Affirmations or Afformations?  Which is Best For You?

Affirmations or Afformations

 Which is Best For You?

As you may already know, I’m an online holistic health and life coach, based in the UK.  I realise that my work with clients goes so much deeper than that title suggests.  I really love to get into the deep cellular level healing using a unique blend of earth-bound skills, my background in personal training, nutrition, massage, and also my more alternative gifts; really diving into hypnotherapy to work with the subconscious at a deep level, but also using affirmations, afformations, the Akashic records, energy healing and clearing, to be able to help people become the happiest, healthiest, highest version of themselves possible.

I really encourage people to embrace all of the parts of them which is why affirmations and afformations are so close to my heart.  They help you to see the dirt, those parts of you you feel ashamed about, guilty or disgusted with, but then to clear them up, accept them, embrace them and clear them out, if necessary.

One of Louise Hay’s sayings is, “For you to be able to clean the cupboards in your kitchen, you have to be able to see the dirt.” As spiritual beings, as people who are on that healing path, finding that better version of ourselves, a higher version of ourselves, we have to see those darker parts of us, those shadows. In a nutshell, that’s what I love doing.  My absolute passion and joy really comes when I’m diving into the subconscious, when I’m diving into the mind and energy, to transform people’s health, life, and fitness in those ways.

Affirmations and Afformations have been a really powerful part of my awakening, my mind, body and spirit journey, my personal and professional development, in my business and in my life.

The reason I was using affirmations from the word go was that that was all I knew to use when I started entering mindset work and subconscious work.

I have to be honest; I had some hiccups on the way when I was using affirmations.  A lot of my programming, my energy blocks, my mindset blocks led to me saying affirmations and never quite believing them inside of me.  Therefore, the subconscious blocks were still getting in the way and still stopping me from thinking, feeling, and acting the way I wanted to act to be able to break through. That’s when I was led to a mindset practice called Afformations by an expert called Noah St. John.

We are all different, so we all have different learning styles, hence the reason I still use both affirmations and afformations both for myself, and I coach that to my clients because everybody has different learning styles that will work effectively, and some not so effectively.

I’m hoping that just by bringing you some extra alternatives, you may have another thing to add to your toolbox that will help you to dive into your own mindset work in a slightly different way, and maybe pack a bit of a punch to it like it did for me. It’s really key that you find something that works for you as an individual!

Let me know what affirmations you use already in the comments, if any and how often you use them, and how they make you feel when you use them! 

If Affirmations are not working for you, let's see if we can switch it up a little bit and supercharge it to allow it to really take up another level for you in your mindset work. My absolute goal is to give you a different approach to affirmations but also to help you reach a slightly deeper subconscious level, so you’re able to pack that punch and change things up for you.

Whether it’s business, health, mind-set, money blocks, whatever it is, you can start using those afformations to really switch them around for you when you’ve had maybe minimal or frustrating success with affirmations before.


What are Afformations?

Afformations, just like affirmations are statements of sorts.

Let’s give you an obvious one.

An affirmation is “This is easy. I am good enough. I am confident.”

An afformation is slightly different. It uses the same sequence of words, but it asks a question within that sentence. It really goes in to ask the subconscious to solve the question you are asking it. In doing that it changes the response that your subconscious feeds back to it.

Instead of maybe having the blocks to “I am good enough” and your subconscious responds with, “No, you’re not. You can’t do this. You’ve never been good enough. All of these times when you failed this, you did this, you were told you weren’t good enough in this.”

When you rephrase it into something like “Why I am I good enough?”, afformations trigger the subconscious mind to respond with, “Here are all the reasons why you are good enough.” As opposed to all the reasons why you’re not when you try and tell it what it wants to think.

Let’s backtrack now before we dive right into the afformations, into the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind’s purpose is to keep you safe, to make you always feel wanted, connected, and protected in some way.

When we have gone through our first seven years of life, we’re permanently in a hypnotic state where we are picking up all sorts of information from our experiences, from the things we see, sense, and feel around us.  All of those things stack up like a filing cabinet in our brain.  Any situation we have as we go through life beyond that point, as we start to think for ourselves and act for ourselves, they’re all running through the lens of that filing cabinet that we built up between the ages of nought to seven and a little bit older.

Needless to say, if there are patterns and programming that you picked up between the ages of nought and seven that make you feel not good enough or that you were shy and for some reason you couldn’t do a particular thing because you felt anxious or somebody around you was protecting you from doing something else because they were anxious, later on in life that memory bank, that filing cabinet will start to open up those files every time you’re in some kind of situation where you’re presented with a potential trigger to feeling anxious, not good enough, out of control, doubting yourself, or not having confidence in some way. As it pulls out those things, it will realise and make you to start to feel physically unwell sometimes, but also mentally and emotionally, in some kind of way.  

