2 Ways to Feel Energy and How It Relates to Your Weight, Health & Happiness

2 Ways to Feel Energy and How It Relates to Your Weight, Health & Happiness


2 Ways to Feel Energy and How what you Feel Relates to Your Weight, Health & Happiness

Good morning ultimate health people.  Leila Hardy here, your online holistic health and life coach!

Today, I wanted to really empower you and bring you two ways that you can feel your own energy, and how to relate that information to your weight, your health and your happiness.

I’ll keep it fairly brief but if you have any questions we can always answer those. This is based on my own interpretation of energy so I encourage you to feel how it feels for you when I talk you through this process and also give yourself permission for that to feel slightly different for you if you start to notice a slightly different trend as you go through trying it out!

As I first started to explore my own energy, I started to notice there were certain senses and feelings that I was aware of and becoming more and more aware of as I started to trust them more in different situations, different circumstances, and different experiences with different people, touching different things etc.  

As soon as I was able to start relating that to the food I was eating and the way that I was feeling not only in my body but around my energy field as well as people’s situations, I could start to discern what was feeling right for me and what wasn’t feeling so right. I’m not going to say wrong because there are no good or bad experiences; only learning experiences - opportunities for me to see where actually this was a mismatch for my energy. And it was so empowering because suddenly, not only did I have the head side of logically thinking things might not feel right, but I had this extra sense that allowed me to feel my way through the world in a completely different way too.

Let’s do that now and then I’ll give you a few scenarios of how you can use this with your health, your happiness, and your weight.

  • Take a few moments to just sit down and relax. Take a couple of nice deep breaths and just bring yourself to the present moment.
  • What I want you to do now is just bring your hands together and rub them together. This is just cleansing the hands, waking up the energy that’s within your hands, your energy senses there. Anybody can do this and there’s no right or wrong feelings. You might want to practice with this a little bit.
  • What I want you to do now is hold your hands out in front of your chest and bring them to a point where they feel close together.  You may almost feel like there’s a slight resistance.
  • As you do that now, what I want you to do with me is consciously call in the energy of 'pull', of pulling.  Start to notice any differences between your hands; you might start to notice as you concentrate more on pulling in with this pull energy, drawing that pull energy in, that certain things start to happen. It might be fast or it might be slow depending on where you are at and aware of in your energy and also what else may be coming up for you today, if you’re not particularly present - you’ve got other things on your mind and you’re only half reading this.
  • The pull energy for me manifests as my hands coming fully together, like a magnet.  Remember it may be different for you, so allow yourself to experiment with it a few times!
  • Now relax that. Cleanse the hands slightly. Shake them off if you need to. Rub them together again.

That’s type one.  A pull energy I interpret and discern to feel good and being attracted to something. It feels like something is being drawn to me.  How does it feel for you?

Let’s move into the polar opposite of that which is 'repel':

  • Rub your hands together to activate the energy.
  • Bring those hands to a point where you start to feel like you’re holding a ball of energy there.
  • Consciously draw in the energy of repulsion - repel.
  • You might start to notice something start to change within that feel of the ball of energy you had. It might start to feel bigger, more expansive. It might start to feel harder, firmer so even if you wanted to pull your hands in together you actually couldn’t.
  • For me, there is so much resistance there.

If you start to imagine that energy being all around your body. That’s what happens when we come up against somebody and sometimes you get that feeling - you feel like you just need to step away from them. Or if somebody comes into your space, the repulsion energy is helping you to create some space between you and that person or that situation.

I interpret repulsion to be quite a heavy, protective energy. But again, there is no right or wrong; it’s based on your own lens, your own perspective of life. But that’s often an energy that feels like it is one-sided. It’s just something that I am not ready to receive but it’s coming anyway so I feel like there’s an energy that my energy has to push against. It’s like a push rather than a pull energy, an attraction energy.

How are you going to use this knowledge and insight in your health, your happiness and your weight?

Let’s start with weight because you can actually use this with various foods, various supplements that you might take. You can take an opportunity to look at some particular foods today - healthy and not so healthy – and try the exercise.

Rub your hands together, take a moment to breathe and to centre and just get present, remove any judgment from your mind, and just allow your hands to hover over that food. Or you can actually have it on one hand and feel it with the other one. You have the opportunity to sense and feel, “Is this good for me in this moment or is this something I should be steering clear of?”

When it comes to your health, have a look at some of the products that you use or the clothes that you wear. Give yourself the opportunity to feel what the energy is around those and whether that’s something that feels right for you in this moment to wear them or to be watching, listening to, taking or putting on your skin.

In your happiness, look at the situations around you, the people around you. You can start to really use this energy sense, and of course there are many more in the 'energy library', to be able to feel into, “How do these situations feel? How do these friendships feel?”  It gives you that extra sense to be able to just see things from a different angle. Rather than just thinking with the head or thinking with the heart, you’re bringing in the intuitive energy, which is that bridge between the two.

Those are only two ways and actually there are lots and lots of ways to feel into energy and sense energy.  This gives you an opportunity to become an intuitive eater and sense the energy of people and situations in your life, to have an amazing relationship with food based on what feels right for you in each moment, amongst many other benefits.  

Using these techniques, allows you to bring those bespoke, specific-to-you techniques into your world, into your life and the way you eat which will allow you to lose weight easily, effortlessly, and powerfully just using some different methods that maybe you’ve never used before to be able to lose weight and change your relationship with food on a tangible level and see what that does to and for your energy. 

Got questions? Pop them in the comments!



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