10 Signs You May Be Integrating, Clearing and Processing Energy Shifts

10 Signs You May Be Integrating, Clearing and Processing Energy Shifts

In memory of Louise Hay, who sadly passed away last week.

In memory of Louise Hay, who sadly passed away last week.

10 Signs You May Be Integrating, Clearing, and Processing Shifts in Your Energy

When I am with clients, whether that is 1:1 clients, or running group programs, I often see and sense them drifting off during the hypnosis, mediation or energy healing.  They often mention afterwards that they nodded off, then awoke just as I was finishing.  For some, they feel they may have missed out, or that they didn't do it right, or the session wasn't working for them.  

In my perspective, it's something very different…and very powerful too.  

It is a shift of energy they are experiencing which means some deep clearing of old energy blocks and integration of the new changes to their thoughts, feelings and beliefs are occurring.  Once processed and integrated, these shifts will transform their actions and behaviours, which in turn will transform their results for their health, happiness and life!

However, in that integration and clearing, we may experience some effect on our physical body; sometimes within the session, often this can and will continue from 24 hours after, right up to 1-2 weeks.

If you have ever experienced a shift in your body, thoughts, or feelings, then you may have experienced some symptoms of integrating, clearing and processing this shift for yourself, but if you're unsure, here are a few signs that you may be doing so.

1. Falling asleep

Sleep is such a powerful integration time.  If you are ever listening to any hypnosis, any meditation, or taking part in an energy clearing session, if you ever do feely snoozy and sleepy, that’s your body starting to integrate the process, and so it’s perfectly normal. 

When we are working with our higher chakras-intuition and higher senses, that takes a lot of brainwork, a lot of head work.  This normally takes some energy from us in the respect of clearing that area and processing what changes occurred, or what opened up for you. 

2. Feeling Tired

Tiredness is often a way of our body processing and healing, hence why I always suggest you listen to your body after you’ve been doing some form of energy work.  If you feel sleepy or cold, then that is your body just needing to conserve some energy to be able to process the changes that are going on internally for you.

3. Burping

Yes, burps!  I often find that burps come up when there is something that needs to be seen or be heard and as that energy is clearing, burps often come to the surface too!  It doesn’t necessarily mean something you need to talk about but just that you are accessing something that needs to change and to shift.

4. Hiccups

Hiccups are massive signs of an up-level because the body is recalibrating and that just causes lots of different air distributions through our physical body, which can disturb our diaphragm; where the hiccups come from.

5. Headaches

I talk often about headaches as part of clearing and processing changes in our energy.  If you ever notice yourself experiencing these after an energy healing session, then be aware that your body needs to rest to allow this to move through and out of your system.

6. Flu-like Symptoms

Flu-like symptoms can be felt as a result of clearing or processing stuff.  It's our body's way of allowing old blocks, tension and stress to come up to the surface to be eliminated.

7. Out of the blue cough or cold like symptoms

Coughs, runny noses, and sneezing.  Clearing is the best possible description for clearing things out. Your body is literally clearing through every orifice possible!

8. Yawns

Yawns are great energy shifts. If you often notice that you might be yawning first thing in the morning when you’ve had a full night’s sleep but you’re doing some work on yourself, that is just processing and clearing.  Yawns are a brilliant indication that you’re just integrating, processing, and clearing stuff out. 

9. Dizziness

This is a big one because often people wonder if this is something that may be physical. As much as you need to entertain the physical side of it and honour that it could be something and get it checked out by your health practitioner if you are in any doubt whatsoever; I’m talking about dizziness that may be caused by something like low blood pressure or you’re hungry or low blood sugar.   But if there is no physical reason for you to feel that dizziness and suddenly you feel dizzy for a couple of days and you have been going through a big shift, this can be that recalibration process that’s going on just like the hiccups can redistribute stuff in your physical body.

10. Hunger or lack of appetite and extreme thirst 

If you react by being super hungry, or not getting hungry at all, this can be part of the clearing and processing too!  It's important to continue to nourish yourself gently and wisely at these times.  Any noises in the stomach you notice might just be the activation of the digestion, just helping you to clear out and eliminate, just like an energy detox for your body.  Stay hydrated and follow the signs your body is providing you with.

That’s a list of the symptoms and side-effects that I have noticed and experienced within myself and with clients.

This is to help you understand that there are often so many different reasons for what might be coming up as a physical thing.

Our integration or tiredness or sleepiness, cold, shivering, aches, sometimes can be the biggest manifestations of a big shift that’s clearing or processing.  It usually takes 48-72 hours to really clear out the system; it can take longer, but it’s important that you take time just to be kind to yourself, to look out for yourself and to nourish yourself with good foods, drinking lots of water, keeping warm and doing all of the things that make you feel really good.  That might just mean a little time out in nature, it might mean spending some time with your kids, or just switching off the phone for a couple of hours.  But allow yourself to move through that process with kindness, gentleness, and compassion for yourself.  As much as it’s not a physical aerobic workout, it is a massive workout on your body.  Your body will love you all the more for it.

I say this when I do any kind of massage as well as well as coaching work - your body will always try and find the nearest orifices to come out. Often when I’m working on the shoulders it will be up through a running nose or a clogging throat.  If it’s a back massage, then often I find it goes downwards - bowels, needing to go to the toilet a little bit more or needing to go for a wee even more. This just shows you how powerful the body is at eliminating.  It will go to wherever it can go in order to able to do that.

Have you ever experienced any of these as a result of doing some clearing and healing work on yourself?  Comment and let me know!

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DISCLAIMER:  It goes without saying that if you are in any doubt about your health, whether it coincides with some energy shifts or not, that you consult a medical expert for their advice.  All information within this article is for guidance only.  It should not replace the advice of a medical professional.

Credits:  Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life:  http://www.hayhouse.com/you-can-heal-your-life-paperback?utm_source=LH.com&utm_medium=Shop&utm_campaign=LH.com_YCHYL 



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