The subconscious will control you to prevent you from moving into that situation any further.

The great example of this is in business.

Let’s say you have confidence issues and that stems back from childhood experiences or something you saw, sensed, or felt when you were younger, around somebody experiencing low confidence and being taken care of or having their needs met in some way by another person.

Later in life, when it comes to growing your business and you come across the first opportunity to become more visible and you feel that pang of lack of confidence or “can I do this?”.  The memory bank, your mental filing cabinet, will go back to every reason why you shouldn’t and why you can’t instead of giving you that strength to say, “Let’s do it. Let’s grow in confidence. Let’s do this. What’s the worst that can happen?”  Because it will always want to keep you safe, and in our business that often is what holds us back from growing our business, becoming super successful and super visible as well.

The reason for that is, whatever we feed into our brain, it will output into our actions and our results.

It’s just like a natural biofeedback machine. When we are feeding things based on, let’s say our results, either not good enough or we don’t have the money we want or we don’t have the clients we want or you don’t have the health that you want, you’re feeding the brain, “I don’t’ have this. I don’t have that. I can’t do this. I can’t do that.”

And so the biofeedback machine will just give you back all of those results that say, “You can’t do this.”

It might give you more aches and pains. It might give you lack in confidence even more. It might even make you feel physically poorly when it comes to going in front of the camera.

However, this works both ways.

If you were to feed back into the biofeedback machine the affirmations and the afformations “I am good enough. I am confident. Why I’m I sooooo confident?" then you will start realise that your output, your actions, and your results will also start to change to the positive.

This is when affirmations really come into their own, when you have limited blocks- you don’t have too many or they’re quite easy to break through or you’re very easily suggestible within the subconscious.  Affirmations are incredibly powerful.  They’re enough to allow you to peel some of those layers back so as to allow you to change your results and your actions. This allows you to then reinforce those good beliefs and feedback into the brain, the biofeedback machine, that you are good enough because the proof is in your results. You are getting more clients, you’re getting more money, your aches are gone, you are losing weight, or whatever that objective might be for you.

If you have thicker, denser layers of blocks and limiting beliefs in your mental filing cabinet that say you can’t do this or you can’t do that, you won’t ever do this, it will be hard, it will be difficult- when you ask a question of the subconscious with an afformation rather than an affirmation, it will start to go back to all the filing cabinets where it’s asking your subconscious mind, “When you did solve the problem, when you were good enough, when you were strong enough, when you were really confident, when you did have the abilities to solve somebody’s problems."

Have you ever used affirmations and you've heard your subconscious mind resisting it with, “Yeah right; that’s rubbish. You can’t do that.” Let me know n the comments if you have!

When that happens, it makes you feel low, it makes you feel that self-doubt coming in.  You may try and think of other options because you’re worried that the one isn’t right because your subconscious is telling you that, and it’s not actually your truth, or THE truth.

Your truth is that you can do it. You can have and be and do anything you want in your life.

When you use Afformations, the switch to your thoughts, your feelings and your actions, just starts to become so much more aligned with what you do want as opposed to what you don’t want. 

As I said earlier, I personally use both nowadays.  At one point when I first came across the afformations and I was really feeling the power of them, I switched them all.  But what happened was I realised that I could switch some back to affirmations because I could feel they were easily going in and making huge differences.  They were easily being mentally digested.  They were easily manifesting into my thoughts and my feelings and my actions!  They were really helping me to step up and uplevel as an entrepreneur, as a wife, as a step mum, and everything in between as well.  All because those layers of subconscious blocks that I had around them, the energy blocks, weren’t quite as deep as some of the others.

I would say I use a 60/40 mix of affirmations to afformations for me now.  

The really tricky ones that my subconscious resisted just allowed me to go that little bit deeper and allowed me to really sink in to the subconscious and start to reframe and reprogram and change some of those beliefs that I wanted to switch around.

It really is down to personal choice. As with anything that you do for yourself in self-help or healing, just try them and see and get a feel for them. If it becomes part of your toolbox, that’s brilliant. If it doesn’t, that’s also brilliant!

Some examples of general Affirmations, converted into Afformations:


Let’s start with a simple one like “I am confident.”

As an affirmation it feels pretty good but as an afformation, if you just take a moment to ask yourself, “Why I’m I so confident?”

Give yourself a moment to think and ask yourself that question, “Why I’m I so confident?” And allow your subconscious to start giving you some answers because the answers will be very different to when you give it a statement as in, “I am confident.”

"I am enough" becomes “Why am I enough?” "Why I’m I good enough?" "Why I’m I confident enough?" "Why I’m I clever enough?" "Why I’m I worthy enough?" "Why I’m I important enough?" Your memory bank, your filing cabinet will go back and find all the times when you have felt important, felt valued, felt worthy, felt encouraged, felt strong enough, felt clever enough, from being praised and celebrated for being everything that you are.

