Childhood Memories-Good or Bad?

In our first 7 years of life, we are pretty much in a hypnotic state-taking on beliefs, conditioning, being programmed by learning from what the people around us are doing and saying. That can come in many forms, positive and negative. 

'You're stupid!' 

'Eat all your dinner, or there'll be no pudding afterwards' 

'AAARRRGGGHH!! A spider!' 


'You can be anything you want to be' 

'Come on-get back up and let's start over' 

'You can do this!' 

Can you feel the difference? 

So when we took these programs on to be our own truths, because we knew nothing different at that age, we never knew how outdated and irrelevant they would be, yet still today, some of those play out I n the background.  Some serve us well, some lead us to despair, creating blocks and struggles in our health, lives' and success.


Which truths do you hold? 

Which do you want to hold on to? 

Which are you ready to chuck out and let go of?! 


I'd love to know-hit comment and share what you're ready to let go of!



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Remember those Polaroid Cameras?!

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