What are the different levels of Reiki?

What are the Different Levels of Reiki?

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Reiki energy healing is a powerful technique that lowers stress and promotes healing, allowing everyone to experience the unlimited supply of life energy that Reiki can bring through you. It's a beautiful healing energy that serves you in only the best way for you and your highest good.  The benefits of Reiki are vast, from feeling like you have more energy, reducing aches and pains to the release of subconscious limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back from your full potential.

If you don't know me, I am your online Intuitive Life and Business Coach-I love supporting women just like you who are empaths, intuitives, healers, holistic therapists and spiritual coaches to fulfil their soul's purpose with unstoppable confidence and ease.  

It is my passion to combine the subconscious mind and energy to allow you to empower yourself by embracing all your superpowers, strengths and vulnerabilities and by clearing out the subconscious and energy obstacles that are in your way around your incredible abilities.  When you clear these, you go on to make more money, have incredible success as a healer and spiritual coaches and maintain your energy levels and health, personally and professionally.

There are different levels of Reiki? Why?

There are different levels to Reiki healing, that come via a set of attunement, each one a little more powerful than the last as you progress on your journey of understanding energy, and Reiki.

Just as you would experience if you were going about learning massage, or nutrition, or learning to teach exercise, you would do a basic level qualification, then you could build up to refine your knowledge, or broaden your skills and experience.

Reiki Level 1:  This is an initial attunement that activates your physical body to receive Reiki energy healing, so that you can practice on yourself and your surroundings.  This may be pets, plants, food, your home or car and rooms within your home.

Reiki Level 2:  This next attunement activates three powerful Reiki symbols within your seven main chakras, your palm chakras and sometimes (dependant on the teacher) the soles of your feet.  This enables you to not only amplify your own healing journey with Reiki, but to go on an help others by practicing Reiki as a healing modality.

Previously, these two attunements have been carried out separately, but many people now appreciate having both levels, so many teachers have integrated the William Lee Rand method of attuning people to both levels at once, as part of a longer supported Reiki course.

Advanced Reiki Level:  At this level, you will be attuned to the Master level with the Master power symbols.  You learn a multitude of different Advanced Reiki techniques to further your knowledge and power to help others with Reiki energy healing, like creating crystal grids, Reiki infused meditations, using a pendulum to assess energy.  This amplifies your knowledge base and experience and intuitive abilities even further and most people, at this level have been practicing Reiki healing in some form consistently for 6 months or more (this is not set in stone).  This consistency develops confidence, experience and competence to be able to 'master' energy!

Reiki Master Teacher:  A Reiki Master Teacher is someone who has been consistently practicing Reiki over a period of 12 months or more and has developed their qualifications, skills and experience to the level of being able to confidently teach and attune another person to use Reiki energy for themselves (Level 1), to practice Reiki healing on other people (Level 2), to master and amplify their way of life with Reiki in their lives' (Advanced/Master).  

People who move through this full Reiki journey themselves, may then also decide to become Master Teachers themselves, so they can spread the benefits of Reiki healing to others, which ultimately is the original ethos of Reiki healing when it was discovered by Usui Sensei back in the early 1900's.

Previously, Master level incorporated both Advanced and Teacher, but similar to Level 1 & 2, as teach Reiki evolved, it became two separate courses and attunements, when William Lee Rand established that many people wanted to become Advanced in their techniques, but didn't always want to go on to teach Reiki to others, he separated the two levels and added additional techniques to both to amplify and increase the knowledge gained by people who took one or both additional levels.

What level have you been attuned to?  Do you use Reiki in your life since being attuned?

I just want to add that if you have been attuned in the past and don't use Reiki at all so its knock your confidence, that's okay!  You can pick Reiki back up at any time, and refreshing yourself with a Reiki Level I & II Course, or an Advanced course will really support you to regain your confidence.  You may need another attunement to reactivate the Reiki flow through you, but this comes as part of a Reiki course anyway, so will only enhance your current abilities to sense and work with Reiki energy!




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