7 Powerful Weight Loss Strategies

Do you struggle with your weight?

I've put together 7 short videos that you can save and utilise to transform your weight, health and happiness, simply by watching and taking action on what you learn in them!


1:  Ever wondered what part your subconscious plays with your weight?

Only today was I pulled to go on video and touch on a subject I'm hearing a lot about recently and that is very, very close to my heart-WEIGHT.

I needed to share the 1 powerful step you need to take to identify your subconscious blocks holding you back from your ideal weight (or anything else you desire for that matter!)

It's only a short one, but a powerful one!

Watch it here:

2:  Want to feel some energy??

Anyone can feel energy-in fact, you do it every day, probably without even noticing!

I'm sharing 2 ways to feel energy in this video and how you can relate what you feel into choosing what you eat, how your health and happiness is affected.

It's quick and easy!

Watch it with me here:

3:  Think SMART

When I was a Personal Trainer, it was all about setting SMART goals (I explain what these are in the video), but I realised later in life that SMART goals are flawed in so many ways.

I discuss why SMART goals are flawed when it comes to weight loss and how to bridge the gap between setting your goals and actually allowing them to happen (yes...ALLOWING, NOT MAKING!!) in this free video.

Check it out when you have 10 mins!

4:  Work with your Triggers, not against them!

I'm a big believer in the phrase 'when you know your s**t, you can work with it!' (I think I made that phrase up by the way!)

But what do you do when triggers like conflict, stress, exhaustion, sadness, happiness all lead you to emotionally eat?

I show you what to do in the short video!

5:  How to Transform your Health and Happiness in 5 Minutes a Day

If you believe all you hear in the media, then Blue Monday is apparently the most depressing day of the year...JOY!

If you DON'T want to believe everything you are told by the media, but you do have some emotions that feel, well, less than positive, then try this short (by short, I mean 5 minutes long) meditation that will rebalance your emotions, raise your energy levels and lift your mood!

Do it with me in the video below!

6:  5 Ways to Work Out what you should be Eating to Lose Weight

I believe those that have a powerful, great relationship with food and are their ideal weight and size, are INTUITIVE EATERS.

Want to know what the heck that means?!  And how to become an intuitive eater that has an amazing insight into how to lose weight in an empowered way, without a diet in sight! 

I share 5 simple ways right here!

7:  3 Top tips to Move your Body, Lose Weight and Burn Fat

We all have 24 hours in a day and A LOT to cram in to them, don't we?!

I am a HUGE fan of time leverage-in that I truly believe in making the most of every moment so you are maximising your impact, your benefits and not wasting a moment of time, whether that be in life, health, work, exercise etc!

I share my 3 Top Tips to Move your Body, Lose Weight and Burn more Fat in everyday life right here!

Got Questions about this?  Want to know more?

Book a call with me today! 



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