Part 3: Post Summer Focus!!  Taking Daily Inspired Action to Move Toward your Weight Loss Goals

Part 3: Post Summer Focus!! Taking Daily Inspired Action to Move Toward your Weight Loss Goals

Part 3:  Taking daily inspired action to move towards your weight loss goals

When you understand the weight loss cycle (read all the details of the weight loss cycle here) and know where you are in this cycle, you then have control and awareness over the choices you make towards your actions moving forwards.  When you couple that with a clear, powerful, meaningful goal to achieve that makes you feel fired up and passionate about going for it, you will naturally fall into inspired action.  When you know the difference between inspired action and any other action, you can create effortless drive and motivation that lasts through your weight loss journey and beyond.  What on earth is inspired action I hear you ask!  I will unravel this for you here...

Introduction into inspired action:

What is inspired action?  Simply put, inspired action is action you take that comes from a really deep, soulful place, because you WANT to take the actions, not because you HAVE to.  When I work with client one to one, I dive deep into their 'why'; exactly why they want to lose weight and inches and I connect them to the emotional and energetic reasons their goals should be achieved, so they really really desire to achieve it.  In many cases, their desire becomes soooo deep that they become emotional at the thought of NOT achieving it.  That's when you know that success is just a matter of time now for that person-it WILL happen because they are so connected to their reasons for doing it.

Why is inspired action different from any other action?  Any other action tends to be low in motivation, so it will require either a lot of energy and willpower to keep going for a long period of time, or your motivation will wane after a short while and your healthy routine of eating and/or exercise will disappear in to the background of unimportance and procrastination.   That is not going to lead to successful weight/inch loss! ;)  

Inspired action on the other hand, engages the whole brain, body, heart and soul-it makes taking the action you need to do effortless and motivation long-lasting.  It actually takes less physical energy to go and do or eat something you really want to do for the health of your body and mind than it does when you're just 'going through the motions.'

What inspired action can you take to help you lose weight?

Well, these are possibly obvious to anyone who has attempted to lose weight before; eat less, do more.  They're not necessarily correct in that simplistic form (I'll dive into this sometime!) But how can we make these inspired actions?

Eat less:  Let's just get this straightened out before we inspire the action!  Rather than cutting down on all foods, start reducing processed, sugary, foods and drinks and increase whole, fresh foods and water!  Now to inspire the have to believe in your desire to be healthy, slim and trim and know that your dreams, your health and your life, even maybe your kids depends on you respecting your Self and your body from the inside, out.  Does that change how you feel about the 'mundane' actions you'll need to take to lose weight?  Are they still mundane?  Or more necessary now?

Do more:  Instead of exercising to lose weight, how about reframing that into exercising to relax, to take some time for yourself, to respect your body, add years to your life, reduce your blood pressure, strengthen your heart, show your kids a positive example?

Use what your mamma gave you!  This is my little secret nugget for you!  :) You were given a body to use it!  A booty, legs, arms, a belly - now it's time to use what your mamma gave you!  Just taking opportunities to be active, taking stairs instead of lifts, walking the last stretch to work etc is a great way to make use of your time when you are short of it, but, get into the habit of pulling your belly in, lifting your chest and tucking your bottom under, to work muscles all day and maximise your workout, without working out, every day!

Quick fixes and quick switches which make inspired action easy! (not quick fix as you may know it!)

Quick fixes:  These are 100-200 calorie, healthy and whole snacks that will make great alternatives to chocolate bars, crisps and sweets.  Things like dried fruits, a handful of nuts make great, healthy, nutritious alternatives!

Quick switches:  An incredible, easy, inspired way to increase the nutrition of the food you eat, and if necessary, reduce the calories your taking in too.  Simple things like switching white for brown (bread, pasta, rice etc), or even removing the wheat/gluten food types altogether and spiralling some butternut squash, or courgette for spaghetti!  Yum!

Reward yourself:  Save the money you would’ve spent on convenience foods, processed foods, alcohol and takeaways and use what you save for treats such as manicures, clothes shopping and trips away - the feel good factor is key to taking inspired action to lose weight, so having an incentive to do the action you need to do it a quick, surefire way to stay motivated and excited-look forward to it!

The absolute key to any weight loss journey is that you HAVE to enjoy it!  Not only does it make it easier to do what you need to do each day, but it actually allows your body to move into a fabulous, positive, productive flow, so weight loss and toning up becomes easier too, which means long lasting, healthy, noticeable results and benefits for you!

So where to from here?  

What is ONE change you can make to your current action that will make it feel inspired and passion driven from now on?

What ONE thing are you going to remove from your current diet that is not nutritious or required?

What ONE food swap can you make this week that will make a big difference to your health and your weight loss?

It lights me up to hear from you!  Tell me all your exciting plans for your long-term changes to your weight and your health.  I love putting accountability in place, it's a strong action making, muscle flexing structure you can have in place that encourages you to take the action you pledge to do!  Accountability is my middle name!!

If you know you are fired up at the thought of these ideas, but aren't 100% sure how you can make them work in your life, then book a complimentary 30 minute call with me to do just that - give you the knowhow in order to make these new inspired actions part of your normal everyday life!!

Love and health!




Part 4: Post Summer Focus!!  Maintaining Weight Loss and Your Goal Weight WHEN you Get There.

Part 4: Post Summer Focus!! Maintaining Weight Loss and Your Goal Weight WHEN you Get There.

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Food Addictions ... dah duh dah!!