How to Start Easy Mindset Practices

What are Your Daily Mindset Practices?

I am always curious to know what others' daily mindset practices, if they have any, because everybody’s are so different and everybody’s perception of a mindset practice is also different! 

For me, some of my mindset practices you might not actually consider to be mindset practices. For instance, having a healthy lunch or a healthy breakfast, having a regular slot in my diary to do some form of exercise is as much my mindset practice as doing some self-Reiki, stating my gratitudes, affirmations, meditation, or Headspace.

What do you consider a mindset practice? 

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A mindset practice in my world is some kind of routine that makes you feel good, calm, more productive and focused.  It allows you some mental space or emotional space to think up new ideas, to be more creative, to be full of joy, to be full of happiness, but just to completely be at peace.  





What are mindset practices and what are the benefits?

Firstly, it feels important to say that creating or being in an environment where it makes you feel completely peaceful and you in tune with your body is a mindset practice in itself.

I’ll talk you through some of my mindset practices from the beginning of my day - maybe some may inspire you if you have not tried them before!

  1. Gratitude:  The first thing I do when I wake up is I make a mental note of at least three things that I’m grateful for. Normally just waking up is one of them so it gets you off to a great start before you’ve even started the day and got out of bed. It just raises your energy vibration ready for the great day ahead.  NB: I don’t even look at my phone until I have at least done my morning meditation or self-Reiki.  That’s normally around 7:30-7:40am.
  2. Affirmations and Afformations:  As I wash and brush my teeth, I go through my affirmations and afformations.
  3. Nutritional supplements:  Then I go and grab a 'gorgeous' glass of Aloe Vera Gel (let me know if you want to share this routine too as I can order it for you!) which helps to nutritionally top me up before I put anything else in my system.  
  4. Drink water:  I have a really good glass of water - that’s another great mindset thing for me because once upon a time the spiral of having a coffee first or a not so healthy drink first thing in the morning would be my catalyst for falling off the wagon food-wise for the rest of the day. By having a really healthy glass of water when I take my probiotics with my Aloe Vera Gel, that just gives me the opportunity to set myself up in a really high vibrational way on top of the gratitudes and the affirmations that I’ve already done.
  5. Energy clearing and meditation:  Once dressed I do between 10 and 30 minutes of quiet time.  The timing of this is unique to me and should be for you too; I'm not a fan of insisting you meditate in silence for 60 minutes every day without fail-it has to work for your schedule and lifestyle.  Maybe 5 minutes is all you have to spare, and I’m telling you now that it’s better than nothing at all. Quiet time mindset practice for me can vary between a guided meditation, sitting in silence, doing some self-Reiki, clearing my chakras, imagining a beautiful white golden bucket of light literally filling my body up from top to bottom allowing everything to flow and cleansing out any negative energy, or it may be working with some crystals to heal and release anything that I feel needs to be released.  I pick from a toolbox that allows me to choose what I feel I need to do and when I feel I need to do it.  I just tune in to my body feelings and ask myself, “What do I want to reach for today? What do I feel like I need today?” As I do that, it just seems to flow really well.  There are days I might use some essential oils depending on what I’m feeling.  I love lemon.  I think you might have heard me talk about that before, so lemon essential oil. It’s brilliant.  I find it really invigorating, head clearing, and it allows me to focus.  It makes me feel alert and alive and refreshed. There are so many others but that’s my go-to right now.
  6. Journal:  I sit and journal for 5-10 minutes depending on what I’m doing. If I’m diving into a block that needs to be healed, then I’ll spend a little bit longer with the journal but if I’m just journaling what’s came up in meditation or in a dream, then it will take about 5 minutes.
  7. Healthy Breakfast:  I have a beautiful breakfast which is normally some form of protein based brekkie; scrambled egg and ham for instance, which just releases energy slowly and steadily.  There’s no blood sugar rush from having anything processed, sugary, or refined. That sets me up brilliantly for the day.  I'm a Summer lover and while the weather is beautiful, what I really love doing first thing in the morning and at tea time is to sit outside and drink our tea in the morning or eat our dinner outside in the evening.  This just means I’m hearing the birds, my feet are on the floor, we’re sitting out in the warmth and the sunshine is starting to shine on our faces.
  8. Mindfully go about my day:  And then I move into my day. The focus is not so much about mindset practices through the day consciously, although I do often watch an educational video, or listen to a personal development audio, but of course I’m always staying present, in high vibration and focusing on being positive, honest, authentic, and being able to speak my truth - being completely honest and genuine with everything that I talk about and that I am.  I find that this in itself is a mindset practice because it’s easy to do but also easy not to do.
  9. Move my body:  I always aim to be active in some way, every day.  It might be walking; a quick walk around the block, a quick blast, a quick jog on the spot, some Tabata bursts of squats, lunges, climbing the stairs for a couple of minutes; something just to get your heartrate up and raise your mood.  Moving is amazing for my mindset. As you know I’ve always shared my story to do with my weight issues and my breakthroughs.  My health and happiness is actually that exercise is a really important part for me to ground myself and my body and for me to feel connected as well.  That’s quite personal to me but it may be something you’ve not considered for yourself.
  10. Be visible and accountable:  Towards the end of the day, what is fast becoming one of my really healthy mindset practices is coming in and checking in with my community online. This is because you have to be in a really good place to be able to be present and visible online and on video.  You have to be able to talk honestly, truthfully, and sometimes maybe talk so truthfully that it may be facing people up to their reality, which has to come from a grounded, open hearted space.  Being able to say that coming from a place of love and kindness can sometimes be challenging, so I often do a grounding exercise before I go on.
  11. Step away from technology:  Come evening, once we are preparing to go to bed, I will make sure I step away from Facebook.  With the best intentions, this doesn't always happen, so I am also kind to myself around this!  
  12. Affirmations and Afformations (again!):  As I brush my teeth, I do my affirmations.
  13. Review and rebalance the day:  As I go to bed, I plug in my headphones to listen to a hypnosis or a visualisation.  As I am going to sleep, I run through anything in my day that didn’t feel so good mentally and I turn it around to bring the most incredible outcome that it could have brought.  This means I’m going to sleep feeling excited, feeling positive, and not full of worry or doubt or apprehension about something or a situation.  That puts me in the most perfect state to have an amazing sleep. As I have that amazing sleep, I wake up feeling more positive and I am grateful for even more things.  Then you can start your day again.

