Balance It

Wow!  Here we are at the end of your BDBTT Bootcamp! 

Here are your wins that I know about!

·      You’ve been eating ‘clean’ for 6 weeks now.

·      You’ve set at least one superpowered SMART goal for your health and life.

·      You are surrounded by messages around you making you feel as though you have already achieved your goals!

·      You are telling yourself the kindest most empowering things now.

·      You know how the health cycle works and its role and purpose in your long-term ultimate health journey.

·      You have beaten your addictions.

·      You now know how to manage any self-sabotage, stressful situations and negative self-talk.

·      You have a superpowered magic making ‘I am’ affirmation statement you are using every day.

·      You are using mindfulness and mindful eating to transform your weight loss journey into a long-term weight loss.

·      You have left your emotional pains behind.

·      You pulling in and up and using what your mamma gave you!

·      You know you are enough!


That’s some BIG wins right there, lady!!


You can download the full worksheet for you to save, print and work through here!


Your live call will be on Wednesday at 7pm UK time-here is the link to join the call at the time!