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A 6 week Total Mind, Body and Spirit Immersion

Focusing on Weight, your Relationship with Food and Losing Weight


'I've always managed to sort one health or life challenge out, but it's never lasted.'

Sound Familiar?

If you're anything like me, you have always been able to change one thing at a time, be it your weight, a relationship, success at work, but you've always found it hard to maintain.  So when there is more than one thing that needs changing, you lose your flow and you slide back to square one again with it all…over and over again...

I get it.

Which is why I worked out a system for overhauling my health and life in every dimension of mind, body and spirit.

And now I'm sharing it with YOU!


Buuuuut....before we dive even deeper into all the details, let's take a minute to get to know each other a little better...


I’m a Holistic Health and Life Coach and I specialise in helping beautiful beings just like you to tap into your own unique power so you can beat addictive behaviours, lose weight, stop your aches and pains and get more confidence-and sooooo much more!

You've known your whole life that there has to be more to life than feeing unhappy, going back and forth between good and bad health, yo-yo dieting, comparing yourself to other people, going through that pain cycle of needing to get fitter, but you can't because it hurts too much.

In the past, you've done everything you can to change your unhealthy habits once and for all, but now you just feel disillusioned with it all-the overwhelming amount of information, plans, health do's and don'ts have frozen you to the spot and you're doing very little to reach the health, happiness, weight and confidence of your dreams, if anything at all.

You crave the support and guidance of a private mentor, but have this strong, overwhelming sense that if you keep on focusing on and changing ONE thing at a time, you will keep on falling back again, because there are underlying obstacles that pull you back. 

Yet, you're very clear that you do not want to take this journey on your own and you need accountability that even you can't fool by saying 'I've been good this week.'

Not to mention, surrounding yourself with people who are on that similar journey is a top priority for you, and you feel extremely aligned with the phrase, "community over competition and comparison".


At the same time, since your health isn't where you want it to be, you feel fearful of subscribing to yet another plan... 

You're having trouble coming up with hundreds of pounds to work one to one with a health coach, but you know that if you had access to them, you would finally be able to stop the self-sabotage, self-destruct cycle of physical and emotional pain.

  • The idea of putting yourself "out there" scares the bejesus out of you. As much as you want to to be held accountable to help you take action to change your health, lose weight and beat your health and life demons, you fear being judged, disliked, or rejected by others.

  • You're afraid that even after investing so much time + energy + money into failed health coaching, diets, plans and gym subscriptions, or harder still, trying to fix it yourself, that people close to you won't believe you will do it this time.

  • You've given up so many times that you think you may be scarred for life.

  • You're pretty much ready to give up...again...but you really, really don't want to do that.

  • You can’t help but think that ultimate health and happiness is meant for others, but not you. After all, you’ve invested in plans and diets (more than once!) already and you have zero results to show for it. What gives?!

  • You feel completely overwhelmed with all the current information out there of what you should/shouldn't be doing, eating, drinking and taking, that you are stuck in paralysis by analysis!

  • You want more from your relationships, you want to lose 7lbs or more, you want to stop waking up in pain, but that feels like a million miles away right now.

I was sitting right where you are now (hiding behind that laptop...yep! I see you lady!)

Not all that long ago either.

... I was broken, heavier than ever, in pain, my sex drive was **poof!**...but I didn't know where to begin to change that.

... I thought I could figure it out all on my own, I knew exactly what I needed to do, because hey, I was a fitness instructor and personal trainer.  That had to count for something, right?

... I tried my hardest to pull myself out of depression, eating funk after eating funk, ease my aches and pains, only to feel like I was being pulled back by something I had no control over - spooky huh?!

... I tried everything out there and when I changes one thing, it always worked for a few weeks, then something came up and I lost the willpower and motivation and slipped right back to square one.

...I looked everywhere for professional help, but in amongst the abundance of help for aches and pains OR eating disorders OR spiritual guidance, there was very little available that covered EVERYTHING - Mind, Body and Spirit.

... I felt out of control...down...depressed...frustrated...stuck...sad…even angry...a real downward spiral of emotions.

... I thought I could never be like those people you see who stays upbeat even when life is throwing them lemons.

...I knew there had to be a way to become the person I had always dreamed of being-slim, trim, toned, happy, confident and radiant.

I broke down, then I broke through...then the transformation happened!


It is simply a matter of making a single choice. A choice that will change everything.

I sought out and invested in many alternative therapists for myself that would help me with each dimension of my problems-physical, emotional and spiritual.  

I learned from my mentors of years gone by as a massage therapist and personal trainer myself, I became a curious little minx about every thing in my world, within me and around me!

And as I healed myself of some cruel food addictions, confidence issues and emotional aches and pains, I saw my weight dropping and my body shape transforming, my health and happiness soaring.  

I know that these changes were happening because I was applying the knowledge I had known for years at a much deeper level than just trying to lose weight or get fitter.  I was changing my Self.


I accepted that I had a gift for tuning in to every single dimension of my being to discover what I needed to heal myself.

  • I realised I had an endless supply of knowledge and experience about fitness from my decade long career as a Personal Trainer, Fitness instructor and Pilates instructor.

  • I knew I had the knowledge and qualifications about nutrition to advise people how best to lose weight and eat to heal their physical ailments.

  • I knew as a massage therapist that I was working to heal others' energy all the time to allow them to make transformational improvements in their health.
  • I believed in myself as a network marketing business coach to be able to set powerful, clear goals and break them down into bitesize, actionable steps and I knew I could coach others to do exactly the same.

