Enrolment for BDBTT Bootcamp is now OPEN!!

Enrolment for BDBTT Bootcamp is now OPEN!!

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You're having trouble coming up with hundreds of pounds to work one to one with a health coach, but you know that if you had access to them, you would finally be able to stop the self-sabotage, self-destruct cycle of physical and emotional pain.


  • The idea of putting yourself "out there" scares the bejesus out of you. As much as you want to to be held accountable to help you take action to change your health, lose weight and beat your health and life demons, you fear being judged, disliked, or rejected by others.

  • You're afraid that even after investing so much time + energy + money into failed health coaching, diets, plans and gym subscriptions, or harder still, trying to fix it yourself, that people close to you won't believe you will do it this time.

  • You've given up so many times that you think you may be scarred for life.

  • You're pretty much ready to give up...again...but you really, really don't want to do that.

  • You can’t help but think that ultimate health and happiness is meant for others, but not you. After all, you’ve invested in plans and diets (more than once!) already and you have zero results to show for it. What gives?!

  • You feel completely overwhelmed with all the current information out there of what you should/shouldn't be doing, eating, drinking and taking, that you are stuck in paralysis by analysis!

  • You want more from your relationships, you want to lose 7lbs or more, you want to stop waking up in pain, but that feels like a million miles away right now.


Break it Down, Break Through and Transform Bootcamp (BDBTT) is a 6 week online group program that serves as a more accessible alternative to my £2950 one to one client programs. 

  • Break Down your old habits and patterns of physical challenges and emotional pain. 
  • Break Through your limiting beliefs about your pain, losing weight, eating healthily and being physically active and well.
  • Transform your health, weight, aches and pains, body shape and clothes size.
  • Soar in confidence and happiness
  • Have the belief in yourself that you can and will have the most amazing relationships with others and know that has to start wth the relationship you have with yourself.
  • Gain the confidence and the toolkit so that once you achieve your ultimate health and happiness, you WILL stay there for the rest of your life.


In order to make the above possible, I'm going to share something special with you.  It's my...

'6 Soulful Strategies for Transforming your Health, Feeling Happier and Healthier in Every Dimension of your Life.'

On top of incredible step by step training modules, you'll also get access to the following:

On top of all these incredibly valuable trainings, here's what you'll gain access to...












Overhaul your health and life in 6 weeks with Leila Hardy in an online group community.


To enrol and to check out all the details, head over here!

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6 soulful strategies for transforming your Health, Feeling Happier and Healthier in EVERY Dimension of your Life?

6 soulful strategies for transforming your Health, Feeling Happier and Healthier in EVERY Dimension of your Life?