A Coach's Guide To Having A Powerful, Aligned Business Part 1
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 A Coach's Guide To Having A Powerful, Aligned Business

Part 1

I am hopping in to bring you some suggestions and coaching around the questions I’ve been getting in the Ultimate Health community about business.  Not many of you know I coach people with their businesses as well, because I always say that I’m a holistic health and life coach, that really encompasses business!  Over 10 years I’ve been able to practice a load of things that have worked and also a load of things that haven't in my own business.  I’ve been able to learn from being live in the process of building a successful business that not only I now run online but also have a few in-person clients. But generally I have the kind of freedom that allows me to come on live and do things like this with you.

I just want to share one of the biggest realisations I think I ever had in my business, something that happened about four years ago.  It was about balancing the masculine and feminine energy of a business. A masculine side of a business is very much about structure and organisation and doing and being very focused and driven.  The feminine aspect is also about bringing the intuitive piece in and letting things flow and allowing them to evolve and to change and being open to receiving.

As I gave myself that realisation and understanding, that really allowed me to let my business blossom rather than feeling it had to look a particular way, it had to be done in a specific way, it had to perform a certain thing.  Now my business is flourishing and actually has that room to grow on the amazing foundations that I’ve provided for it.  It blends organisational structures, with flow because ultimately structures and organisation feel great for me, but being in the powerful, yet gentle receiving energy does too!

But it's absolutely balancing that feminine of, “Okay yeah. So how can we make this better?” Or “How can I connect with people on a different level with this? How can I bring the best for them and to be of as good a service as I could possibly be?” I think that was probably one of the biggest realisations I had in a business.  If you've never understood that concept or been aware of that concept in your own business, then have a look and see where that might fit for you and how it resonates.

Of course if you are already doing it then you probably already find that it is actually really powerful.

Let's start working through some of these questions;

Creating a defined business process for clients; are there any systems you recommend for automation?

Everybody has different systems, I guess. I quite like being able to have an element of control over mine so I have this sort of semi-automated. Alongside a Squarespace website I have it connected in with:

With Constant Contact, I have the opportunity to be able to then have an automatic email responder or have an opportunity to reach out to people and see how they're doing by email. 


I would say that pricing was probably one of my biggest journeys of learning because I moved from employment where you get paid a salary, based on the set amount of hours that you work, into self-employment where you could see yourself earning per hour.  But people's perceived value of what you provide in an hour was almost ceilinged, for me anyway. That was my subconscious belief. So when I moved into massage it was very much pay-per-client per 45 minutes or per hour. And then it started to move into setting up people to be prepared for booking at least 10 sessions at once to be able to book in advance, to be able to have that commitment of people going on a journey, to moving into the hypnotherapy and coaching side of it where it's very much about the end result.

Pricing has been a real evolutionary journey for me personally and once I started to recognise that price is elastic so what may feel like expensive for one person is a penny based on the value for somebody else, it really is about being clear on what you are offering and the value that has and the benefits that has to other people.  But also really starting to feel where your ceilings or your limits might be on pricing.

So if you've got let’s say a $1,000 or £1,000 package or offering, ask yourself, “Would I pay for that?” Because that will be probably the biggest thing that will show you where your pricing needs to be.  If you wouldn't pay that, your belief will hold clients back from paying that as well. You need to align your own subconscious and energy with the prices that you want to charge or change your prices, until you are ready to raise your pricing and your beliefs around that.  I think that's really key.

Having said that, there have been times especially with the massages when I was charging maybe £25 an hour, $35 roughly, and I'd get nothing, or very little commitment to change and following my aftercare advice.  But since increasing prices, doubling them, dramatically changing them, it's really changed the clientele - their commitment, their ability to see the value of what it is that I offer them - not only with the massage but that's also applied exactly the same with the coaching side of things as well.  Pricing really is elastic. I think first of all, work out absolutely clearly, what it is that you are offering and the benefits of that - the potential that it has to change somebody's life or health or work or whatever it is you help with.  Then start to ask yourself what you would be willing to pay for that. Because either you need to raise your own money ceiling or you need to allow your prices to slowly increase as your money ceiling increases.

I think when it comes to pricing you've just got to test it. Always give yourself the opportunity to say, “For the next three people it's going to be this price but after that it's going up.” So you don't feel you get stuck at that particular price and you're going to be there for the next five years or so.

Let’s stop here. I’ve covered a lot of information and don’t want to overwhelm you. In the part 2 of series, I’m going to answer more questions on business that will help you powerfully grow and align with your business.

In the meantime, if you have any other questions, need guidance on some part of running a business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here.



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