  • As I had implemented some incredibly simple, yet transformational, spiritual techniques into my daily routine, I knew I could coach others to do the same.

  • I qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist which allowed me to dive so much deeper into healing not only myself, but others too.

  • I became a Reiki practitioner to help me embrace my 'woo-woo' gifts as an energy healer, so I could share them with the world.

  • I knew I had to bring all of these mind, body and spirit powers and strengths together to ensure other women just like you, no longer have to struggle to change one thing at a time, whilst other obstacles stay stuck in your way, or wait for a horrendous break down in order to achieve your break through.

So that's exactly what I did... 

  • Very quickly, I began to experience success and was growing my client base by hundreds, by tuning in to what their needs were too.

  • I started to attract people just like me-who knew they could break through, but just didn't know quite how - but they weren't going to give up and were not fearful of what they might uncover-they were taking responsibility for where they are at.

  • I started transitioning to working online as well as face to face, so I could help more women across the world.

It really makes me soooooooo sad to watch people stumble around in confusion and frustration. And after months...sometimes YEARS of yo-yo-ing, going from one extreme to another with their heath, or one failed relationship after another, they give up on their dreams.  All this could've been avoided with the right HOLISTIC knowledge and guidance. 

Check out the BDBTT Bootcamp Success Stories here!

Deep down, I know my calling is to help people create incredible transformation in their own lives that will last them their whole lifetime.

I am soooooooo passionate about creating a powerful ripple effect!!!

I want to make sure that the incredible information and knowledge I’m sharing is able to expand to more and more people.  I believe we need more people to succeed, lead truly healthy, happy lives' and to shine their lights proudly and brightly so they can serve as a beacon to invite others to do the same.

I refuse to let another person who has a knowing they can be everything they dream of being, watch their dreams die before their own eyes.

Up until this point, I had been coaching people primarily on a 1-on-1 basis. But to fully answer to my calling, I knew I needed to think on a bigger scale; to do things on a bigger scale.

I spoke to my clients to discover what worked amazingly and what didn't work so well with them. I reanalyzed and refined the advice I've been giving my peeps. I tested, and refined my teachings until I was absolutely positive the success of my previous clients could be replicated by others using a simplified strategy than when I worked with individuals.

From there, I packaged all of this knowledge into an intensive, more accessible system for helping you to finally break down your unhealthy relationships with every dimension of your life, mind, body and spirit, to break through to new habits which transform your life, health, weight, energy and confidence and sooooo much more.

'Before working with Leila, my health was average, I was overweight but physically just okay, I lacked motivation. I wasn't in control of my eating, drinking and had poor self-worth. 

I was intrigued to work with Leila, apprehensive but knew I wanted to try hypnotherapy as I recognised I had past issues that were stopping me feeling good about myself. I believed in hypnotherapy, I hadn't tried it, but I was interested in tapping into my subconscious, a way I hadn't approached. 

I was nervous the first session, but as I listened to my recording every day I began to relax into it, to believe in myself more, and found I wanted to break out of my comfort zone and try more things. I actually looked forward to my 30 minute relaxing recording each day. I enjoyed hearing her voice and still do!  The whole thing has motivated me, I've joined a slimming club to get healthy nutrition advice, I walk 15 minutes daily, I go on my exercise bike most days, and I feel more confident, happier, in control and focused. 

So, the one thing I've got out of this eat healthier, to exercise regularly, to love myself, to take care of me....Leila has helped me so much, to help myself.'  

Linda - Transformation client


Break it Down, Break Through and Transform Bootcamp (BDBTT) is a 6 week online group program that lays the foundation for you to make long-term change to your health, weight and happiness.

  • Break Down your old habits and patterns of physical challenges and emotional pain. 

  • Break Through your limiting beliefs about your pain, losing weight, eating healthily and being physically active and well.

  • Transform your health, weight, aches and pains, body shape and clothes size.

  • Soar in confidence and happiness

  • Have the belief in yourself that you can and will have the most amazing relationships with others and know that has to start wth the relationship you have with yourself.

  • Gain the confidence and the toolkit so that once you achieve your ultimate health and happiness, you WILL stay there for the rest of your life.

In order to make the above possible, I'm going to share something special with you.  It's my...

'6 Soulful Strategies for Transforming your Health, Feeling Happier and Healthier in Every Dimension of your Life.'

Taking the first steps towards breaking the habits of a lifetime does NOT have to be difficult, confusing, or overwhelming. It can actually be pretty darn simple!  Through trial and error, working on myself, working 1-on-1 with clients, and drawing from my past experiences, I developed an actionable "framework" for overcoming all of these problems. Here are the details:


We'll move your mind into a state ready to receive positive beliefs and experiences



Instilling new empowering beliefs and removing old limiting ones, we reframe all your previous experiences to strengthen you, rather than weaken you as they have been doing to this point.


Once you and your mind are ready to accept new thoughts and beliefs, we will breakthrough any negative beliefs, addictions, relationships and move into teaching you and your body what thoughts, feelings and actions help you personally to become happy, healthy, stronger and lighter, in every sense of the word!



Life happens!  Knowing you have a toolbox of techniques to manage stress will mean you can maintain your health, vitality and energy through life's ups and downs.


We now are in a position to enable your body to release physical pain and also emotional pain, using specific hypnosis and energy release and activation techniques, as well as physical activity coaching specifically for you and your age, ability and body type.


It's time to summarise and put into practice everything you have learned along the way and reinforce the new beliefs you have that this new way of life is yours for the rest of your life!

