5 Ways to Clear your Root Chakra

5 Ways to Clear your Root Chakra

Hi everyone!  I'm back to continue sharing some nuggets of information about the chakras that you can implement and use in your life to support you.

Teaching about the chakras is part of my upcoming Reiki Level I & II Course and as a Reiki Master and Teacher, I don't think there has been a day since I've been attuned to Reiki that I haven't used Reiki or worked with my chakras in some way.  It really has become a way of life for me and I hope it can for you too!

I am an online Intuitive Confidence Coach, Reiki Master and Teacher and I love supporting women who are empaths, intuitives, healers, holistic therapists and coaches to fulfil their soul's purpose with unstoppable confidence and ease by clearing out the subconscious and energy obstacles that are in your way around your incredible abilities, making money, having success and maintaining your energy levels and health.

Over the last couple of blogs, I talked about what the chakras are and how Reiki can be used to clear, balance and maintain your chakras-you can catch up with them here if you haven't read them already!

What and where is the root chakra?

The root chakra is the lowest of the seven chakras within the body.  It is located towards the tip of the tailbone around the hip area in the centre the body.

Chakras are most commonly associated with being shaped like two inverted funnels; the widest part pointing out, the narrowest part pointing towards the body, front and back.  In the case of the root chakra, it is most commonly agreed that there is only one funnel, pointing down to the earth at the widest point.

The root chakra is powerfully connected to the energy vibrations of abundance, belonging, your physical body; food survival and an understanding of where you came from when energy flows through a clear and balanced root chakra.  

When imbalanced or blocked, the vibration may be one of fear, lack, feeling unsafe, disconnected from the physical body, the sense that you don't know where you belong.  You may experience bladder problems, constipation, fatigue, issues with your feet, lower back pain, what issues with the base of your spine. 

Five ways to clear your root chakra:

Meditation:  Using meditation, you can you can powerfully ground and feel a strong connection to the earth.  Clear your root chakra by imagining a powerful clear, white, bright light washing your root chakra, cleansing and releasing anything from your root chakra there isn't serving you.  

Reiki:  As I've mentioned before, there isn't a day that has gone by since being attuned to Reiki energy healing, that I haven't used it in someway, either for myself what to help others.  Using Reiki, you can clear your root chakra and maintain the balance by allowing them a keep energy to flow from your hands or through your body to the root chakra area, noticing and observing any change of sensations or feelings that you experience.

Colour:  The root chakra, is most commonly associated with the colour red, although I encourage all my Reiki students to use their own intuition to create a picture of what the root chakra looks and feels like for them.  But wearing red clothes, underwear (if you are not a big fan of wearing bright colours like me!) and jewellery are great ways to support the energy of the root chakra.

Food:  Root vegetables are a powerful source of nourishment for the root chakra.  Think anything that comes from the ground! Foods like sweet potatoes, parsnips, radishes, ginger, turmeric, garlic and onions.  Also think about any red foods, Iike kidney beans, red meat, red berries, strawberries, watermelon! Tasty!

Crystals:  In the same way, coloured crystals that match the colour of the root chakra will be really powerful, but crystals hold their own powerful vibration that can match and support your chakras to reach the frequency of them.  Black tourmaline is a crystal that vibrates with the energy of connection, grounding and belonging.  Red Carnelian cleanses and activated the root chakra energy.  Meditating with crystals, or popping them in your pocket can really benefit your wellbeing and energy field.  Just be sure to cleanse them in the moonlight or sunlight frequently!

Here's a powerful affirmation to support the root chakra:

I belong, I am worthy of being present on this Earth.

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Next time, I'll be focusing on chakra number 2, the sacral chakra!

Interested in learning more about chakras and how Reiki can support them for you and/or the clients you are working with?  Learn more and book your place on my Reiki Level I & II course now! 




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