Do you Feel Invisible?



From a young age, becoming 'invisible' by being super helpful, avoiding conflict and bottling up my real feelings enabled me to avoid the trauma that was going on around me.  It served an incredible purpose to protect me and keep me safe, but it left a void of not feeling enough that I filled with food and I became a yo-yo dieter, always struggling with my weight.

However, as I became an entrepreneur, this purpose started to strangle me and my business, because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get comfortable being 'out there'-visible, confident and authentic.  

It stifled my business. 

It stifled ME!

Bizarrely, my excess weight was keeping me invisible to protect me from the criticism and rejection that comes with a big business!  How conflicting!

reveal it.png

It was only when I went back to revisit those deep, dark reasons why I believed I needed to stay invisible, that I could understand and be in gratitude for their purpose at the time, that I could also release them from my body and from my mind, then go on to release all my excess weight. and grow my health and life coaching business beyond recognition!

This allowed me to grow, my business to soar and me to be me! Authentically, magnetically me!

I’m a holistic health and life coach, specialising in helping those who suspect there are deeper underlying issues that are presenting and manifesting in their reality as health, confidence and happiness challenges.  I love nothing more than combining my unique blend of earth bound skills and woo-woo intuitive gifts, from personal training, nutrition and massage, right through to hypnotherapy, mindfulness, meditation and energy healing to enable people to heal themselves to become the happiest, healthiest, highest version of themselves.

It starts with YOU

I appreciate that this can be a tender subject and one that is not always easy to talk openly about, so if you want to release this part of you, let's talk on a complimentary 30 minute call.



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