To keep the Bootcamp an intimate and safe incubator for growth and healing, spaces are limited

Price $1497 

(Or 2 monthly instalments of $935)

In a nutshell, here's what you'll get:

  • 6 Weekly modules and worksheets ($1950)
  • 6 weekly live Q&A coaching and healing calls ($4500)
  • 1 Bonus Q&A/Orientation call ($750)
  • Immediate access to an in-depth Welcome Packet to get you started on your path ($175)
  • 1 90 minute Rapid Transformational Therapy Session and bespoke Hypnosis ($750)
  • Weekly Intuitive healing threads within the BDBTT Bootcamp Facebook Group throughout the duration of the program ($954)
  • Akashic Record group readings to identify your deep rooted beliefs and obstacles holding you back, so you can leave them behind ($159)
  • An Intensive tutorial on essential oils for long-term ultimate health with Amanda Brunngraeber and Heather Jones, Chinese Practitioner of Medicine and Intuitive Healer ($900)
  • Chakredy(R) Chakra and Organ assessments, Reiki and energy clearing and healing specific to your goal for the duration of the bootcamp, from the moment you join the private Facebook BDBTT Bootcamp group ($954+)
  • Oracle and power card guidance, from the moment you join the private Facebook BDBTT Bootcamp group ($954+)


Everything I teach and share with you during BDBTT Bootcamp is going to tie back into these 6 Step Soulful Strategies.

We're going to dive deeply and intensively into specific topics so you can leverage this model in a way that feels authentic and unique to you and your situation.


On top of all these incredibly valuable trainings, here's what you'll gain access to...


















The material will be presented in a drip-feed format, specifically designed to allow you the most success.  You will gain access to a new module that consists of both video trainings and in-depth workbooks every week.  During each module, you will get specific action steps to follow so there's no confusion about how to leverage what you've learned.  It's organized this way because I found through experience that this is the optimal pace for progression.  This ensures that you get to digest the material fully, implement your newfound knowledge, and steadily move forward without feeling overwhelmed, as well as allowing your body time and space to process and embrace the changes and shifts at every level of your body.



Not only will you have access to an online portal with all these goods, but you'll also have 1 Q&A call a week to accompany each module to ensure you're getting all of your burning business Q's answered.  I freaking HATE when I'm a part of a group program and I don't have access to the coach.  I seriously love supporting you and diving deeper into your health with you.  These calls are your opportunity to get my guidance on how to apply the knowledge taught to your own unique life and health.  Plus, you'll also be listening in to all the juicy questions your BDBTT Bootcamp sisters have and trust me when I say you will be wowed by the information and golden nuggets you take away from this type of opportunity.



Chakredy(R) Chakra and Organ assessments and healing specific to your goal for the duration of the bootcamp (Value $954)

Akashic Record readings to identify your deep rooted beliefs and obstacles holding you back, so you can leave them behind.  (Value $954)

Oracle and power card guidance (Value $954)



By joining the BDBTT Bootcamp, you automatically gain access to pre-recorded guest expert calls and interactive Facebook threads with:

  • Amanda Brunngraeber and Dr. Heather Jones (Teacher of Oils and Wellness at Young Living Essential Oils)



Oodles of extra bonuses here!

  • Hypnosis recordings
  • Worksheets
  • Webinars
  • Expert recordings...all because there was just too much goodness to pack into the program! #goodproblemtohave



The BDBTT Bootcamp private support community is unlike anything you'll experience.  And let’s be real—nothing could be more valuable than being surrounded by a group of high-vibe people who are going after their dreams.  If you ever have questions about weekly material, you can reach out for feedback from the rest of the BDBTT Bootcamp community.  So instead of getting "stuck" trying to "figure things out" on your own, you get to tap into the collective genius of a community of like-minded peeps; instead of feeling like you're "competing" with others, you get to collaborate, join forces and make a life-changing impact together.  Being a part of a community like this was a key part of my recovery, and I know this will be an absolute game changer for you as well!

Also, The BDBTT Bootcamp community is...

  • a place where you get to constantly draw inspiration, ideas and motivation.
  • an outlet for you to celebrate all your successes—from the small wins of your habit and health changes to the big wins of losing weight, inches aches and pains.
  • a group of action takers who are going to keep you accountable for following through all-the-way, because they care!

'The accountability, support and guidance of Leila and the rest of the girls in the group inspired me to really take action and focus my time and energy on taking action and being consistent.'

BDBTT is a one of a kind experience focused on helping you...

...go from stuck and frustrated with your health and life, to happy, healthy, lighter and confident in just 6 weeks.

'BDBTT Bootcamp is like a mental bootcamp, that benefits the body too!'

But just to make things absolutely clear, I want to answer this question...

"How is it different from the other programs and advice out there?"


It's not another 'information' program

Most of the programs out there try to shove a lot of information down your throat. You get overwhelmed by all the info and you end up doing nothing! My BDBTT Bootcamp strategy will direct you to take the right action at the right time so you can finally start seeing long-term results, whilst being supported and held accountable all the way.


It's not based on 'untested theories'

Everything that is taught in BDBTT Bootcamp are the hand-picked strategies that have been proven to help you go from frustrated and stuck with your health, weight, relationships and happiness to breaking through and transforming your relationship with yourself, others, dropping addictions, weight, aches and pains and soaring in confidence.  No untested textbook theories here. This is the real deal!


It's not based on random tricks, tactics, quick fixes or 'fads'

This is NOT another "fad".  BDBTT Bootcamp teaches you how to use the knowledge you already know deep down about how to be healthy and happy, healthy eating and exercise, and the strategy helps you discover how to make it specific for you personally and make it last a lifetime.