"This is easy" becomes, “Why is this so easy?”

“I am attracting high-end clients” becomes “Why am I attracting so many high-end clients?"

"I am charismatic" becomes “Why I’m I so charismatic?”

Allow your subconscious to find all the reasons why you are just that.

Let’s move on to money Affirmations! 

The simple affirmation would be, “I am a money magnet.”

If your results aren’t showing that then you’re going to be feeling pretty rubbish when you hear that.

Switch it into, “Why am I such a money magnet?”

Instantly you can feel your subconscious now is bringing up all the times when you felt the abundance and money or unexpected incomes or all those bonuses that came with appreciation or free gifts that you won, or something like that. It’s just bringing all of those things to the surface as opposed to all the reasons why you’re not a money magnet.

"I am a spiritual millionaire" becomes “Why am I a spiritual millionaire?” It will give you all the reasons why. It’s not all about the money then; it’s about who you are as a person, who you’re becoming, and who you’re helping other people to become as well.

“I create wealth with balance and joy” as an affirmation.  "Why do I create wealth with such balance and joy?" as an Afformation.  Then you’re going into the whole lifestyle. You’re going so much deeper into who you are as a person, finding the balance of work, of hours, of joy, passion, like-minded people around you. All of a sudden the brain is wiring up to give you that chance to ignite those different pathways in your subconscious to have everything that you want to have. 

"I am abundant" becomes “Why am I abundant?”

"I have all the money I need" would become something like, “Why do I have all the money I need and more?!” I would add more to that just to give it a bit more of a super punch power!

“Abundance flows freely to me.” That’s a brilliant affirmation as well. But you could always turn it into, “How come abundance flows so freely to me all the time?” Adding that curiosity aspect into it.

As with any kind of mindset work that you do, there are a few key things that you need to bear in mind.

One is that anything has to be done consistently, especially when you’re working on the subconscious. The subconscious does need reprogramming. It needs rewiring. When you’ve received any kind of information with repetition, with authority, and with impact, good or bad, it becomes part of your subconscious belief pattern.  That forms your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and your reality.  If you have in the past had difficult situations that have with that repetition, with that authority, with that impact, start to tell yourself these afformations with real repetition and authority.  Be strong with yourself.  Tell your soul what it is that you want to really feel. Ask for all those reasons why you want to feel that way. Give yourself that impact.

I recommend doing it in front of a mirror. The mirror has a big impact; you have to look into your soul. You have to look into your eyes. And when you say things out loud as opposed to just thinking them in your head, they have so much more impact.  

It’s so powerful. It might sound a bit cringe-worthy when you do it at first, but allow yourself to try it!

I really like to inject fun into doing affirmations and afformations by using different tones of voice too.  It just lifts humour, feeling, vibrations, to allow you to really feel what it feels like to be what you are affirming. Tweaks of language and tone to Affirmations and Affirmations, will allow them to be fun.

I suggest moving through the cringe moments where it feels really uncomfortable to say them and feels like you’re not sure you can bring those words out of your mouth because they don’t feel true.  Keep going with afformations because eventually your subconscious starts to get comfortable with feeling them and hearing them.  As the subconscious gets comfortable with them, that’s when you’re going to have those powerful neuropathways reconnecting and re-growing to let you have everything you could possible want.

When you really commit to  them and say them out loud, allow them to move into your heartspace. Allow the feeling you feel when you say them out loud to shift down into your heartspace. When you shift that down, you will start to notice that you’re hitting the core of those beliefs that have been holding you back. You’re starting to break them down and peel back the layers.

The only warning I’ll give with that is often when you say these out loud and you hit the heartspace and you are looking into your eyes and into yourself in the mirror, tears may come. But where tears flow, energy goes and healing can begin, and you will be doing the most powerful work you could possibly do for yourself and on yourself.  

A really recent Afformation I created for myself that I just wanted to share with you, which is a word I rarely ever use and don’t really resonate with very much. But I just heard it in a video of somebody that I was watching.  They talked about it and it hit me straight in my heartspace. I knew instantly I needed to turn that into an afformation to make it part of my world.  It was just a flippant comment to them; they obviously think nothing when they say it. It just says, “I expect miracles every day.” I was like, “Why do I expect miracles every day?” I’m feeling that in my heartspace now and it feels really powerful. You get that healing feeling when you say these things and allow yourself to do them.

What about you? Are you using Afformations?  How are they going?  Let me know what you’ve got from this blog that you maybe didn’t already know, and what changes you might make as a result of hearing about Afformations.

If they’ve been anything as powerful for you as they have been for me, they’re going to be incredible for you to add into your mix of self-care and mindset work!



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