Make friends with your weight story...

Make friends with your weight story...

I get the best brainwaves when I'm at the gym!!

Going to the gym is part of my morning ritual at weekends - it's my time; to recharge my body and my soul, to challenge my mental physical capacity and stretch my mind and muscles!

It's when I create this kind of mental space for myself, just as I do when I mediate daily, that I get THE most incredible insights into my own journey in beating my food addictions and losing weight, that I just know I need to share it with you because it will likely touch your journey too.

Today, whilst looking in the mirror at my technique, I realised how kind I am to myself nowadays, despite the odd bulge and still present muffin top, I love what I see in the mirror now, my body and everything it is becoming as it transforms into a lean, slim, toned bod...those slight imperfections show me that I am in the perfect place on my weight loss journey and recovery from my food addictions.  I'm proud of my Self, I'm proud of my body and everything it is in it's perfect imperfections...I LOVE myself!!  It's been a slow grower, that self-love, but it's meant to be that way I know for sure.

Can you say the same about yourself?

Please please befriend your inner voice and your current weight and size.  Make a friend of the weight stories you tell yourself, for that will literally free you from the hold they have over you.

Instead of being against your excess baggage, be FOR slimming down, don't put any more energy on what you dislike about yourself, instead place your energy on what you are FOR - be solution focused!

Have a conversation with yourself, that voice in your head that is telling you you are 'so fat', 'ugly', 'can't stop eating' etc. and ask it why it is telling you that?  What's the deep down meaning?  Do you not feel lovable?  Wanted?  Good enough?  And then start to switch it to how you do want to feel and be and act.

Visualise yourself looking the way you want to, don't hate the food addictions; the coca-cola, the chocolate, the biscuits, the bread, the poisons you're putting in your body.  Instead, be FOR the pure, FOR being perfectly healthy, FOR being someone who no longer needs to have those kinds of foods in their life.  Be FOR being healthy, be health, rather than being poison.  See yourself, visualise yourself, put all your energy on what you are FOR rather than what you hate about your weight and size, you'll find it sooooo much easier to make the shifts you need to bring about the changes you dream of.

Restate things into what you're FOR and what you are capable of and you will automatically empower yourself to achieve those things and correct those things you want to change.

Focus on dislikes and dislike will become your energy and will dominate your life.  

Focus on love and appreciation for your body and love and appreciation will dominate your life! 

Have an amazing weekend beautiful people, you can and will achieve anything you desire, please believe and talk to yourself with kindness, curiosity and wonder. 




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