It's not insensitive to your current life challenges

Most of the programs out there don't factor in the life challenges you're going through. In fact, BDBTT Bootcamp embraces it-because knowing how to work with your health throughout life ups and downs is the key to making it a long-term change, which means working through things while they are actually happening is an amazing opportunity to observe, work with and change what happens to YOU at these times.  BDBTT Bootcamp takes into consideration that you're on an action-packed schedule, you have limited energy (in the beginning!), little success in the past and limited funds.  I’ve been exactly where you are not too long ago and I totally get what you’re dealing with right now. I’ve got you, lady!


Welcome Packet and Early Orientation Access

As soon as you join, you'll receive an in-depth Welcome Packet to set you up for serious success throughout the program.

You'll also get early access to the Orientation Module so you can get a head start on the materials. It drives me CRAZY when I enroll in a program early and have to twiddle my thumbs in anticipation for the materials.  Not here! You'll be able to start ASAP—woohoo!  You will also get a free Q&A call the week prior to starting to kickstart your success in to the Bootcamp!

...and this leads me to the next bonus...


A Thought Leader and Expert Call

Get access to a bonus trainings with me and my go-to experts.

  • Amanda Brunngraeber and Dr. Heather Jones (Teacher of Oils and Wellness at Young Living Essential Oils)


I know that the value of this program far exceeds the $1497 price tag, however, I'm so happy to reward the people who take initiative and make decisions quickly, so be sure to take advantage of this offer!  There are limited spaces in this bootcamp.


Want in on these amazing bonuses?



To give you a small glimpse of what is achievable, these are some of the results my clients have accomplished after working with me...

'I feel so confident that I can and will achieve my goal of weight loss with Leila's input.'

'Before working with Leila at all, I was struggling with health issues, after my initial hypno session those issues have improved dramatically, but my weight continued to be a problem which is why I decided to visit Leila again to focus on this.  Leila is brilliant-she's so supportive and positive-she has helped me bring to fruition what I want to be. 

The one best result I've had since working with Leila is energy!  

I feel so confident that I can and will achieve my goal of weight loss with Leila's input. I have gone so far since first seeking Leila's help-she is an amazing person!'  

Anonymous - Transformation client


'I've tried lots of diets and none have lasted-it made life hard because I couldn't get clothes to fit and look nice. Leila made me feel so welcome from the moment I met her, she is amazing, encouraging, always there to help on good and bad days-she is truly a life changing person.

The one best result other than being healthier and happier, is that I've found that I am enough.

Since having hypnotherapy-well, I'm calmer, more relaxed, I realised that emotional eating, pain, hate, regret, all eats away at your soul. Figuring out where my problem lies has meant that I can make long term changes to my eating habits, I've been amazed to find I don't fancy eating chocolate and forget all about it for weeks-none of it has been a conscious decision, I just don't want it.

The recording Leila made for me has helped change my attitude. The past is not who I am-it's my attitude now that defines who I am. Leila has given me all this knowledge.

I am enough.

Thank you Leila so much.'  

Sarah - Transformation Client

'Hi Leila, I bet you're a busy lady now!  Just an update...well, where do I start? ...loving my recording, I listen every day...still getting this great feeling of well being too....which is very encouraging...really feels like something is happening....I'm in control of my eating, drinking is amazing...not bothered at all, but don't feel denied's there if I want it...?...Really praising hypnotherapy to friends, if they ask....and, just feel different...can't explain it, I feel like I'm every other happy person, I felt I was missing out on something, but now I have it....hard to describe, but so much calmer, content and yet excited!  Sending love and a hug, and I am truly grateful to you'  

Linda, Lincs.


Hey, I get it!  If you're still not convinced, I wasn't either when I was in your shoes.


I remember scrolling through countless Facebook and Pinterest posts with admiring toned, beautiful, happy people thinking, “Well, sure it can happen for them, but there’s no way it could ever happen for me, maybe I'm just meant to be this way."

It was only when I changed my mindset to, "They're just showing me what’s possible and this and so much more is absolutely possible for me!" that everything changed.

The truth is, we all have the ability to make our dreams a reality.  It's just a matter of how badly you want it and how committed you are to actually making it happen instead of just letting it remain a fantasy.


'You have changed my life Leila'

'Before I was recommended to Leila, I was emotionally drained, I allowed stress to get on top of me, I was a mess each day and if I'm honest, I didn't know how to cope with life in general.  I was short with my husband and my daughter and I smoked and drank a fair bit.  I was also worried about work and money.

Since working with Leila as a Breakthrough member, I have become more positive and have more energy.  It has been challenging, emotional and truthful, all in a positive way.

I have changed my job role, we are currently buying a house, my relationship with my family has improved massively.  I have also stopped smoking and reduced drinking to only at social events and not as much.

I can not thank you enough for all of your help Leila.  You have changed my life and each day, I have a smile on my face which is so natural.  Thank you.'  Anna E.


"I don't think you can afford NOT to work with leila."

'I have struggled with low self esteem since childhood and as a result have always found difficulty in seeing or accepting positive things about myself and my life. Prior to hypnotherapy with Leila, I was at times very fearful and struggled with anxiety and panic. This coupled with chronic joint pain, affected my ability to sleep and to concentrate during the day. Fear of the deteriorating joint condition was feeding the negative cycle and at work I felt increasingly affected by feelings of being unable to cope, particularly in situations involving conflict or argument.

