BDBTT Bootcamp Success Stories

Before enrolling on boot camp I was overweight, borderline obese.  I was lost and on a slow path to self destruction.  I was happy in my home and marriage but felt too embarrassed about my size to go out with friends, often making excuses as I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and my appearance. I would always stand on the end of a group on photographs so that I could edit the shot and crop myself slimmer later before allowing anyone to see it.  I felt bloated, ashamed of my appearance and I genuinely felt like the black sheep of the family having 3 beautiful slim sisters. I have tried numerous diets over the years but always putting the weight back on after a few months.  

I had a very abusive childhood and although my immediate family knew the truth, I kept it hidden from other family members, my husband and my friends.  I never associated this with my weight problem.  I knew I had a sadness inside, a painful secret that I could not discuss that was eating me up.

Leila, you made me feel safe and I felt that you understood me, you knew I had reservations and you told me that it would probably not all be rosy, but that I was in a safe container and that you would help me through the process of offloading this burden that I carried.  I was at one stage ready to back-out of the program before even starting as I just felt too frightened to divulge the terrible secret that had been eating away at me for 43 years.

I had been for counselling in the past but this was different, the whole bootcamp felt like a place where I could say anything and you and the other bootcampers would understand and would not judge me, we were a team, a support network and whatever we were up against we were able to talk it through and use the techniques you had taught us to put things in to perspective and see a way through the difficult stuff.  Eventually with guidance, the difficult stuff started to feel like no big deal, my health, physically and mentally started to improve.

I have lost a stone in weight through exercise, healthy eating and certainly not dieting.  I love the techniques you taught us, I love meditation, the visualisations, even the hypnosis, it feels like we are just relaxing. I cannot express how much I have got from this program it is certainly life changing and I feel the word bootcamp is not a descriptive enough word to tell people what we have learned, it is so much more than a bootcamp.

I love the spiritual side of me that has emerged, I love that you have taught us that we can go in to our heart space and the self analysis techniques I am now using to ask myself why I react to things or why I feel a certain way about things.

I feel I have just had one of the most valuable gifts handed to me, 6 weeks of self analysis and 6 weeks of life changing techniques to take forward in to my new life.  I feel like I have been given a new lease of life, permission to leave behind the burden of all those years of pain, shame and guilt. I love my life and can't wait to carry on living it - the best is certainly yet to come - thank you so much Leila xx