5 Ways to Clear your Sacral Chakra

5 Ways to Clear your Sacral Chakra

Hey there!  I'm back with today's blog to continue sharing some information about the chakras that you can implement and use in your life to support you.  Today is all about the sacral chakra!

Chakras 101 is part of my upcoming Reiki Level I & II Course.  As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I don't think there has been a day since I've been attuned to Reiki that I haven't used Reiki or worked with my chakras in some way.  It really has become a way of life for me and I hope it can for you too with all you are learning from these blogs!

I am an online Intuitive Life and Business Coach, Reiki Master and Teacher and I love supporting women who are empaths, intuitives, healers, holistic therapists and coaches to fulfil their soul's purpose with unstoppable confidence, ease and flow, by clearing out the subconscious and energy obstacles that are in your way around your incredible abilities, making an abundance of money, having success and maintaining your energy levels and health!

Over the last week, I talked about what the chakras are and how Reiki can be used to clear, balance and maintain your chakras-you can catch up with them here if you haven't read them already!  Starting from the root, up towards the crown chakra, I'll be exploring them all with you!

What and where is the sacral chakra?

The sacra chakra is the second of the seven chakras within the body.  It is located between the naval and pubic bone in the centre of your body.

Chakras are most commonly associated with being shaped like two inverted funnels; the widest part pointing out, the narrowest part pointing towards the body, front and back.  In the case of the sacral chakra, there is a front and back to this energy centre.  The front is often connected with what you predict out to the world, giving and the back is regarded as connected with receiving (there are lots of schools of thoughts and discussions about this, but this is how my experience of chakras has developed). 

The sacral chakra is powerfully connected to the energy vibrations of creativity, prosperity, enjoyment and passion, trust and a sense of protection when energy flows through a clear and balanced sacral chakra.  You will find life changes easy to navigate, a strong and full sensual and sexual connection and little fear of the unknown.

When imbalanced or blocked, the vibration may be one of weakness, relationship struggles, financial issues, lack of creativity.  You may experience lethargy, a fear of the unknown, struggles in sexual relationships or writers' block.

I think its really really important here to say that our chakras are always opening and closing, dependant on energy levels, external factors and triggers, wellbeing etc; there is no perfect, optimum operating level for our chakras.  Similarly, a permanently wide open chakra can be just as challenging as a closed chakra when left unresolved, the symptoms manifesting from that can be just as problematic.

Five ways to clear your sacral chakra:

Spontaneity:  Do something unplanned and totally frivolous and fun!  This activates your creative energy centres and releases energy and flow into your sensual and manifesting vibrations-that is why great things always seem o happen when you are already having fun, or taking time off!  

Reiki:  Visualise sending healing orange Reiki energy to areas of the body here you feel pain or sense energy blockages.  This colour holds a vibration of joy and trust that will clear gas support your sacra chakra.

Movement:  Freestyle dance like no one is watching, go for a run, do some yoga or pilates.  Moving is an amazing way to move an clear energy anywhere in your body, but when you let your body groove and do what it wants to do, not what it should be doing, your sacral chakra also clears and allows energy to flow.  Moving your abdominal muscles helped the physical layer of the body to also clear any sacral energy blocks in that area.

Food:  Think orange, think womb shaped, think juicy and succulent!  The sacral chakra is all about reproduction, creation, passion and fire, so when it comes to clearing your sacral chakra, foods like oranges, coconuts, melons, peaches, olives, oysters, chillis (if you can handle them)!

Journalling:  Whether you are a writer or not, journalling is a powerful way to clear and support  your sacral chakra and also help you to manifest into reality anything you desire that hasn't yet happened!

Here's a powerful affirmation to support your sacral chakra:

I am creative in the pursuit of my desires!

What happens when you say the affirmation out loud? What do you notice?  Let me know in the comments!

Next time, I'll be focusing on chakra number 3, the solar plexus chakra - in my experience, this is a powerhouse of energy! (truthfully, they all are...)

Interested in learning more about chakras and how Reiki can support them for you and/or the clients you are working with?  Learn more and book your place on my Reiki Level I & II course now! 



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