How to Clear Energetic Blocks using Reiki Energy

How to Clear Energetic Blocks using Reiki Energy

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For those who don’t know me, I am Leila, your online Intuitive Life and Business Coach. Specialising in the subconscious mind and energy, I empower women, just like you, who are empaths, intuitives, healers and spiritually based coaches to identify and embrace the parts of you that have doubted your abilities, felt icky about sales and been afraid to let the world know how powerful you are, so that you can become confident, happy, healthy, wealthy and successful.

Reiki energy healing has been a huge part of my journey of stepping into my confidence and owning my abilities as a healer and intuitive, hence why I am sooooo passionate about using Reiki in my work with clients and and teaching the powers of Reiki to others in my Reiki Level I & II course, Advanced Reiki Techniques course and Reiki Master Teacher course.

What are energetic blocks?

Energetic blocks are areas within your energy field that have become stuck or stagnant as a result of a trauma, experience, injury or memory.

Depending on where in the energy field they are located and how long they have been there, energetic blocks can manifest themselves in your physical energy body as aches and pains, your mental energy body as negative thoughts and self-sabotage, your emotional energy body as feelings of anxiety or depression, or overwhelm.

Mostly, energetic blocks are associated with negative experiences, as they then create obstacles preventing energy from flowing efficiently through the energy field, which can manifest as ‘blocks’ in your reality; money blocks, low confidence, procrastination, negative thoughts, sadness, low physical energy, to name just a few.

We all know that Reiki is powerful technique that lowers stress and promotes healing, allowing everyone to experience the unlimited supply of life energy that Reiki can bring through you. It's a beautiful healing energy that serves you in only the best way for you and your highest good. With that in mind, Reiki healing is a powerful way to release and clear energetic blocks that are manifesting as physical challenges!

How can you clear energetic blocks using Reiki energy?

  1. A full Reiki healing session: Reiki healing flows wherever it is needed. If there are energetic blocks coming up to be cleared, with or without your awareness or your clients knowledge, then Reiki will flow and assist in clearing that, hence why people experience feeling so much lighter and brighter after just one Reiki session.

  2. Aura clearing or ‘Psychic Surgery’ Reiki session: If you or your client suspects there is an energetic block needing to be cleared and have specific clarity on what that is, or how it is manifesting in their body, then going through an aura clearing session with Reiki is a powerful technique. I must add that ‘Psychic Surgery’ with Reiki is NOT the psychic surgery you may have seen or heard about in other cultures-there is no opening of flesh, or removal of organs in Reiki!

  3. Byosen Scanning for Energetic Blocks: Setting an intention for a Byosen scan to highlight where there are energetic blocks that the Reiki needs to go to to heal will give you specific direction on where these blocks are located within your own or your clients energy field, so that you can go to those areas and send Reiki specifically in order to clear the energetic blocks.

As with any healing, it is key to ensure all learning experiences are gained from the energetic block, so they can be fully cleared without the worry of them coming back. This is a huge part of what I teach on my courses, so you can go on to be the Reiki healer that people rave about for the fantastic benefits they gain and the incredible support and aftercare you provide.

Do you have questions about clearing energetic blocks suing Reiki energy? Pop them in the comments!



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