and healing experiences for your clients, that creates loyal, raving fans of what you do!

You will learn: 

πŸ’š How to use Reiki to heal and release energetic cords and complete energetic cycles that have been repeating for lifetimes, so you can heal any toxic relationships from the past for you and for your clients.

πŸ’š How to use a pendulum to assess chakras, so that you can be sure your clients receive powerful Reiki healing sessions in a variety of ways.

πŸ’š How to identify and heal energy leaks on yourself and your clients, so that you can maintain your energy levels whilst working back to back with clients and help your clients to protect their energy with your outstanding aftercare services.

πŸ’š How to create powerful meditations and group healings with Reiki to use for your clients and in your business, so that you can leverage your time and energy with the ability to make your powerful, Reiki infused meditations available for purchase, so your business and income grows, even when you are sleeping!

Here’s how it looks:

  • An Online membership area where you can learn in your own home, at your own pace throughout the 12 weeks ($5000)

  • 12 x 60 minute Q&A calls and practice time ($12k)

  • 1 x 1:1 Master attunement ($1499)

  • 1 x 1:1 90 minute coaching and healing call to help you identify your psychic abilities and meet your guides ($2000)

  • A private Advanced Reiki Training Facebook community where you can practice, share and buddy up with other people on the course with you!

Total value is over $20k, your investment for Reiki ART is only $888 or 3 monthly payments of $333.

Reiki Advanced Training starts 3rd October, running for 12 weeks!

Who would this course be amazing for?

Reiki Level I & II practitioners who are:




Embracing your Mind, Body, Spirit journey

Copy and Content Creators

Oracle and Tarot Card Readers

Business, Health and Life Coaches




Previous Reiki practitioners desiring a refresher of your ablities to use Reiki

Wanting to incorporate Reiki into every part of your life


When I was embarking on my journey with Reiki, I loved to learn this powerful information, but I felt something was missing.

I had all this amazing knowledge, but lacked the confidence and know how to be able to implement all I was learning into my business to create a fully booked business, full of clients who valued my time and energy and were ready to invest.

It was only when I figured this out for myself that I started including the business coaching element into teaching Reiki to others, so that they can go on their self-healing journey as well as helping heal others, with confidence and total belief in their abilities to heal, as well as to talk about selling their packages and offers to their clients and potential clients.

As your intuitive confidence coach, it’s my passion to ensure you leave this course with powerful strategies and plans that will mean you leave the completed course excited to step into your Reiki journey with confidence and ease, knowing you can build a Reiki business that is on your terms!


Here's a glimpse of what the course covers


Intuition and your Relationship with your Self

Advancing your Reiki healing knowledge and experience requires total trust in your intuition and being at peace with yourself. This powerful chapter within the course helps you understand both these parts of yourself and integrates the two of the together within you so that you can go on to amplify your healing techniques with Reiki energy.


expanding your reiki toolkit

As you master your Reiki journey, you will learn the following:

  • Using Reiki healing to support muscles, joints, organs, hormones and glands

  • Using Reiki meditations for manifesting goals

  • Reiki and Crystals for healing and creating and infusing crystal grids

  • Using a pendulum to support healing with Reiki

  • How to conduct group Reiki sessions and healing threads (online and in person)

  • Using Reiki to meet your guides

  • Aura clearing with Reiki

  • Cord healing, clearing and removal using Reiki

  • Using Reiki to identify and heal past lives


Reiki and Chakras

Chakras are the powerful energy centres that run through your physical body, allowing flow of energy to and from you. The condition of your chakras can correspond to your personality traits, characteristics, experiences and belief systems.

Understanding the chakras at a deep level is not only fascinating, but powerful to enhance your Reiki sessions, on yourself or clients.


Expanding your Energy Sensations Library

As you build your confidence with Reiki, Advanced Reiki Techniques take your training to another level, expanding your library of energy sensations, so that you can work with Reiki for an expansive range of mind, body and spirit challenges, and you will know what you are sensing and feeling quickly and easily. for best results.


Guided Meditations and audios

You'll receive step by step guidance through every technique used in Reiki, visually and via audio, as well as live practice sessions.

You’ll also learn how to create your own signature meditations and add music to them to offer and sell to others.

Reiki has been one of the most powerful parts of my mind, body and spirit journey to ultimate health. It lead me from a life of yo-yo dieting and lack of confidence, to ease and flow within my life and business.

It is my passion to support you as an empath, intuitive, healer or spiritually based coach, to be happy, healthy, wealthy and successful in all you do.

Teaching Reiki is one of those ways, so you can learn how to heal yourself, so your ability to heal others becomes greater too.


This Advanced Reiki course is $888