Weekly Round Up:  A Week of Blogs with Leila Hardy
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A Week of Blogs with Leila Hardy

Phew!  It's been a busy couple of weeks!  I've been blogging every other day since the 30 day blogging challenge with Sarah Arrow and I'm proud I've kept up the momentum I started back in August (feel such a long time ago now, no?!) Consistency is key-I'm so happy and grateful I have rebuilt this belief that was non-existent a few years ago!

So although its not a week's worth of blogs, I am sharing with you 7 blog posts from the last 2 weeks!


As you may well know by now, I'm all about the subconscious and energy-diving into the shadows with people and helping them transform them into their light, their superpowers is my jam!

We've had some blooming' exciting things happening this last few weeks because this particular time astrologically is all about embracing the shadow parts of ourselves, so in conjunction with the planet Pluto going direct, I've been harnessing the energy to bring up our dark shadow parts to be seen and healed within my online community, Mind + Body + Spirit = Ultimate Health.

Our shadow parts are often the parts of us we ignore or fear to embrace, but they are in fact the most powerful parts of us, with in holding us back and propelling us forwards-IF we can embrace them and accept them to transform them into our LIGHT.  So we've been working with the incredible Messages from Shadow deck of oracle guidance cards to bring these to light and release them-with so many changes happening as a result!

Combine that with the powerful Full Moon in Aries (article courtesy of Mystic Mamma) and we have a powerful opportunity to see our reality as the reflection of the inner world of ourselves.  So for the peeps in my community whose outer world is not how they desire it to be, they've been taking part in a Full moon healing and intention ceremony to look inside to their darker parts, their shadows and allow them to be seen, heard, acknowledged and released, so they can have the healthy, happy outer world they are worthy of having.

On top of that, I have a new 14 day online coaching program that is open for enrolment now that starts on 19th October, powerfully combining all my skills as an online Health and Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Advisor, Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer to provide an incredible cleanse for mind, body and spirit!

All that in a week!

That weekend I had off from technology has a lot to answer for!!

Anyway, I digress!  Here's a week worth of blogs, all in an around embracing our shadows (with the odd exception!)

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I can't wait to see you for next weeks blogs, I have a series of blogs coming to help you harness the power of subconscious mindset practices to change your habits and your health and life!




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Are You Burned Out?  14 Days to Take Time Out without Taking Time Out.

Are You Burned Out? 14 Days to Take Time Out without Taking Time Out.