5 Top Tips for Naturally Detoxing your Skin


This next month of January, I'm going to be blogging about detoxing your body and your systems - tricks and tips for cleansing your system from the inside out, following every indulgence that you may have experienced over Christmas (or maybe just all year through!) 

If you’re ready to give yourself a recharge and re-burst of energy to help improve your sleep, skin, digestion then this is for you!

Wait a minute!

I’m not talking about quick fixes and fads whatsoever.  I’m not into that, I’m so over that kind of stuff.  

What I’m really helping you to do is get using with some natural, some healthy, some really gentle, effortless ways to start to cleanse your system.  

This week:

I am starting with skin.  Next week we’ll be talking about gut health and detoxing and then we’ll be moving into the importance of sleep and the importance of cleansing your body with water and helping yourself to stay hydrated.

Week one:

I'm talking all about skin detoxing, the effects of detoxing your skin.

I’m just going to be talking you through five amazing tips and tricks that I use and recommend to my clients if they look like they need some help to improve their skin, from the inside out, as well as the outside in with skin.  

If you don’t know a huge amount about skin, then skin as you can tell, is kind of like the map of our body because it covers us. It’s the biggest organ we have. But actually skin not only benefits from what you put on the outside like moisturisers or topical products that you can use, but you can give your skin great nutrition, great hydration, and great circulation support from the inside.

That might be obvious or it might not be.  But it really does start on the inside.

When you have healthy nutrition, a healthy diet, exercise regularly, your body is working really well and getting all the nutrients it needs, the vitamins and minerals it needs, your skin is always going to look fantastic. You’re always going to look radiant, your skin will feel soft, moisturised, and of course then anything you do put on topically is only going to help that and reinforce it as well.

Tip 1:

First and foremost to detox your skin in the best possible way naturally is to use something we call Epsom Salts. Epsom Salts are a great way of just drawing out impurities from your skin and also from your system, and so your body. It helps you on both ends of the stick so to speak. So, Epsom Salts and maybe even using lavender in a bath as well. It is absolutely brilliant for drawing out the impurities that are in the skin and your body, your organs, and helping you to cleanse not only from the inside but the outside too.

You can buy Epsom Salts pretty much anywhere but I urge you to get a good quality, source of Epsom Salts and also bear in mind that they are potent, they are very strong. Less is more and quite often if you use too much or maybe follow even the directions on the back of the packet sometimes, that’s too much for your system to take and it can leave you feeling quite lethargic or flu-like because it’s drawing out those impurities.

I say when I’m treating a client, a massage or hypnotherapy or anything, as those impurities are coming out of your system it will cause a reaction in your body which is often headaches, sniffles, sore throats, and sometimes a cold. It’s actually a good thing but quite often it’s just too much, too quickly for your body, so start with a small amount of Epsom Salts. And lavender is just the most amazing essential oil for our skin, our wellbeing, our stress levels, our sleep, everything.  If they’re included in the Epsom Salts it’s brilliant.  If not find yourself a bath soap or something that has lavender in it. Don’t use essential oils into a bath in their neat form.

Tip 2:

Dry brushing.  You can pick up a dry brush or a loofah from anywhere these days. They’re so popular. Pick one up, grab one, and then just starting to take gentle brushing moves only so lightly – it doesn’t need a lot – just all the way up towards your heart from every limb, before your bath.  You’re dry and you’re able to increase the circulation towards the heart from the limbs. So you stroke where maybe like swollen ankles or the skin is quite puffy around the legs, cellulite areas, this just helps to firm up and also to clear away dead skin cells to really detox that dead skin and lymph that we don’t need in our system or on our body.  The boost of circulation means you’re going to get some amazing extra nutrients going to where they need to go around your body, but quite often maybe get forgotten about or don’t get that blood flow to them as well as they would other places. Body Brushing is one of my favourites. 

Tip 3:

This is an important one for me because I wasn’t really aware of this until about five years ago, the significance of deodorant on our skin and how it helps us to detox.  Antiperspirant deodorants actually stop us from perspiring; they block our pores underneath our arms. It stops the sweat from coming out which in essence then stops the smell which is why we use them.

