7 Steps to Set Powerful Goals and Intentions
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7 Steps to Set Powerful Goals and Intentions

Hello ultimate health peeps!  How are you all doing? For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Leila Hardy. I’m your online holistic and life coach. I specialise in Rapid Transformational Therapy and helping people to overcome any subconscious and energy blocks that are preventing you from having your ultimate health, wealth, happiness, and success.  Whether it’s in business, in life, or in your health in general, I love to do that using a variety of things from hypnotherapy, my background in nutrition and health coaching, as a personal trainer but also using energy healing and the Akashic records to help people to access those higher parts of themselves so you really can become the healthiest, happiest, highest version of yourself possible.

One of those powerful techniques I’ve learnt through all of my journey, through fitness, through working in MLM and as a business coach and also in adding the intuitive aspect is goal setting and intention setting.  This has really enabled me to tap into the power of setting the most incredible, powerful intentions and goals. That’s what I’m going to be talking you through today.

In my experience, there are three big reasons why people don’t actually achieve their goals. They might set them, but they may not actually achieve them.

The first one of those is that they’re not clear. You’re not clear on what exactly you want in terms of that it’s foggy, it may be a bit cloudy, or there isn’t that absolute clarity on what it is that’s important to you. You might not be completely sure about that.

The second one could be that you’re not using the whole of your body, your mind, and your spirit to get into those goals, to get involved, to feel them, and to take action towards them. That can sometimes mean that there’s just a slight imbalance in the manifestation process of achieving those goals. Mind, Body and Spirit means having your thoughts aligned with what you want, your actions aligned with what you want, and also your energy aligned with what you want. It’s super powerful in ensuring that you’re involving all of those things when it comes to setting your goals, taking action towards your goals, and really feeling what it’s going to feel like to have those goals in place as well.

The third reason that people often don’t achieve the goals and intentions that they set is there is a part of them that doesn’t actually believe that they can have those particular things that they are asking for or planning for.

When those three aspects are playing a part in your life to some extent, you may set goals, you might be told to set bigger goals every year if you haven’t achieved the other ones, you may be told not to worry if you haven’t quite done them or anything, but actually it might be chipping away at your psyche, your energy and your body and your health in some way.  

It’s really key to start to bring those things in balance. I have some really powerful methods that I’m going to be sharing with you today that are going to help you do that.

My background around goal setting up until around two years ago is that I always used to be so fixed in my masculine energy. Masculine energy means to me, I must see how it’s going to develop, I must have systems in place, I must have plans, I must be able to see how it’s going to happen.

Of course, when we get stuck in the masculine energy of getting stuck in the how, then of course Universe, Spirit, Source cannot deliver what we need because it’s so specific and it’s so stuck in that cube, that square box. As I have been able to embrace the feminine energy of myself, my business, of who I am as a person and what I’m here to do, I have been able to really allow that ebb and flow of allowing your goals to stay strong but how you achieve those to evolve - to be flexible with that and give yourself permission to let that happen. It allows for evolution, adaptation, ease, and flow. That is what has really ramped up the power of manifesting my goals.

As we end any year and start a new one, it’s a time when people are starting to get busy and you maybe starting to think of things that you want and need to do for your health and life.  If you haven't set any for yourself already, then use this to get things on a roll, but I recommend starting this mid-December for the new year ahead, but you can do it anytime, for anything too!

The reason I encourage and emphasise the importance of starting to think about and set intentions and goals for the year ahead in plenty of time now is because there is a 'marinading' period. There is a period where your mind, your subconscious, your body, and your energy are all able to really align themselves really naturally in their own time rather than getting to maybe the 1st of January or the 2nd and thinking, “What I’m I going to set myself to change this year? What I’m I going to do?” The beauty of that is that it doesn’t feel like it’s a huge leap to then take action towards those goals because your mind is already preparing for them. And that is what we’re going to get - your mind preparing for it today, in seven simple steps!

Step 1:

Part one of the seven steps is to cover every area of your life when you’re setting goals. By that, I mean mind, body, spirit, but also look at personal life, business life, fun, family, all of those things in between. Because when you create a complete holistic approach to your life and your goals and your intentions, it is encompassing every bit of you as you are. That might be personal development, professional development, spiritual development. It might be learning a bit more about energy just for you to be able to use with clients let alone to benefit yourself. It might be all sorts of little things like that.

Step 2:

Step number two is about using all of your senses when you start to set your intentions, when you take action towards your goals and your intentions as well. When you are starting to write them down, set your intentions and your goals for 2018, write them down but say them out loud as well. Maybe record them onto your voice memo on your phone and then listen back to them. Read them over and over as well as writing them. But also imagine the smells or the sensations that might be happening when you already have those things that you’re setting your intentions for, when you’re doing those things or when you’re being those things. What will it feel like? And when you can use all of the senses, you are using every single bit of not only your brain but also your energy as it starts to really bring itself up into the vibration of what you want but also to align your ideas, your actions, and your creativity towards those things as well.

Step 3:

Number three is so important. It is one I coach with my 1:1 clients, when I coach this in my Bootcamps, the group programs.  It is to make your goals meaningful. For so long in my own journey, I used to focus so much on recognition and cars and holidays and all the money in the world. Yes, those things are nice. They are important. But when they are your sole focus, there isn’t so much of a drive to want to get up in the morning to take action towards those things. But when your goals become meaningful and your intentions become meaningful in that it may be something to do with charity or giving to other people, it may be having a healthier heart as opposed to just wanting to lose weight, it might be something that involves spending more time with the family as opposed to just having more time, when you start to make them meaningful they feel different. You feel them in your heart space. You feel maybe a connection in the solar plexus energy area as well. And that’s when you know you are starting to really connect with your goals. Making them meaningful, making them powerful and shifting your energy into the alignment of manifesting those things. Those things can come to you as much as you can work towards them.

