How to Energetically Align with your Purpose using Reiki Energy

How to Energetically Align with your Purpose using Reiki Energy

Hey there! Leila Hardy here, your online Intuitive Life and Business Coach! I’ve been sharing some amazing ways to use Reiki energy healing to support you in your health, wealth, happiness and success lately, if you have only just discovered me, head over to my blog to read all of the juicy goodness coming from these Reiki blogs!

For those that don’t know me, I love nothing more than combining the subconscious mind and energy to allow women like you, who are empaths, intuitives, healers and spiritually based coaches to fulfil your purpose, feeling confident, aligned and in flow, by identifying and clearing the blocks, shadows and obstacles in your way, and rewiring and realigning your thoughts and energy towards all that your desire and deserve!

Reiki healing is one of the most powerful ways I use to do that for others, and these days, I teach other amazing empaths and healers to sue Reiki int heir own lives’ and with their clients, if in business as a healer, coach or therapist.

One of the sure fire ways to shift into alignment with your purpose is by being attuned to Reiki energy and becoming aware of the world of energy as a whole.

Once you become aware of the different feelings of energy, you powerfully and quickly also become aware of what feels good, and doesn't feel good within your own energy field and physical body. Alignment and purpose being two of those clear indicators!

How to Energetically Align with your Purpose using Reiki Energy

As you become aware of Reiki energy, you gain three powerful insights:

  1. What feels good within your body and what doesn’t (aka: what is aligned, or our of alignment for you)

  2. What is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual for you to work with

  3. What feels stuck or blocked within your energy field; in this case, around your purpose, or even lack of purpose.

With these three points in mind, think about something you think may be your purpose, or if you are unsure of your purpose, think about what you would love to do, or are known to be great at, naturally. (I ran a free Identify and Align with your Purpose masterclass here that may help you if you are stuck with this)

Here’s how to energetically align with your purpose using Reiki:

  1. Centre, balance and ground yourself. Activate Reiki and drop into your heartspace and tune into that thing you think may be your purpose. What happens within your heartspace? Do you sense or feel a lift? Or a sinking feeling? It may be subtle, but this immediately (with practice) can show you if something is or is not aligned for you around your purpose. If it feels out of alignment when you do this, move to this next step…

  2. As you think about the part of your purpose you just tested for alignment, and it felt out of alignment, now, with your intention to discover any blocks or shadow energy that may be preventing this alignment around your purpose from happening, Byosen scan your aura (working through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers) for energy obstacles to be cleared with Reiki healing. Ask your intuition what these obstacles mean as you come across them. Here are a few examples: Physical obstacles may be lack of energy or not enough time, meaning you are out of alignment with what you say you would like to do. Blocks showing up in the Emotional layer may mean you are feeling anxious, or worries, fearful of what you say you are wanting to do for your purpose. Any Mental layers obstacles could mean your thoughts are preventing you from being in alignment with your purpose, with self-sabotage, or procrastination taking place. Spiritual areas showing up may indicate that there are energetic/past life, or ancestral patterns that are preventing you from moving into alignment and flow towards your purpose.

  3. Once you have a picture of what may be preventing you from aligning with your purpose, you can use the relevant symbols to clear the energy obstacles you found during the Byosen scan, to treat the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual energy clots that showed up, clearing space for you to think and feel differently and increase your energy levels, be open to opportunities to create more time and discover different solutions that will allow you to move towards your purpose.

You may want to repeat this over a period of time in order to fully clear and release anything that has been holding you back from aligning with your purpose!


If you wish to receive this above practice in audio format, so you can be guided through the exercise, comment with your email address and I will send it over to you!

NB: You must be Reiki Level I & II certified to claim and use this effectively.

Reiki energy is so versatile and powerful, yet gentle at the same time. Your mind, body and spirit will only do as much healing with Reiki as it can in the moment, so you can never do too much Reiki!

Being attuned to the Master symbol for Reiki will amplify your own healing around this topic as well as help you to help others with this too.

This is just one of the Advanced Reiki Techniques you can learn on my Advanced Reiki Techniques Training Course. If you loved this and want to experience it for yourself, so you can go on to help others with this technique, then register for Advanced Reiki here, for only $888!



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