The 30 Day Blogging Challenge with Sarah Arrow

Have you ever done a Blogging Challenge?

For the last 30 days, I've been taking part in a blogging challenge, as you might have guessed!

These days, I'm a bit of a master at consistency; it wasn't always the case, because I was actually introduced to this blogging challenge just over a year ago, by a wonderful friend and established blogger, Dillydrops, but I didn't even get started-I just wasn't in a space where I could contemplate committing to something consistent like this, not even for just 30 days!

This time, it was right when Carrie Eddins of and I connected over a virtual cuppa and she once again recommended this challenge, so I dived in and rolled my sleeves up!

To say it has been fun is an understatement, I have learned a huge amount about blogging, but these are my 5 biggest takeaways:

  1. The Support from Sarah and Kevin Arrow at has been amazing-with all the information in the Facebook group and support form other bloggers; to read your questions, answer them if they can or redirect you to a better resource has been amazing.
  2. Consistency is king; once you decide to be consistent, the flow kind of just happens…like the Universe's way of saying 'this is good!' I received loads of clarity of what to write and how and guided by the daily emails, I could structure each blog in a powerful way!
  3. Repurposing your blogs in different ways; videos, list posts, weekly 'Best of' blogs, it all reduces the overwhelm of the thought of blogging every…single…day…for a whole 30 days!
  4. On the days when you are struggling to think of something to write about, up pops an email from Sarah to give you a suggestion-it's like Sarah knows when you have having a Blogger's Block kind of day!
  5. This whole challenge is £1.  Yes, 100 pennies.  The value of this is just beyond words; beyond a blog!  For £1 you can learn about discipline, consistency, writing methods, reaching people in a heartfelt way, increasing your visibility and so much more both personally and professionally-there is just so much juicy goodness in this 30 Day Blogging Challenge!

To close, I just want to thank Sarah and everyone in the Facebook group who have also been at various points in their challenge too.  It's a personal challenge too at times and I feel a slightly smug sense of victory to have been able to tick 30 days of consistent posting off my list of self-belief growers!  #sorrynotsorry

I am saying out loud here, I will be repeating the challenge, but spreading it out over 60 days this time, so you will see a blog from me every other day, then I will review my blogging journey again after then!



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