5 Steps to Manifest Anything You Desire

5 Steps to Manifest Anything You Desire

5 Steps to Manifest Anything you Desire!


I needed to put these 5 steps out there to you all because it is so exciting and it is so amazing-you need to know how powerful you are at manifesting whatever you want, anything!!

Because it’s Manifesting Monday, I felt this is the perfect opportunity not only to share what I have to share with you but also to really try and get you thinking about what you are manifesting that which you want and also that which you don’t want. And also to start to think about putting the steps in place based on the these principles that I’ll be sharing with you.

Step 1:  Deciding on what it is that you want.

Step 2:  Taking inspired action towards what you want.

Step 3:  Being open to opportunities for those things to come to you, for them to appear.

Step 4:  Letting go of whether or not this is achieved, because you’re going to enjoy your journey towards it; you are going to have fun learning something new and gaining something in some way.

Step 5: The final step is simply watching the opportunities and experiences just come to you, flood to you, as you move towards what you want, with a really light heart and a curious mind.

It’s such a powerful strategy for getting and having whatever it is you want.

Here we go!

In the last week I have actually … Well, for a while I’ve been a massive manifestor. I’m becoming more and more powerful as I open my mind to taking the steps to manifest anything that I want. But this last week I just had the most powerful manifestation experience in that I was actually able to manifest myself a pair of hair curlers and straighteners, so I can do something with my hair, instead of tying it up, I can have it straightened or curled.  They are worth £200!  And I was just like, “These are mine. I’m having them.”

And I’m going to talk you through every single step so you can do the same for yourself! (not just with hair straighteners-but with anything!)

Backtrack about a month or so:

My hair has gotten really long now and it’s very straight.  It’s quite heavy so it lays quite flat.  The reason I always tie it up is because I’m either massaging or I’m at the gym or something like that.  It’s just easier to tie it out of the way and have it out of the way.  I love to have it down but when I do it’s really flat, really lifeless and I can’t do much with it.  

About a month ago I thought to myself, “I’m going start looking on YouTube at different styles in order to be able to play around with my hair a little bit and see if I can do something a little more girlie and feminine with it so it makes not only my hair look a little bit better but me feel a little more special and feminine.”  What I love doing is curling my hair but curls never stay in my hair. I tend to overdo it with straighteners and things like that, so I tend to damage my hair really easily.  And then that means that I need to get my hair cut because it’s got split ends and then it never grows as long. It’s kind of a vicious cycle that I’ve been in over the years of trying, cutting my hair and growing it, you know how it goes.

Literally 10 days ago, one of my friends on Facebook posted that she had just won herself a pair of curling and straightening irons.  And she posted a link to a video. I watched that video, bizarrely.  It’s about 25 minutes long.  It’s about a lady in America styling her hair with this new hairstyler that she has invented that makes it really easy.  It prevents heat damage to your hair because your hair is not in the heat for long.  It holds curls for three to four days.  It’s like all of these things that I was after about a month ago.  I was starting to go like, “This is ticking all the boxes for me. This is good!”  I liked this lady’s Facebook page and I went on and I saw that every Friday they do a video tutorial where they show a tutorial to the UK and anybody who comments, they pick them out of a hat and they give away one of these straightening and curling irons.

And so I thought, “This is a sign that this is what I want.”

I got clear that I wanted to start wearing my hair differently. I’d started to take some inspired action which is step number two towards what I want. But what I also did was I decided to sell my current straighteners because I don’t use them. I’ve used them like five times in the five years I’ve had them. I decided to get rid of those which is also an inspired action because I was making space for the new ones to come in. And I decided that that was going to be the range that I wanted. I was either going to look for them and buy them, but I was also going to give myself the chance to be able to get in on the giveaway.  Every time I had a spare minute I hopped on to their Facebook page and looked at all their videos. I just got a feel for whether they were for me and whether they would work.  I got excited about them imagining them in my hair and really visualising using them.

When I saw the post about every Friday they do a giveaway for the comments, I thought, “I’m going to hop on this Friday.” I’d already been watching it for 7 days. The Friday before, my friend had posted that she had won the giveaway. Up until that Friday I won them, I just very calmly knew I’d be fine without them, I’d be fine with them. But it would be lovely to try something new with my hair.

Whether or not it was achieved, I was absolutely fine with that.

But the weird thing is, Thursday night, I had such a night full of strange dreams and these dreams were all about time; running out of time, not having enough time, time running away with us.  If ever there was a theme to your dreams in the night, that was it that night for me. Time.  It was incredibly powerful the meaning that came through for me around time.

