The BDBTT Bootcamp Orientation


Hey you!  Bet you’re wondering why I’m here telling you how to Transform your Health, Feel Happier and Healthier in Every Dimension of your Life, aren’t you?


As a go-getter, action-taker, magic maker lady, you have gained access to my no holds barred, hard hitting, fast acting methods to create transformational change to your relationship with yourself, mind, body and spirit.  It will transform your health, be it weight, aches and pains or otherwise, and your relationships with other people too.


I believe it is no longer an effective method to simply eat less and do more to feel well, be well and happy.


For decades there have been some hugely underestimated and overlooked aspects of health and happiness and it's time that changed.  It’s lulling every woman into thinking they are failing each time they go from feeling happy, to confused ort angry; from feeling well, to suddenly, or gradually becoming ill and tired so often.


I truly believe that every woman deserves to be able to enjoy a healthy, happy, exciting life, having the health and happiness, being the weight and size they want, without being slowed down or stopped by aches, pains and self-doubt, limiting beliefs and illness.

My purpose is to empower women just like you, who are stuck, frustrated and confused with your relationship with yourself, maybe also food, and relationships with others to become the highest version of yourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, in personal and online sessions and programs, no matter what your age, shape and size, what’s going on for you, or where you are in the world.


You see, when we understand the psychology of health and life, our beliefs, programming and conditioning, everything else can then change for us and as an added bonus, our health, our immune systems, weight, our confidence, happiness and our relationship with others also transforms. 

Let's explore that now! 


You can download the full worksheet for you to save, print and work through here!

Download your 60 day checklist here!

Our first live call will be on Wednesday at 7pm UK time-here is the link to join the call at the time!