Step 4:

Number four: short term goals are key. This doesn’t mean from day to day, although you can set goals day to day. But our attention span, our focus, our willpower, our motivation, our drive, can only really tangibly see around 90 days ahead.  We can have great big goals, they are brilliant. But they’re long term goals. We need to pull it back to being able to set yourself one to two goals every 90 days that you could really go for. And then break those one to two goals down into 4-week periods and then into fortnightly or weekly actions towards those goals. It gives you that opportunity to start to see how the dots join towards those bigger 2-year, 3-year, 5-year, 10-year, 20-year goals that are much further down the line. And sometimes when they’re that big and we can see them that far away from us, we suddenly realise that we might not be able to achieve them because they feel so far away. But break them down into those 90-day goals and you can tangibly feel what it’s going to feel like to have the things that you’re setting your goals towards. And of course, the sum of small actions repeated over and over again leads to huge achievements and huge accomplishments which are your bigger goals - your 5-year, 10-year, 20-year goals and beyond.

Step 5:

Number five: It is really important to address the fears that come up around having it. If you are not sure whether you have any fears around this thing or whether it’s just not happened for you, then ask yourself why you don’t have it yet. Say, “Why haven’t I got it yet?” The moment you ask yourself that, you go, “But I haven’t got this. This can’t happen. I’m afraid of x, y or z. What will people think of me when this happens?” That’s when we start to see the fears.  I am all about embracing that light and dark energy to be able to turn them into your superpowers.  

I don’t want you to push the fear away. I don’t want you to ignore it. I don’t want you to try and pretend it’s not there. See it. Hear it. Feel it. And then allow yourself to drive the car together towards your goals in 2018. Ride with fear. Allow yourself to be the one that’s doing the driving, but fear is there alongside for the journey because it’s going to remind you of how far you are coming, how much you are achieving, how much you are progressing and growing as a person - a spiritual person, physical person, whatever that is in your health and your life. 

Step 6:

Number six is about aligning your subconscious and energy together. When they are working together, the power you have to be able to manifest anything you want, to be able to take the divine and inspired action towards anything that you want, to feel the stickabilty and the unstoppable action that comes from knowing you are on purpose, you are doing something because it means the world to you to do it, is so incredibly powerful.

How can you do that?

Hypnosis, visualisations, raising your vibrations with gratitude, appreciation, affirmations, afformations, you can do lots of things like that to help you really raise your energy levels spiritually to be able to align with what your subconscious wants to believe and think about that. Working on the two simultaneously will make it even easier for you to go for those goals and intentions that you want to set for yourself in 2018.

Step 7:

Number seven is the thing that I think lots of people overlook. Sometimes it is because it’s so obvious that we forget about it or just don’t see it, myself included.  When I first got into meditating and using my Headspace daily as part of my self-care routine, I would get these wonderful feelings of gratitude and the abundance that I was attracting to me. I could see all the incredible things that would be delivered to me when I had the incomes that I wanted or when I was doing what was fulfilling me, all of those things. But then sometimes I got a bit disillusioned when it didn’t happen. And I used to wonder, “What’s the missing piece? I’ve tried so hard. I’ve raised my vibrations. I’ve done all the visualisations. I’ve done all the mind work, the personal development. What’s wrong with me?”

The missing piece was aligned and inspired action. When I was really honest with myself, I wasn’t doing the things I needed to do to be able to have the things I wanted to have. When you can find that missing piece and put that into your routine, then you can have anything you want.

That aligned and inspired action connects in with all the others because if there is fear in place you might have self-sabotage or procrastination going on. If there is a misalignment with your subconscious and energy, then things are going to be a bit of a mismatch for you. If your goals feel too big, then there’s going to be that ‘I can’t do this’ belief coming up for you. If they’re not meaningful then chances are you’re probably not going to be completely connected to them to want to take action.

They all link really powerfully to this final one. But when you are able to take aligned and inspired action and you are prepared to let go of the outcome, let go of how specifically it’s going to look but just know that’s going to be your end goal, your intentions for the end of 2018, you can just release it. You can release it, come back to your goals at some point to be able to reflect back and course-correct if you need to or something is going really off.

But ultimately, you can just let go of the outcome and just focus on taking that aligned and inspired action that will help you move closer towards those goals.

To recap;

1.    Cover every area of your life - mind, body, and spirit.

2.    Use all of your beautiful senses to be able to activate every part of your energy - your mind, your body, and your spirit – when it comes to setting your intentions and goals.

3.    Make your goals and intentions super meaningful. If they make you cry, they’re going to power you through to get up in the morning and take action towards them every single day.

4.    Break your bigger goals into short term 90-day goals or even shorter if you need to.

5.    Address the fears that come up alongside having it and ride alongside fear in the car together.

6.    Align your subconscious and energy so you are a total match for what you want vibrationally and subconsciously.

7.    Take aligned and inspired action.


Last year I did a wheel of intentions and I now repeat this every year. If you look at what my goal and intentions for this year were, you will see the powerful amplification of this. Some are ticked, some are highlighted, where I’ve gone through them throughout the year. To be fair, since about June or July 2017, I had forgotten about this. Just as I was pulling it out to set some intentions for 2018, I realised as I checked back in with this that about 80%-90% are done. I let go of the outcome and just carried on taking inspired action, free from fear, totally aligned with my subconscious and energy. Looking back, I realise that over the last 12 months I have come on leaps and bounds personally, professionally, and spiritually in every sense of the word. In my business, in my personal life, in fun, and in my hobbies as well. 

If you would love to take part in the powerful goal and intention setting exercise alongside an energy healing to align and balance your subconscious and energy that I do for myself and have shared with many others, then you can take part in that here!  



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