5 Reasons Why Water is Vital for Detoxing your Body and your Mind.

Detox for Your Body and Your Mind

This month of January, I've been sharing my top January detox tips with you.

Part three which is all about water - the importance of water for your body, for your mind and helping you to cleanse your system especially if you’re feeling like you’ve overindulged over Christmas or prior to now and you’re deciding your body now needs to cleanse itself and give itself some time to recharge and rejuvenate.  

I’m not talking about any extreme fads or diets; I’m talking about allowing your body to do this gently and easily without any effort on your part.  Some really simple steps, really easy tips and things you can do and incorporate into your normal everyday life that you can start using right away as well.

Let’s get started!


Reason 1:


The importance of water in our entire being.  I’m assuming you know that the majority of our body is made up of water?  For us to be functioning perfectly, eliminating waste, delivering nutrients to where they need to go, being able to focus and concentrate on every task that we do day to day, and keep our body in working order, we have to be hydrated.  If you are hydrated you know that you’re going to have good sleep, good energy, good digestion, so all those elimination areas of your body are working really really well. However, when you’re not drinking enough water, the body starts to become congested.  It stops processing things efficiently and you start to feel more tired. Your energy levels will probably dip. You will even probably notice you’re thirsty.  However, when you feel you are thirsty you will already be dehydrated. It’s almost like it’s too late then.

So, it’s really important to be thinking in your mind and keeping it in the forefront of your mind every day to keep sipping up to one a half to two litres of water every day, and you if you’re more active physically then you will most likely need up to three litres if not more.  But don’t panic. That doesn’t mean you’ve got to guzzle lots of water every single day. There is water content in our fruits and vegetables we eat, especially when they’re fresh, there is water content in things like herbal teas that counts towards them as well as water.  Unfortunately, the problem is maybe for some of you, if you are not yet detoxing, coffee and tea don’t count!  It’s got to be clear fluids or the water, the moisture, that you get in fruit and vegetables that are as fresh as they could possibly be.

Reason 2:

Let’s talk about the energy of water.  I’m going to go a little bit ninja on you ladies!  As you know this is a subject I love to explore and I have learned that the energy of water is such an incredible thing.  There have been scientific studies that have come out to prove the science behind this. When you have two identical-looking snowflakes – I know snowflakes aren’t exactly the same – but two droplets of water that are going to be frozen into snowflakes, if you were to embrace one of those droplets with positive thoughts, positive feelings, affirmations, everything positive like that, it will grow to become a beautiful, almost structured and organised snowflake.  Whereas the other one that you maybe address with negative feelings, negative energy and negative words, it becomes a really chaotic snowflake in its pattern.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that or known that before.

It is key then, to know that when you drink this water mindfully and also appreciate the water that you’re drinking, the foods that you’re eating that contain these fluids, that you know that they’re going to be delivering you the most incredible, powerful and fluid hydration and nutrients, if it’s in the food as well.  Allow yourself to think really mindfully, positively, to be mindful while you’re drinking your fluids.  Don’t just guzzle a glass of water and not give it a moment of thought. Take a moment just to hold that cup and be grateful for the water that’s within it or the drink that you’re going to be drinking within it, and the way you are loving and respecting yourself by staying hydrated.

Reason 3:

Water and digestion.

In last week's blog, I talked a little bit about this as I was talking about gut health.  But water has such a powerful part in our digestion because our intestines are full of food that’s being processed and waste product is always being processed ready to be eliminated out of our body. Over time we have these little Villi within our intestines that filter all the goodness from what we drink and what we eat, and take it around the body.  Over time, the breakdown of food in the intestines creates plaque, which stops these Villi from moving.  These little finger-like Villi that normally absorb things become very slow, they can’t get many nutrients absorbed through them because they’re so clogged up with waste products and toxins.  Water really helps to keep that flushing through.

And the reason I say water, just pure water, is really good for your system rather than juices, squashes, tea or coffee is because water does simply pass through.  It doesn’t have to be digested.  That means it allows it just to flush everything through every day on a day to day basis while you stay dehydrated which, as we know, not only helps you become a regular little soldier :) not only helps with digestion, helps with the absorption of nutrients, but also helps you to reduce bloating, helps you to lose weight because you’re eliminating that waste from your body.  It’s a great way to keep your body cleansed, keep your energy levels up as a result of that, and the knock-on benefits of that is that your skin will be radiant, you’ll feel energised, you’ll sleep incredibly well, there will be little or no tummy discomfort there or an irritable bowel problems, so you know that everything is just starting to work efficiently, all starting with that simple tip - just consuming one and a half to two litres of water, minimum.

