BDBTT Mastermind

How is the thought of achieving your ultimate health and happiness goals making you feel?

What is it about feeling happy, free and  confident about your healthy future that lights you up inside?

What would you go for and achieve if you knew you could not fail?


You've got BIG plans, I know!

Are you feeling daunted that you've made huge changes so far, but don't want to lose the momentum?

Do you know you need more support and accountability in place to keep you on track to your ultimate health and happiness?

Created with you in mind, BDBTT Mastermind is a strong, supportive community for you continue your ultimate health and happiness journey with accountability and coaching in place to keep that momentum going as you achieve your goals.

As a monthly membership program, BDBTT Mastermind gives access to incredible coaching through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks to empower you along your journey to ultimate health and happiness, following the Break it Down, Break Through and Transform (BDBTT) Method, alongside my 6 Soulful Strategies for Ultimate Health and Happiness.


Here's what you'll get as a BDBTT Mastermind Member:

  • Continuous support on your personal Ultimate Health journey
  • The coaching and expertise to help you adapt your goals and make new ones as you achieve them
  • Motivation and Encouragement
  • A safe, supportive online community to ask questions and receive guidance
  • Laser like focus as a result of shifting your thoughts, feelings, energy and actions
  • The reassurance that you will be support throughout your journey
  • Email/Facebook Messenger access to me for guidance and support when it is really needed



Here's what you'll receive as a BDBTT Mastermind Member:

  • [1] LIVE 60-90 minute group coaching call a month to PLAN-DO-REVIEW your goals for the next month and keep you on track, motivated and focused ($315)
  • Actions steps and Accountability to complete for the following month
  • Intuitive group energy guidance for the month ahead to prepare you for any shifts and changes that may be beyond your physical control ($111 value)
  • Monthly group Oracle card readings for the month ahead ($77 value)
  • [1] Pre-recorded bespoke to the group Reiki healing/Chakredy(R) Healing/Meditation/Intuitive Coaching/Akashic Records Reading/Hypnosis/Visualisation each month ($77 value)
  • A private, supportive Facebook Group to provide intimate support and online access to me as your personal online health and life coach.
  • The opportunity to be Beta testers for new programs and sessions

Ok, I'm in!  What's the investment?

BDBTT Mastermind is a monthly membership program.  You can pay monthly, there are huge advantages to being an action taker and magic maker and getting committed by investing in the membership for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Monthly:  $55 a month

3 months:  $150 paid in full

6 months:  $270 paid in full

12 months:  $360 paid in full