What I’m trying to say is that it is not complicated and time consuming to create and do a regular mindset practice.  It is not complicated to integrate one into your own life because you can go about every day part of your life and bring some mindset practice into it.

Whether that is simply eating a clean breakfast and knowing that helps you boost your psyche or confidence and helps you learn and grow yourself internally and externally, then that’s brilliant.

If it is a trip to the gym or a walk around the block or one of the exercise classes, then that is a big tick in the mindset practice box.

If it makes you feel good, if it makes you feel more confident, if it lifts you up and energises you, it’s a mindset practice.

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If you allow yourself to really look at that and realise how simple these mindset practices are, you’ll probably realise that you are already doing a lot to help yourself and as you realise this, celebrate it because it is amazing.  As you do that you might then start to realise how easy it is to implement 5 or 10 minute practices here and there throughout the day, which really compounds the effect of the basic mindset practices that you are already doing.

Now you've read my mindset practices, let me know what you consider to be your daily mindset practices and if they have expanded as a result of reading this.  

I believe mindset practices they are not everything you would typically expect.  Most people associate mindset practices with reading books or personal development or meditation.  

What I feel is as you’re drinking water, eating a clean breakfast, or exercising, it can also be a really powerful mindset practice.

Because we often we think mindset practices are complicated and hard to do, we tend to not commit to them, but you are probably doing a lot of them already and not realising that these are things that are really good for you!  As you realise this, do more of it and give yourself a pat on the back for doing it in the first place and celebrate the fact that you are winning!  

You’re improving yourself.

You’re raising your vibration.

You’re moving towards being healthier, happier, more confident, whatever it is that you want for your health and life.

As you implement really simple practices like these into your day to day life and make them part of your consistent routine, you are just going to be changing your life.  

You’re going to be transforming your life beyond recognition. 

As you look back in a few weeks, months, or even a year’s time, you will realise just how powerfully different you are in that you are a higher, happier, healthier version of yourself than you were before.



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