Should I become a Reiki Healer?

Should I Become a Reiki Healer?

Deciding to become a Reiki healer can be an easy decision for some, and for others not so easy!  For me, I had heard of Reiki for years and years before I decided to become a practitioner and want to know the reason I did decide then was the right time?  Because I knew the Reiki teacher I had met was the right fit for me-then it was an easy decision!

Since then, I've never looked back and now, as an online intuitive confidence coach, I use Reiki and teach Reiki to support women who are empaths intuitives, healers and spiritual coaches to fulfil their purpose in life whilst feeling happy, healthy, healthy and successful!

I think it's really important to highlight that you can learn Reiki and never actually go on to heal others, but instead, simply use it to heal yourself and help yourself as you go through your life - it’s a worthy investment in yourself.  Many people do this, even up to Advanced and Master Teacher level, but the reasons you'll see below, still apply!

A Reiki healer is someone who goes on to help others using the Reiki techniques; this may only be family and friends, but for others it may be a schedule full of clients who all enjoy receiving the benefits of Reiki!

If you agree with any of these statements, then yes! you should become a Reiki Healer!

  • You have a passion for learning

  • You enjoy discovering self-help techniques as they makes you feel really empowered

  • You love reading about spiritual techniques to be happier and healthier

  • You are intrigued by energy, but don't fully understand or feel energy

  • You know you will love energy work, or you already do!

  • You adore receiving Reiki healing when you take part in free sessions, or look at Reiki infused images

  • You want to help others in a complementary, holistic way

  • You know you are on a journey of self-discovery yourself

  • You are fascinated by crystals, pendulums, manifesting and human beings (and animals!)

  • You long to grow and trust your intuition

If you have agreed to any of these, I would love to invite you to explore becoming a Reiki Healer.

I have a Reiki Level I & II online Course available, which is perfect for beginners.  The details are below!


You’ll cover:
❤️ The history of Reiki
❤️ Meditations to activate and identify your intuitive gifts
❤️ Feeling Reiki energy and interpreting what you feel
❤️ I’ll activate the Reiki energy so you can connect with it in all of your chakras, your hands AND your feet
❤️ You’ll receive an individual attunement to activate the Reiki energy for you, so you can start to understand what you’ve been feeling, like I did, or so you can start feeling, sensing and understanding energy!
❤️ You’ll practice creating and using the Psychic Synergy, using the attunement symbols so you are confident to be able to practice Reiki on your self, friends, family and even to use it in your business, or create a business around it.
❤️ You’ll learn how to powerfully work with Reiki energy online, and in person
❤️ You’ll work through how to use Reiki powerfully in your business, whatever it is that you do!

Here’s what you’ll get:
🎉 There are individual online learning modules designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery and learning before and after your Reiki attunement
🎉 You will receive a hardcopy manual containing all the information you will be learning. 
🎉 You will become part of a private Facebook group
🎉 Access to additional coaching like:
    * Techniques to Enhance Reiki Sessions
    * Creating and Infusing with Reiki         
    * Interesting Facts about Reiki
    * Chakras 101 Tutorial         
    * Energy and Anatomy
    * 4 Powerful Grounding Techniques
    * Manifesting with Reiki Exercise
🎉 Upon completion and certification, if you want to practice Reiki as a business, you have the option to become part of my Reiki Alumni members and share your Reiki gifts in my online communities and any people who enquire about receiving Reiki with me, will be guided to one of you as my incredible students.

This course is specifically designed to work with every learning style, you have video, reading materials, images, downloads of checklists and preparation prompts, meditations and guided audios to guide you through the techniques, theory and practical practice, and 1:1 and group work.

By the end of the course, you will know:
💪 Your intuitive abilities and how they can help you in your life, or work
💪 How to support yourself personally using Reiki, as an empath, intuitive, highly sensitive person, mum, wife, employeee
💪 How to support your clients using Reiki healing, in whatever way you want to work-whether that is as a writer, healer, coach, intuitive, therapist
💪 How to integrate Reiki into your life in a ton of different ways! 

As a life and business coach, it is my passion to ensure you leave the course confident in your abilities, trusting your intuition and knowing that you have been able to find your inner confidence that will allow you to make Reiki healing yours, with your own style, your own passion and to own your power either as an incredible healer, or simply to support yourself personally with Reiki healing.


If you are already Reiki Level I & II attuned, but feel really excited to learn the other Reiki techniques in this course, like infusing images, your meditations, videos with Reiki and working remotely and online with Reiki, then send me a message, I have something for you too!

I look forward to welcoming you on your journey as a Reiki healer!



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