I was a hypno-sceptic. My only direct experience of hypnotherapy was at a group event, which had absolutely no effect on me. I had read many self help books and tried meditation and various therapies but hypnotherapy is not something I would ever have considered were it not for my friendship with Leila. I had no pre-conceived expectations but decided to keep an open mind and put my total trust in her, believing that if Leila could help me to turn around my negative outlook and improve my mindset, she would be able to help anyone.Leila encouraged me to discuss my priorities and set outcomes for the therapy. She listened and explored and understood straight away that in simple terms I was "fearful of being fearful".

Hypnotherapy is not how I imagined it to be. I experienced it as a deep relaxation and felt present throughout as Leila counted me down unseen steps into my consciousness and my distant memories. I was able to recall early childhood fears clearly and then later, to be able to physically draw some of them to look at and dismiss them so they no longer controlled me. Leila recorded the hypnotic suggestion which I played at bedtime to help with the fear and insomnia and if I woke up I would play it again.

My panic disappeared almost immediately but I still had some issues around feelings of inadequacy, not being good enough, so 2 months later, Leila did a top up session where we looked more specifically at childhood memories around being alone and being in trouble. I had also been struggling for over two weeks with pelvic pain, requiring analgesia in the night so Leila talked me through a healing hypnosis with quite dramatic results. I felt significant releases and shivers at the time, results which continued the next day with a detox effect so dramatic that my clothes felt looser by lunch time and when I weighed myself at tea time I had lost 5 lbs in 24 hours! My pelvic pain had gone and I could sit cross legged for the first time in years.

There have been so many positives from working with Leila, from understanding where my problems came from, to feeling I can let go and move forward but if I have to pick the single best result, it has to be:  Finally understanding that being me IS good enough...and finding myself smiling alone!

Thank you so much Leila'  

Helen W.

Wait a minute…there are some guidelines!

This group program is for you if:

  • You have health challenges, physical and emotional upset, you want to Lose Weight and keep it off, you have  Aches and Pains and Confidence issues.
  • You know that something has to change around your thoughts and feelings about your life and health in order to change your actions around your challenges.
  • You are extremely interested in understanding WHY you behave the way you do within your life.
  • You are excited to understand HOW to transform your relationship with yourself and others, soar in health and energy, lose weight and stay that way for the long-term.
  • You are an action taker and magic maker (or you want to be)!
  • You are confident you are self-disciplined enough to work and learn alone, whilst supported remotely from a distance.
  • You enjoy being in an intimate community of likeminded, supportive people who all cheer each other on.
  • You can handle a fast-paced, 'out of the comfort zone' transformational journey over 6 weeks.
  • You love being online and learning from home, flexibly.

This group program is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix solution to a life-long problem without putting in much effort.
  • You're looking for a generic plan to follow that requires no responsibility on your part to make it happen.
  • You're not ready to take responsibility for your relationship with yourself and others, your weight, your health and your life.
  • You don't have the time or energy to commit to doing the work necessary to make long-term changes to your health and therefore, your life.
  • You're not ready to make an investment in yourself, your health and your happiness.
  • You are not interested in exploring 'out of the box' ninja practices and working on the mind rather than the body.
  • You don't want to be connected with your core truths and values in order to change your life.
  • You don't value community and people supporting one another.
  • You don't need accountability and support.
  • You feel you have all the knowhow already to take this journey on your own.

Who is this Program for?

Any person who knows this about themselves:

They are in a downward spiral of energy, health challenges, yo-yo dieting and/or binge eating

They hide to disguise their lack of confidence

They use food or other addictions as a defence against revealing their true feelings

Addictions have become an emotional crutch for them

They are frequently in self-sabotage and self-destruct mode

You could be a:






Business Owner

Full time and Part time employee

Network Marketing Business Coach



Any person who knows they are not performing to their potential because of this and wants to Transform their Health, Feel Happier and Healthier in Every Dimension of their Life.

I've worked with all of these people, so there are no limits to who can benefit from this transformational program!



Network Marketing Professionals

Massage Therapists

 Reiki Practitioners



Horse riders


Driving Instructors


Bank Managers




BDBTT Bootcamp has been designed specifically to help women overcome their own downward spiral of health and happiness challenges and overhaul their health and life, so they can be naturally healthy, happy, confident and radiant.


Other than that, there are no additional "requirements" and there's sure as hell no reason that this program won't work for you!  At the end of the day, it's about how badly you want the life and health of your dreams and how ready you are to stop talking about it, and finally take the action like these people did.  


I often get asked...

"But wait! I'm not sure I'm ready yet...All I know is I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time.  Can you still help me?" 

In all seriousness, you don't have to know if you're ready or not, you just need to know that you don't want to stay as you are.

Some of my most successful clients simply knew they couldn't go on like this any more, even though they were apprehensive of being ready to take that first step.

And I guided them through their journey to transform their health, lose heaps of weight and soar in confidence, but most importantly, to believe in themselves 100%.

If you Have a Deep Desire to Not Remain Where You are and You're Prepared to Open Up and Learn, Step-by-Step, intensively, how to Transform your Health, Feel Happier and Healthier in Every Dimension of your Life, then BDBTT Bootcamp is for You.

Anything and everything you desire is meant for you. You just have to go out there and get it!

Before talking about the tuition for BDBTT Bootcamp, there's one more question I want to address:

"Everything looks good! I want in! But what if I enrolled and found out I'm not the right fit and I've made a mistake?"

Nobody likes risk and nobody wants to feel sick to their stomach because of a bad purchasing decision, I get it! that's why I want to make it impossible for you to make the wrong decision, by giving you so much value as such a cracking price that a refund will never be required.

