Why You Should Celebrate Your Mindset Wins!

Why You Should Celebrate Your Mindset Wins!


I was with a client just the other day and we were talking about her progress. 

I had clocked how her posture had changed since I last saw her-her shoulders were back, her head held high, her skin was looking more amazing than her usual radiance and I was complimenting her on how well she looked. 

She shrugged it off slightly, saying she hadn't done anything different and hadn't really noticed.

As we continued to chat, she thought back about it and remembered that she did go for a job interview she'd never have dreamed of going for and got it, she had been noticing lots of amazing little things coming to her easily and effortlessly since her coaching session with me!

She mentioned that sometimes when she feels stuck with her own progress, that's when people often notice changes that she isn't seeing in herself.  

This was one of those moments!  But she was with me this time, who loves to question and dive deeper into why she wasn't seeing or acknowledging her wins!

Ultimately, she had all of these wins:

  • She had experienced a life changing coaching session with me to release self-sabotage and boost confidence
  • She had implemented the actions steps given to her, daily hypnosis, affirmations, daily physical activity!
  • She had amended her way of eating!
  • She had increased her water intake!
  • She grew in so much confidence that she dared to go for a job she may have been rejected from!
  • She had got the job she was brave enough to go for!
  • The job came with a pay rise!
  • She had strengthened her body to improve her posture!
  • She had realised she could stick to something, after years of failing!

You see, we all have a habit of focusing on how much we still have to do, especiallly if our Ultimate health journey is a long-term one, but we forget to acknowledge just how far we have come in the process!

And then it hit me...just as I was repeating back to her the words she had said to me that were so profound.

'It's often when you feel stuck that you're actually moving forward the fastest, it's just that you don't realise until you look back on it.'

What mindset wins can you celebrate in your Ultimate health journey?  

It's key!  

When you feel things are going slow for you, or you are feeling stuck, then these reminders will help you pick yourself back up and move forwards again!

Don't feel stuck...take time to reflect back on far you have come.

Do you have a burning question around this?  Let's chat!



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