BDBTT Bootcamp Welcome Packet


Welcome lovely Lady!


I’m Leila Hardy, your Holistic Health and Life Coach!


If you don’t already know me, I love nothing more than creating simple, easy to use strategies from complicated and confusing health and life principles and combining them with incredible but often overlooked spiritual practices to bring about transformational change in my clients’ health and life journeys.


This allows for fast, but long-term transformational health change inside of women on a deep cellular level, using my years of experience as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, massage therapist, hypnotherapist and energy healer, alongside my own recovery from food addictions and yo-yo dieting and negative childhood beliefs.


And by being here, you’re about to dive right in and experience this transformational change for yourself over the next 6 weeks!!



You’re here because you’re an action taker, a magic maker, taking responsibility right now for your own health and life story up to this point and for the changes you make in the future to achieve long-term health, happiness, confidence and relationships for the rest of your life.


You’re going to learn my


‘6 soulful strategies to Transform your Health, Feel Happier and Healthier in Every Dimension of your Life.’


Learn in detail, the same 6-step system I created and used to cure and heal myself from yo-yo dieting, aches and pains, terrible physical and emotional relationships with myself and others.

This is exactly what I teach to others in my signature program, Break it Down, Break Through and Transform, BDBTT for short!


You’re literally getting a taste of the full 3 and 6 month programs my clients pay ££££’s for you, lucky lady – now use it to its full potential!



Here are my Top tips for transformational success within the BDBTT Bootcamp...

 First things first…download your first worksheet now and I will walk and talk you through it in the next video(s)-this is exactly how the Bootcamp will progress, so you can use every part of your brain, listening, writing and creating with your imagination.

You can download the full worksheet for you to save, print and work through here!


Your live coaching, support and transformation calls will be on Wednesday at 7pm UK time-here is the link to join the call at the time!