BDBTT was carefully and intentionally created to help you create profound transformation inside of your life.  It has been designed to give you all the tools and skills you will need in the shortest amount of time possible, however, the journey is a lifelong one outside of the course.  THIS IS NOT A QUICK FIX REPAIR JOB.  This is real, genuine, long-term transformation. The results you will experience inside of this program are truly remarkable and I've seen what's possible when people follow the coaching and action steps I've created.

Not only this, you have lifetime access to all the worksheets, recordings of live sessions and bonus content such as hypnosis recordings, visualisations,  mediations and energy clearing sessions.

For the sheer value and versatility this program contains for the rest of your life, for you and for loved ones, I don't offer a refund.

When people ask, 'do I even need this coaching?  Is it worth the investment?'  

Having had this personal experience, I know that this is sooooo important and totally worth it.  


  • As you've seen from the results of my past clients, my strategies are proven to work. So I'm confident that if you follow through with my directions, you can and will experience success as well.
  • By making this enrolment decision a "no-brainer" for you, I'll receive more glowing success stories I can inspire my future clients with. Everyone wins :)

Ultimately, this system is not focused on pumping you full of information and super-complicated formulas and plans, but rather, getting you to take the right action for results - and to get results that you have never gotten before, you must be prepared to take action like you've never taken before.

Therefore, it’s important that you only enroll if you’re ready to make a change in your life, because I promise that you’ll undergo such incredible transformation, inside and out, during this experience.

The community that’s been created inside of this program is extremely sacred and special, and it’s important that it maintains its high level of integrity.  Since the energy of the group is affected by each person inside of the space, it’s a requirement that you’re a high-vibe person who is ready to play a bigger game and who is so excited about getting the support, accountability and guidance in making your dreams a reality. 

And of course, you must be excited to not only succeed yourself, but to also support the other people inside of the program on their journeys. After all, sisterhood and community is an integral piece of this experience, so it’s important that this is something you value.

Now that you know that the BDBTT Bootcamp Online Group Experience is for you, here are the enrolment details:


Price $1497

(or 2 installments of $935)

'I feel like a weight has been lifted.'

'Before working with Leila, I was overweight and emotionally, I had no motivation or belief in myself.  I am an emotional eater and I think that my weight is to do with how I felt.  I always felt unloveable, unloved and not good enough.  I have felt like this for most of my life.

I had no reservations about working with Leila, after I had a free call with her.  On arrival and throughout the session, I was always comfortable and everything was explained clearly.

It's been an amazing experience, from the first telephone conversation to the Breakthrough Session I had.  I left feeling so light, like a weight had been lifted.  I now know I AM GOOD ENOUGH and always will be.  I am looking forward to listening to my session again and again.

The best result has been finding out why I felt like I did and where it all started.  All those negative memories have gone and will no longer hold me back.  

Thank you so much Leila, as I know I can now move forward confidently!'  Karen Carruthers



Before enrolling, there are a few conditions you must meet...

Your focus must be firmly placed on Problem Solving and Solution Finding

For you to get what you want, you have to have a can-do attitude, even if you don't always believe in yourself.  This will help you achieve your goals. But it’s not just about you either.  BDBTT Bootcamp is a community of people who desire to lift each other up.  You must be committed to your success and be down to support the other people in this program on their path to success as well.


You must leave the "OH-I-ALREADY-KNOW-THIS-STUFF" type mindset at the door.

I get it—I can think I’m a smarty pants sometimes too.  But if I’ve learned anything from the programs I've been part of, it’s that I must put my ego to the side and understand that my coach is going to guide me in the most powerful way possible. So, it’s a must that you trust in the proven systems and strategies and follow through with the directions.  EVEN IF you think you've learned about some of the strategies taught in the past, you must be ready to APPLY the strategies the way it's prescribed. If not, it won’t work, so don’t waste your time or money!


You must maintain a positive mindset and bring a high-vibe attitude to the program.

The BDBTT Bootcamp community is a place for people to give and receive support and celebrate their wins.  Of course, there will be bumps along the way, and it’s totally cool to share your journey with each other.  However, no down-putters or whiners are allowed.


You must be willing to give yourself permission to succeed.

Most people unconsciously sabotage their own success. The BDBTT Bootcamp strategies will help you identify these hidden, self-sabotaging behaviors AND you must be ready to make changes and give yourself the permission to succeed.


You must be prepared, if not ready, to take action.

This system is not focused on pumping you full of information, but rather, getting you to take the right action for results—and to get results that you've never gotten before, you must be ready to take actions you've never taken before. 


You must take responsibility for your own success.

I believe that you have everything you need to succeed—right here, right now.  I personally promise to provide you with all the resources and knowledge necessary to help you succeed even more quickly than you can imagine. That being said, I’m not just going to wave some magic wand and *POOF!* everything will be perfect and amazing.  You must be the type of person who takes responsibility for your success and doesn’t make excuses.


If you meet all the above requirements, then here's what you need to do now...


Enrol your beautiful Self in this exclusive program!

(Psssst—Do you know deep down that this is meant for you, but you still want to talk it out with me prior to investing? No problem! I want to make sure that this is an absolute YES for you and you’re ready to give it your all.  Click the button below to schedule a time to explore if this is the right program for you.)

'Hi Leila, just wanted to let you know that I've been listening to your trance and it's great!  I lost half a stone in two weeks. Thanks for making me feel so good.'