Here I was thinking maybe it’s because I’m busy, maybe it’s because there’s so much to do, maybe it’s because I’m running out of time, but guess what; the make of these straighteners is TYME.  T-Y-M-E - TYME.

Look at the signals and the signs coming through to guide me towards these things and know that I needed to be there that following Friday evening at 05:00 o’clock when they went live in order to be able to watch them and just pop some comments on there. I was fine with or without the big win.  Actually, I’m so curious about the product and so fascinated by it that she’s really easy to commend.  The lady’s hair looks amazing when she uses them so I told her so. I said, “I’m really intrigued about this product.” I told her so. I asked questions about how best to use it, what products you might need to use, should you use it after you’ve just washed it, and so and so forth. I really just interacted on that post because I wanted to and because I was curious about it.

And although at one time there were like 70 or 75 other people on there all doing exactly the same, I just had this certain inner belief, this inner knowing that my name was going to be the one that was called out of that hat there that night.  I just knew it.  

I’d had every sign possible to tell me that I needed to be on that live video at 05:00 o’clock and I needed to be part of it and I needed to interact. But I was absolutely also okay to save up and buy them after Christmas anyway.  I was okay. Whatever the outcome would be I was quite happy.

I was on that live video doing these comments and it gets towards the end about 30 minutes in and they said, “We’re running out of time now. We really need to pull a name out of the hat for the giveaway. The name out of the hat for the giveaway is Leila Hardy.”  And you know what; I didn’t go, “Ooooh!” I was just like, “I know.”

I knew that I was going to do that.  It was like this calmness, this knowing, this understanding, this wisdom; everything just indicated to me that they were already mine.

Looking Back:

It blew me away when I look back at it now because I realised I followed every one of those steps without even thinking about it.

Step 1:  I decided on what I desired.

Step 2:  I took inspired action towards what I wanted.

Step 3:  I was open to looking for opportunities for what I want to appear and to materialise, the opportunity to see that page, the opportunity to like it and to do a bit of research into it and also to be on there and realise that they do a live video at 05:00 o’clock every Friday evening.

Step four:  I let go of whether or not it was achieved because I was fine whether it was a free gift or not. I was going to have them at some point so it was just whether I would have got them now or later.

Step 5:  Look at those opportunities and experiences just coming about as I moved towards what I wanted with a light heart and a curious mind. I was just having fun and I was just being authentic and telling the truth to that lady that she was fabulous at styling her hair, and as envious as I am that I hope one day maybe I’ll try it and I will be as quick as she is.  It was an incredible experience to watch her transform her hairstyle and inspire all the people on the video with what she was doing and how she was doing it.


So, that’s my recent story of manifesting anything I want, big or small.

To be fair, there are millions of manifestations popping up all the time for me and I’m sure there probably are for you too!

My question for you is, looking back on those steps and that story I’ve just told you, what do you think you’ve manifested in your life following those kinds of steps?

I’d love you to share with me. You can comment or contact me directly.  

I would love to find out what you’ve manifested before and how and what that has delivered for you.  Why not share what you want to manifest from this point onwards as well?  Is it some extra money in time for New Year?  Is it something as little as getting your nails done or free coffee?  Is it a car parking space which is one of my favourite ones to pick out?  What do you want to manifest and how are you going to take those steps?  Don’t worry about how actually. Just get clear on what you want and be open to it and let go of the outcome!

And also, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this manifesting thing works both ways.  

So if you’re focusing on things that you don’t want and you’re not really taking those actions away from what you don’t want but actually dwelling on the things that you don’t want, worrying about and feeling anxious about them, if you’re closing yourself off in your own little bubble and it’s making you struggle to see what opportunities and what signs are coming towards you to help you get what you DO want rather than what you DON’T want, guess what; you’re going to get what you don’t want.

Where have you also manifested things that you don’t want?  It’s not your fault. You maybe just didn’t know about it.  You didn’t realise how powerful your mind is and how powerful the Universe is at delivering the things that you’re thinking about.  But either way, share it.  Share what it is that you’ve manifested that you maybe didn’t want at the time and maybe we can also help you to spin it around so you can start thinking about what you do want and thinking really abundantly instead.

That’s it from me, excitedly, as you can tell because Manifesting Monday has come about. It’s not by chance that it’s here. It’s here for me to share that story with you and to allow you to think about what you really want to manifest, what you really want to have in your world!

Have a great Monday ladies. Lots of love. See you soon!



P.S.  Here's the 'after' pic!

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