Reason 4:

Hydration and the brain.  

The majority of our body is made of water and our brain is contained in a cushion of fluid too.  If we are slightly dehydrated in any way, some of that cushioning is depleted. What happens then is you may get headaches, you may find that you can’t concentrate as much, you may find that you're not so tactile, your coordination starts to be affected, especially if you’ve gone the whole day without drinking any water, because towards the end of the day you’re going to be dehydrated.

My top tip for you is to be drinking lots of water.  If you know for a fact you are dehydrated, and there are ways and means to test that by pinching the skin and seeing how quickly it falls back or also by looking on your feet, where the blood pools in your feet - if you press on area where it’s quite pink so it goes white, see how quickly that white area becomes pink again.  That will give you a good idea not only of your circulation but your hydration as well because it helps with the circulation.

If you are dehydrated you have the great option of reaching for something called linseed tea.  It generally doesn’t come in a packet; I’ve not seen it in a packet before.  But you can get linseed in its original state.  Then being really careful, you can put it into a saucepan of water and start to boil it up. I say be really careful because it does something very interesting when you start to warm it up.  It becomes very thick, very gloopy, but it is an incredible way to actually get your body hydrating itself especially if you’re prone to dehydration despite drinking lots of water or taking on lots of fluids with your fresh fruit and vegetable intake.  You could also try that as an alternative.

Reason 5:

Water and its function in waste removal and your energy.  If water is in your system and allowing you to work well, then it’s going to be eliminating waste from your body.  It’s going to be coming out in the forms of perspiration, digestion, flushing out your kidneys, by going to the toilet.  It’s going to be coming out in lots of different ways and the more hydrated you are the easier that’s going to be for your system to do.  You might find sometimes you may need to check the colour of your wee and if you find it’s bright yellow then you’re probably not drinking enough water.  Pale straw-like colour is an ideal colour for your wee.  Maybe go and have a look next time you nip to the loo and just check that to see if you may need to increase your water intake or check your hydration levels using the last two tips that I gave you.

And of course if you’re removing waste really well, then of course everything is starting to function much better. You will get the nutrients to your body that you need to. And the knock-on result of that is that your energy levels will increase. Your immune system will be boosted. You will find that you sleep better and therefore you wake up the next day feeling more focused, clearer in thought, maybe your aches and pains will start to ease off because of the lubrication and hydration happening within your joints, the fluids within your body, not just the brain but the joints within your knees, your elbows, your shoulders, all of those joints that require movement all have small cushions that require that hydration from your body.  

From there you will start to now realise the power of water and using that in your life and making it part of your normal.

I would recommend you don’t guzzle water if you’re drinking fluids and getting your water intake that way.  Take some regularly, little and often, because then your body has the chance to process it and get it to where it needs to go.  When you guzzle sometimes you can dilute the nutrients from the food that you are actually eating because it’s passing through your body too quickly because the water is eliminating it, so you’re not actually getting everything that you need, so, little and often. It’s really useful to set yourself a reminder on your phone to do it, maybe every hour have half a glass of water. You’ll be surprised how quickly it clocks up and how quickly you’re able to actually drink one and a half to two litres of water every day, and easily too.

My advice to you would be that for the first few weeks that you increase your intake you will need to go to the toilet more. I find that that’s just the body’s way because it’s not sure it’s going to get more, so it’s going to get rid of as much as it can with the toxins and the things that it needs to get rid of.  But once you drink water regularly you will find you’re not in the toilet every 10 minutes.  Allow yourself that little bit of a time window to do that.  Be patient and know that it will start to ease off.  As your body realises that it’s getting that water it will start to process it perfectly and allow it to detox your system and eliminate anything that doesn’t serve you from your system as well, leaving you feeling clearer, revitalised, fresh, focused, everything you want to feel.

If you have any questions for me, anything at all, just comment below!

Have a wonderful week!



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