'I've lost another five lbs this week!!  I really feel for the first time that this will be permanent.'  Yvonne B


A Note from Leila

Look, I totally get what you're feeling right now—the excited butterflies of 'you can do this!', the thrilling goosebumps of 'finally-something that will change my life!' AND the monkey mind that's telling you 'you don't deserve this and there's no way you're going to be able to make this work'.

Let me just say, if there is even just a tiny part of you that's screaming, "THIS IS IT. I know that this program is for me!" I highly suggest you take a leap of faith and follow your intuition. 

As one of my very favourite quotes by Dr. Wayne Dyer says:

'Everything that has happened to you is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to prevent you from get to choose.  The more you see yourself as what you'd like to become, and act as if what you want is already there, the more you'll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into a reality.'

Ask yourself right now, "What's possible for me if I invest in myself and finally get the support and step-by-step guidance I desire?"

And on the flipside, ask yourself, "Where will I be a few months or years from now if I don't take any action? Am I okay with nothing changing and having things in my life and health stay the same?"

I'm a huge advocate of following your heart and trusting your gut (yep, I know it sounds cheesy, considering what we are talking about, but there is so much juicy truth and goodness in this statement) and being adamant about pursuing your dreams.  Because honestly, if you don't go after them, they're just that—dreams. However, if you take inspired action and commit to yourself to do whatever it takes to be successful, you're able to transform your dreams into your reality.

I understand that you're probably coming up against some big fears right now and that's okay!  Scratch that—that's freaking AWESOME.  Before you start thinking I'm some sort of crazy woo-woo lady, hear me out—I truly believe that our fears are simply indicators of what we desire most.  So, if we are experiencing fear around something, it means we want it so badly, but we may not be clear on how to go about getting it. 

Luckily, you're not alone in all of this. It's my mission to guide you in alchemising those fears into incredible, life transforming success and a life beyond your wildest dreams.  If it was possible for me AND my clients to create our ultimate health, ideal weights and sparing confidence after beating our health and happiness demons, there is no doubt in my mind that it's possible for you too. But you have got to believe it is meant for you.

If you believe and you're ready to do the work, make the changes, and perfect your skills to maintain it, let's join forces and make magic happen!

It's yours for the taking.


This program will guide you to make massive changes in your health, happiness and life.  It's self-care to give yourself this incredible gift.

Your life of health, happiness and incredible energy is waiting for you. 

Will you choose be a part of this incredible ripple effect?

[ NOTE: if you desire to speak with Leila before enrolling, click HERE to schedule a call with her ]




I know there's a sea of "health, happiness and weight loss and exercise" advice floating around out there, but unlike other courses, The BDBTT Bootcamp experience is...

  • A complete holistic program for ultimate health, mind, body and spirit.

BDBTT Bootcamp takes into account some HUGE missing concepts of overall ultimate health and life which is why the majority of people give up, or fail, or end up swinging between health and life issues all their life.

  • A one-stop foundation for all you need for successful, long-term health and vitality.

You could possibly figure this out for yourself, yes-but it will take years of frustration and brick walls, and ££££££'s and still it may all be in multiple places for you to draw upon as you need it.  BDBTT Bootcamp brings everything you need to know under one roof, backed up with over a decade of knowledge and first hand experience which makes the program a unique, juicy, bespoke journey, just for you.


  • The program starts as soon as you enroll, since you’ll immediately gain access to our in-depth Welcome Packet. Inside of it, you’ll find questions to answer and activities to complete in order to get you ready for the official start of The BDBTT Bootcamp experience.  Earlybird payment options finish on 26th December 2017.


  • Live coaching calls will be on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.  Although listening live is by far the most powerful, you’ll still get access to all of the call recordings and will experience huge shifts and transformations listening to the replays.


  • BDBTT Bootcamp is an intensive immersion course.  Although it may feel like a lot of information to take on in a short space of time, I encourage you to embrace the information as it comes and trust that you will be guided and supported throughout this process.  If you begin to feel overwhelmed, remember that this is an immersion.  You will have the time to incorporate concepts at your own pace but we will cover all material in 6 weeks.  You may be surprised at how easily the information becomes part of you! That is part of the magic of this strategy.


  • We totally understand that it might seem near impossible to find the money for this program, but we know that when there’s a will, there’s a way. If you’re committed to being a part of this incredible experience, I'm committed to helping you find the money for it. Let’s set up a time to get on the phone and talk it out.  Set up a call with Leila


  • Modules contain worksheets, checklists, activities, videos (introductory and closing videos for each module, as well as video trainings that relate to the current module), Guest Expert trainings, recorded Q&A Calls, recordings of the live hypnosis, meditations, visualisations, energy clearing sessions and more!


  • Dr Heather Jones and Amanda Brunngraeber (Teacher of Oils and Wellness at Young Living Essential Oils)


Once you enroll, each week, you’ll receive a unique link to access The BDBTT Bootcamp private Dropbox membership site.  All calls we have will be recorded and the links to the recordings will be hosted there.  All of the module content can also be found within this site.  Additional materials and support can also be found inside of the private Facebook group community.


Then let’s jump on a call and explore if it’s a fit! If there’s even a tiiiiiny part of you who feels like, “YES! This is it!” Give yourself the gift of discovering if this is something you need and desire and schedule a call to speak with Leila. Schedule your complimentary call HERE!


I use Stripe, which is even more secure than Paypal!  Paypal is available should you prefer to use it!


You could...but honestly, if you want to get big results and achieve success inside of this program, it’s best that you are keeping up with the work each week and that you are highly engaged as it runs live.


We totally understand that everyone is in their own unique financial situation. So yes, we absolutely do offer payment plans.  However, for the earlybird discounted offer, a payment plan is not possible.


