Are You A Work in Progress?

Are you Always Looking for Something Else to Fix?



Do you find you're always needing to fix things in yourself?

Are you always looking for the next thing to fix? 

When we are on our Ultimate Health journey, we can get into a pattern of when we have a breakthrough or when we have a shift in our thinking, we have a feeling inside of us which is almost like a high. It’s like a revelation where we say to our selves and to others, “This is amazing! I didn’t realise this about myself! I didn’t know I did this! Now I can change it.”

It feels really different and really good, doesn't it? 

But what can sometimes happen as you move into an integration process, or as our bodies integrate that shift of thinking and feeling, it takes a bit of time.  It takes a bit of processing time.  As a result, it might feel like that high is dipping slightly, like it’s slowing down or you’re slowing down.

You might start to feel some of those symptoms you once felt when you were feeling stuck, you might ask yourself “Why I’m I still here? Why I’m I not continuing this amazing high that I had when I learned that thing about me, that lightbulb moment, or I was able to fix something that I didn’t realise was wrong or that I knew was wrong but didn’t have the answers to be able to help myself?”

Is that you?  It used to be me too!

What's happening is we are moving into a lull.  It’s almost like a lull before the storm (storm being the next shift); a stillness.  

For a lot of people that can feel quite uncomfortable.  As a result, we start looking for the next thing that we might need to fix, “What’s the next block that I’ve got? What’s the next thing that I’m stuck with? What else can I work on?”

Instead of spending that time in this lull enjoying it, enjoying being free from tension, from stress, feeling happier, and feeling healthier, you suddenly start to look for the next thing to fix.  This is so you can come back up that curve and onto a high again in order to meet that same feeling, that same realisation, that same paradigm shift that you had at this stage before.

Here's where you can change that.

If you allow yourself to stop looking for things to fix.  If you find yourself coming off an energetic high, off a realisation, off a shift, coming into that integration process and into this still spot, enjoy being there.

If you are looking for something to fix, you’re going to find it.

If you just allow yourself to celebrate being there, be happy that you feel better, feel proud of yourself for getting to this point, notice that you have more energy, enjoy all those feelings and celebrate them, rather than, “What’s next? What’s the next thing that I can sort out?”

We may not realise that this is like a cycle that we get into where we become a bit of a learning junkie or a personal development junkie.  

We believe it’s not such a nice thing to be in this place of stillness where we are actually okay and doing well and we forget to acknowledge our victories along the way.  This is where we’re integrating some incredible changes at a deep cellular level which is helping us to be happier, healthier, and higher versions of ourselves on every level.

Instead of being really happy and comfortable in that place, we start looking for something else to give us that high.  We start looking for the next thing that’s wrong with us so we can change it in order to make ourselves happy.  When we get down to that happy spot, we’re then not happy so then we look for another high.  


This forms an infinity shape cycle. It can be tiring to spend the time in those periods of change and it is necessary to reach the integration and processing periods and actually enjoying being there.  You can look back and think, “This is incredible. What a wonderful feeling. I may never have been able to experience this had I not been through that shift. Right now I’m going to enjoy being here. I’m going to be here for as long as I need to be.”

If there are things that need to come up to be seen, to be acknowledged, to be fixed - not that anything really needs fixing - but to be seen and to be worked with, let it come as a surprise.

Don’t expect it to come because when you expect these things, you will get more of them!

Allow yourself to ride the wave of feeling good and celebrating those feelings and focusing on the positive; if something comes along and throws you a curve ball or something you’ve realised you need to work with, that’s when you need to do it.  Not because you’re looking for it but because it’s come into your awareness for you to work with, release, and let go off.

In that way, you’re able to sit in this incredible space enjoying your energy increasing, focusing on the activity - the inspired action – that you might be taking to help you achieve that goal.

Whether it is health, life, happiness, business, confidence - anything at all, you can spend your time present in that moment of enjoying taking the daily steps that will allow you to get closer to those goals or celebrate being there.

These are only my humble thoughts on this.  Don’t keep looking for something to fix, because when you continue to look for something to fix you’re going to find it!  

Enjoy feeling good.  

Be happy that you are feeling amazing.  

Celebrate it! 

Be proud of yourself for getting to that point where you were able to learn enough about yourself to shift yourself forward and propel yourself into ultimate health.

Let me know if you are one of those people who seek out these personal development highs or if you are one of these learning junkies. Let me know if you are very aware of that and you are celebrating feeling amazing right now.

Similarly, if you’re in the thick of one of those shifts right now and you want to share how it’s working for you, or what you’re doing to help yourself, or if you need some extra support through it, feel free to share that as well or take a look at working with me.

I love to hear from you!



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