6 Steps To Go From Fad to Fantastic!

Your Life is NOT a Fad!


Your life and health is worth more than moving between the next best thing and the next upcoming fad.

Total transparency time!  

In the past, I was an all or nothing thinker when it came to anything in life-diets, coaches, exercise, work. 

I wanted rapid results. 

I’d get rapid results. 

Then I’d get rapidly unresulted (think I just made up a new word there!)  

I’d find the next quick fix, get 100% on plan, then 100% fall off when I got bored, got to my ideal weight, when I got stressed, when I got overwhelmed, or when someone paid me a compliment on my success.

I’d think I had made it when I got there, so I could let myself off the hook.

This yo-yo effect was a disaster for my confidence in my life, relationships and work.  I doubted myself, I thought no-one would like me, or want to work with me, I felt insecure.

When I shifted my thinking to these 6 things, everything changed for me:

We have the power!.png

1:  Remove the urgency to achieve everything now

2:  When it comes to spiritual development, slow and steady wins the race

3:  Listen to your bodies needs, not just what your ego needs-your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

4:  Work on the deep foundations of ultimate health and achieving your life and happiness goals become a bonus-this means your purpose, activating your gifts, embracing your own truth and power.

5:  Love yourself as you are right now!

6:  We have never made it, there is always something to learn, something to be understood or uncovered-that is the beautiful curiosity of human life!

Now I coach this to all of my clients with transformational changes in their thinking and actions AND their health and happiness.

As soon as you pull back the urgency, the changes propel you forwards!

Do you want to know more?  I'm currently offering free 20 minute mind, body, spirit laser coaching calls where we can focus on one thing that is challenging your health and happiness right now-book yours here!



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