If you cannot make a payment, we would take necessary action to retrieve the money and would then resort to contacting collections.  After a missed payment, you would also be denied access to all of the content. 


Yes. You can read them HERE.


Yes, if you choose to pay it off early, that’s fine by me! There will be no price change for payment plans that are paid off early.


To maintain healthy lifestyle one the way to and when you achieve your ideal health, happiness, confidence, weight and size, you will always be investing in yourself and your success. In order to be successful on the program, there are no requirements that you must invest in, however, I do have some that I highly recommend.  Having a gym subscription allows you to be active, whatever the weather, a local farm/organic fruit and vegetable delivery would be an incredible investment, as would a regular self-care routine, such as massage.  The objective of the BDBTT program is to give you all the tools and knowledge to go about an active and healthy life without slumps, yo-yo dieting and destroying your hard work and effort in changing your health-that requires consistent action in the direction of your dreams on a long-term basis.


Nope, nope, nope!  While you’ll get access to the Welcome Packet immediately, you won’t receive access to all the content right away. The material will be presented in a drip-feed format.  You will gain access to a new module that consists of both video trainings and in-depth workbook every week.  Throughout each module, you will get specific action steps to follow so there's no confusion about how to leverage what you've learned.  It's organised this way because I found through experience that this is the optimal pace for progression. This ensures that you get to digest the material fully, implement your newfound knowledge, and steadily move forward without feeling overwhelmed. 


All of the modules and Q&A calls are taught by Leila, however, there are additional BONUS calls that are taught by leading industry experts. These bonus calls are recorded.


Heck yeah! It’s the whole shebang! Modules contain worksheets, checklists, activities, videos (introductory and closing videos for each module, as well as video trainings that relate to the current module), Guest Expert trainings, recorded Q&A Calls, recordings of the live hypnosis, meditations and visualisations and more!


Absolutely! Feel free to scroll through the sales page to see all of the incredible success stories from past clients.


Yes! On an almost weekly basis I’ll host live Q&A calls. This is your time to come prepared with any burning Q’s you have about the modules and your personal situation.  I’ll be answering your specific questions AND you’ll also get to hear what your BDBTT Bootcamp sisters are asking.  I’ve found that listening into what other people ask is just as enlightening and beneficial as asking my own questions.


Unlike other programs, calls aren’t held over the phone.  We all gather on an incredible platform called Zoom, so we can video conference. I find this waaay more intimate and fun :)


I absolutely LOVE being in community, so I will be popping in the FB group on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean that I will be sitting in the group all day long, however.  I highly encourage you to leverage the incredible community and mastermind with the incredible people in the program. 


Yes, you have lifetime access to the materials inside of this version of the program. If a new version comes out, you will not also have access to that one.

I'm ready to create the life of my dreams!!

[ NOTE: if you desire to speak with Leila before enrolling, click HERE to schedule a call with her ]


The In's and Out's of the BDBTT Program



During Orientation you'll get even more committed to yourself and making the vital changes to bring about sky rocketing success.  We'll start getting really clear on what you desire to achieve, so once the program begins, you will already have some serious momentum. We'll dive into...

  • Committing to your success
  • Clearing out the clutter
  • Tips and tools for the greatest success you deserve



Dream it

Puts you firmly in the driving seat-in a position to take responsibility from this point onwards.

  • Reality check goal setting?
  • Your Mindset for Success



Believe It


  • Understand why and how you have got to this point at a deep, subconscious level. 
  • Self-talk
  • Confidence



Lose It

  • Break down everything to do with your relationship with yourself and how it manifests in your life and overwhelm with what to do/what not to do to heal them.
  • Addictions
  • Negative Emotions



'I had previously lost 2 stone, but due to illness, 12lbs crept back on. Once better I struggled to lose the weight again. I had worked with Leila which was so useful. Leila gave me visualisations to do and several habits to think about. I've been checking in every week and I'm proud to say I'm down 13lbs and feel superb.  I'm at my lowest weight for a long time and feeling happy, healthy, confident and strong thanks to Leila's support.'  

Alison A.



Manage It

  • Learning how to deal with the rollercoaster of life and not let it affect your ultimate health journey.
  • Stress
  • Mindfulness



Move It

  • Time to understand what your body needs to let go of, physically and emotionally and what it needs to keep.
  • Aches and Pains
  • Exercise for health



Balance It

  • Making healthy eating, practicing happiness, confidence and ultimate health normal for the rest of your life.
  • Health is Wealth
  • Visualising Success

'I now have belief in my mission in life.'

'Before working with Leila I had quite low self esteem, very low self worth, a terror of letting people down and some mighty strange issues around money! 

The whole experience has been fantastic. Very professional but also so personal and I know Leila is there for me whenever I need her. The one best thing I've got from working with Leila is the belief in my mission in life - that I too want to help others see that they have a choice - that if there is anything they are not happy about that they too can work on changing it.'

Caroline P.



'I am enough and I can do anything I put my mind to.'

'Prior to working with Leila, I was very stressed and had problems with back pain.  I did not have any reservations about working with Leila as such, but it's only retrospectively that I realised I did not want to admit to myself or anyone I was stressed in case that was admitting I could not cope.

Working with Leila with Massage, Pilates and Hypnotherapy has been one of the most positive things I have ever done - learning about myself and that I'm enough and that I can do anything I put my mind to.

I am able to be honest with myself and this is allowing me to take much better care of myself, which is improving my health so much!'  

Tiffany - VIP BDBTT Client