10 top tips for succeeding in your New Year Health Resolutions

10 top tips for succeeding in your New Year Health Resolutions

10 top tips for succeeding in your New Year Health Resolutions

It's that time of year again, when everyone starts the year fresh, with new and exciting health, weight and fitness goals.  As I entered my first spin class of the year this morning, I reflected back too when I first started back to regular exercise following my recovery from my food addictions. 

I thought about what I've learned and told myself over the last few years and what advice would have helped me to get started and keep going if I hadn't have figured it out for myself!

Here it is!

1:  Be prepared for it to be hard!  

If you go into any New Year Health Resolution without expecting ups and downs and curve balls, then you're going to struggle!  However, go in with your eyes wide open, be prepared to do whatever it takes, then if it is easier than you expected, it will be a bonus!  Exercise wise, the aches from using new muscles are only as sore the first time!

2:  Be patient. 

Give yourself permission to take your health journey on like the tortoise and not the hare.  Keep going, plodding on and don't rush towards quick fix fads and set yourself up for failure.

3:  Be brave.  

Take the first steps to walk in to a new exercise class on your own, pick up the phone to book a personal trainer, or invest in those supplements you know will help your health.  It is daunting to do that, I know, but it only takes one time for you to feel the boost to your confidence that stepping outside your comfort zone creates.

4:  Work on 1-2 changes at a time.  

Suddenly changing or giving up lots of things at once is not only overwhelming for your body, but your mind and your schedule too, so take it down to bite size chunks and celebrate each smaller win on the way to your bigger health goals.  This not only allows your body to adjust gently into a new exercise regime, or way of eating, or way of life, but it also allows your mind to stretch and evolve as you do.

5:  Be consistent in what ever you decide to do.  

Whether it is regular exercise, weight loss, meditating, getting a massage booked, don't do one session and then nothing for days or weeks. Get committed to booking classes, massages or time out weeks, or even months in advance.  Doing this allows them to become part of your new normal life and leads to success.  

6:  Don't overcommit yourself with diet or exercise.  

Starting the year like a bull in a china shop with 5 gym sessions a week or 100% clean eating when you've been doing nothing previously will challenge even the most organised of schedules.  But if you've been a bit optimistic with your timing and planning, then as soon as you have to work late, or an emergency arises or a holiday comes, your best laid plans will be lost.  Instead, keep it real, be honest with what time you have and then plan accordingly, which will allow for real life to happen and not knock you sideways from your health goals.

7:  Ask for help.  

It can be sooooo tempting to think you can do it by yourself.  Some can!  But most people need help and support from people who have been where you are and have the knowledge and experience to get you to where you want to be.  Although there can be an investment, most people feel it is worth their investment hiring a professional and even saves them money in the long-run.

8:  Get accountability.  

Get an exercise buddy or friends to support you in your healthy journey.  If you pair up with someone you can check in with daily, or weekly, who won't let you off the hook despite your attempts to convince them otherwise as your motivation dwindles.  It has to be someone you trust to have your best interests at heart.  The best part is when you may hit a downer, they will be up and vice versa, so you can both be the best help for each other!  We have a fantastic accountability group on Facebook where we share all theses kind of things-public accountability is the best!!

9:  Get a health tracker.  

If you don't already use some of the resources out there to help you monitor your fitness and health goals, then get one.  They can vary from tracking exercise and food intake, to meditation time and money.  Most also offer great access to accountability from other users of the app or tracker! Fitbit is a great one, heart rate monitors, exercise tracking apps, a food diary, a water counter are just a few.

10:  Go at your own pace.  

Adapt exercises according to your own fitness levels and don't follow others they may been doing it for years!  Follow the instructor and be honest with them if you are a beginner.  This will help you gradually and safely improve your fitness levels, health and wellbeing, without risk of injury from overuse or incorrect technique.


Following all of these will bring you long lasting and healthy success in all of your New Year health goals for 2017.

What are your goals?  Drop me a comment and let me know!

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