3 Ways to Set Powerful Goals for Weight Loss

3 Ways to Set Powerful Goals for Weight Loss

Leila Hardy here!  I'm your online holistic health and life coach.

I’m coming to you today to bring you three powerful ways to set powerful goals for weight loss, based on some of the adaptations and modifications I have made from the very scientific methods out there and bringing then into the intuitive energy that I utilise every single day.  The reason for this is because I have tried these methods myself and I realized that some of them just needed that tweak from being very masculine in their energy, very structured, to being able to step into the two - the feminine/masculine for absolute manifestation.

When it comes to your weight loss, if you are not clear on what you want or what your goals are, why, and how powerful they are, then instead of flourishing towards your goal you may notice that you flounder. You take action but you end up meandering and zigzagging through the routes because you’re not ultimately clear on the goal. Meandering and zigzagging towards your goal is great so long as you know where you’re going at the end. If you don’t know that and you’re not clear on that, then that meandering may never ever end.  It makes it very difficult for you to manifest those things that you want for you weight, your health, your happiness, and everything else that is connected with the weight as well.

I’m going to walk you through my journey with goal setting and how I have been able to make it the most powerful I could ever have imagined it could be.

First and foremost, the first goal setting I learned about was SMART goals.  This was within my fitness coaching and personal training business.  It was hammered into you to set SMART goals. SMART goals means that they are SPECIFIC, they are MEASURABLE, they are ACTIONABLE, they are REALISTIC and they are TIME RELATED.  That gave me a great structure to be able to get specific on goals and setting goals with and for other people as well.

Measurable led me down the path of focusing on weight or size.

Actionable - making sure that you know what you need to do to help you get there.

Realistic - this means that if it’s something to do with weight and you’re aiming for a weight goal that you’ve never been or that weight goal that you were prior to having three children, then you’ve got to expect that there may have been some changes to your size or maybe even your weight. If you’re aiming for a goal that you’ve never been, you’ve got to ask yourself, “Is that realistic?”

Time-related after all of those, these days is probably the number one that I think you need to be able to have some kind of timeline working for you. Whether that’s stepping stones towards the goals or whether that is the ultimate goal, the timeline for that.

But what I found by using SMART goals is this method attempts to fit goals into a box. And it puts on not only the expectation or the mindset failure if you don’t achieve them, but it is a very masculine approach in energy terms.  SMART goals are very much about doing.  What size are you going to be?  What weight are you going to be?  Actually, it’s not all about that.  It’s about having powerful goals that aren’t necessarily always measurable but they are in the fact that you’re sleeping better, you’re feeling better, and you’re able to stay awake without feeling really tired for 14 hours of the day as opposed to 10 or 8. It’s about really shifting those small goals and adding a deep intuitive piece of what feels right for you – this is the second way - what feels good for you to be able to achieve, but also giving yourself some out-of-the-comfort-zone structured goals.  Whether that might be a new dress size or being able to run a marathon, being able to take a 10K or a 5K for charity or something like that. Whatever it is that’s out of the comfort zone that maybe feels a little bit ‘I’m not sure I can do it’ but at the same time you’re willing to give yourself the best possible shot of doing it. That gives you the opportunity to really feel into the feminine energy around what is very masculine SMART goal setting principles.

When you can do that and start to merge the two together, then we have the final piece - the third way. This is to start to align your energy and your visualizations and your mindset with it.

You have that real balance of all three of those which means you’re excited every time you think about your goal, you’re powerfully connected in terms of the ‘why’- emotionally connected to it, and when you have both of those in place you wake up every morning and you are taking action towards those goals. It doesn’t feel like it’s a chore. It doesn’t feel like you’re struggling for motivation. It doesn’t feel like you are resentful for having to do it or frustrated for having to do it. It’s aligned. It’s inspired action. It’s powerful. It drives you to want to do those things.

And that is the way to set powerful goals for weight loss.

1.    Use the SMART goal principles.

2.    Add the intuitive piece into it.

3.    Align your energy with your intentions and your goals for your weight loss. Because when they feel aligned, it becomes so effortless to take the action you need to make that happen.

If you need some extra support around setting powerful goals for weight loss and then going ahead to achieve the weight loss, then reach out. 

I take people on journeys through setting goals, reducing the limiting beliefs, removing the sabotage that is preventing you from having those weight loss goals, and also taking you through nutritional pieces and the intuitive piece.  Additional skills like learning about energy that is going to help you to work with food for the long-term and to work with your relationship with yourself as well as moving into starting and implementing a morning ritual, evening ritual - putting in some great meditation/journaling/self-care time that will allow you to put some incredible things in place that will take you through the rest of your life feeling happy, healthy, and at the weight you want to be.       

Reach out here and let's get talking about achieving all your goals!



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