What happens with that is as we block those pores-those areas under our arms are full of lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are the areas that get rid of waste product from our body; they get rid of toxins, they get rid of the nasty stuff that we need to eliminate from our systems on a day to day basis.  But if they’re blocked under our arms, then where does it go?  Unfortunately it traps it into our bodies and that can lead to all sorts of lumps, bumps, and anything maybe you might be concerned about.

My tactic would be for you to find yourself not an antiperspirant deodorant but a deodorant that is free from aluminium salts and allows your skin to breathe rather than blocking it. If you’ve got a deodorant that isn’t antiperspirant, what happens is you may get a bit of body odour. But if you get the right deodorant you know that as soon as it kicks in the antibacterial properties of the ingredients in that deodorant will help to eliminate the body odour that occurs. It will be a different feeling if you’re used to antiperspirant deodorant but it is so much better for your skin, so much better for allowing your skin to breathe and allow you to be much healthier as well.

A perfect example of this is here:  https://shop.foreverliving.com/retail/shop/shopping.do?task=viewProductDetail&itemCode=067 which you can purchase from me with a 60 day money back guarantee!

Tip 4:

Topical products.  Products that you put on your skin.  There are lots of petroleum-based, strong oil-based, paraffin-based moisturisers out there which when you apply them to the skin they do soften your skin of course.  But actually what they do is they just create a layer on top of your skin. They’re not really moisturising your skin, they’re just creating a barrier.

If you want to allow your skin to breathe again and allow your skin to detox effectively every day of the year, then you need to find yourself some kind of moisturiser or topical products that continue to allow your skin to breathe. That means they need to go down to the base layer of skin rather than sit on the top, something that has a carrier in it, that will enable you to apply it and know that it soaks in. Oil-free products are also really good but there are some that have oil in them that are actually good because the ingredients with them are carriers. Those carriers take them to the base layer of the skin where they may moisturise that base layer of your skin.. You will start to see the amazing effects from the inside out as your base layer of the skin comes up to the surface. This takes about 28 days.

The full cycle then is about being patient and knowing that when you start changing anything like this, that you allow that timescale, that 28 days, from starting something to help your skin or to help your good health or anything, to allow all of that to start to show up in your skin as it will do perfectly.

Tip 5:

Having good nutrition to help with your skin health and the detox effect on your skin.  Allowing your skin to stay healthy and to be full of nutrients and everything that it needs in order to be glowing, to be radiant, to be clear, healthy, you name it - whatever you need it to be.  There is a time delay, as I said, of 28 days. If you were starting, let’s say, a clean eating plan or you’re listening to the hypnosis and you are really starting to take action, it’s so important that you allow yourself at least 28 days to six weeks to see the difference physically in your skin. You can’t say, “I’ve been doing this for a week and I’m not seeing any difference in my skin. I still have this bloatedness, cellulite and I’ve still got spots coming out.” Actually, what happens is in that 28 days skin cycle, you’ve got that space where all that skin, the layers of skin as they come to the surface, will be prior to the time when you started the healthy eating plan or started changing your nutrition or started changing the products that you’re using.

What happens is you need to allow that 28 days for that base layer to come up that is healed, that is soothed, that is getting the required nutrition it needs, that improved circulation that it needs, and when that comes up to the surface, that’s when you start to see the clear skin, maybe spots dying away, the redness starting to ease off, the improvement in your circulation and possibly cellulite reducing, especially with dry body brushing because that is incredible for cellulite.

By giving yourself that window and being consistent for 28 days to six weeks for you to see the results before really assessing how successful it’s been, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to detox your skin, cleanse it, get any impurities out of your system and really be focusing on allowing your skin to just radiate pure health, vitality and of course all the stuff that comes with that. The benefits of the fact that you’re giving yourself good nutrition is going to be helping you to lose weight, to have more energy, to sleep better, to feel more hydrated, just giving you everything on a really holistic way.


If you have any questions, any comments, feel free to comment, post on here, message me or contact me directly.

Next week we’re going to be sharing a little bit more!!  It’s really just like a tea break snippet for you to enjoy and to keep you motivated, to keep you plugging on through January, because I am so determined we are not going to have a blue Monday in January.

We’re going to ride it out guys. I’m not having it because we have the most incredible opportunity to decide who we want to be, how happy we want to be, and how our health wants to be. Let’s take that control and let’s go with it.

I’ll see you soon. Lots of love!



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