Do You wonder if You Feel Other Peoples' Pain? Part 1

Do You Think You Feel Other’s Pain?

Here’s What To Do If You Do

In my Ultimate Health community, I get lots of great questions about our Mind, Body & Spirit journeys and this question was one I felt needed some expansion on as there are so many thoughts, opinions and perspectives around the subject of picking up other peoples' pain, or rather picking UP on other peoples' pain.

The question was this:

“As I am on this spiritual journey and I’m awakening and becoming more conscious, more aware of myself, I feel or I’m aware also that I’m noticing other people’s pain.”

Obviously on a collective level there is certainly a lot of pain around being experienced around the world and this question as asked to check if this was normal, if it’s right, if there is anything that can be done about it.

If you are one of those people who feels this way or you suspect you are aware of other people's pain, whether that stays as awareness, or you physically pick up on that pain, then let me know in the comments below and how your experience has been of that.

I have my own thoughts about it, as I sure many of you do too!

As you know, being really passionate about the subconscious, fascinated by beliefs, and in to energy clearing and healing as well, I’ve gone through a process of allowing myself to scrutinise whether picking up on others' pain is a belief that we’re led to believe that we can pick up people’s energy or whether it is something legitimate, something tangible that we really do feel.

I’m really happy and excited to discuss this with you in this blog and I encourage you to add your (constructive) discussion to it too!  There is a lot to talk about, lots to discuss about this, and there is no right or wrong answer either.  I want to emphasise that this is just coming from my lens of experience and the way I see the world.  Of course, if you have different thoughts, a different perspective, feel free to add them. It gives everybody the opportunity to then make their own grounded and rounded opinions and perspectives based on what they’re hearing and their own experiences of the world around them.

Have you ever been in a crowded place and you’ve felt your hands burning, or emotional for no reason, or just been able to feel like a lot of odd, heavy or strange energy that doesn’t feel like yours?

Maybe you’ve been in an area where you know there’s been tragedy and you felt something very different to what you've been used to?

Have you struggled to concentrate after you’ve had a long day in the office with everybody feeling stressed because of a deadline or redundancy risk?

Below, I’ll be walking you through my experience of how my beliefs and my thoughts have become more responsive about this as I have developed my spiritual journey and really more knowledge and insight into energy on the whole as well.

Lot of people on their spiritual journey, notice that they start to feel more pain that isn't their own.  This sometimes feels overwhelming because there is so much suffering out there, let’s be fair, recently as well as historically.  So when you feel that in your body or sense that in your body, it can be overpowering and overwhelming.

I am an empath so I pick up on those feelings to some degree.  I’m also a therapist, working to heal people who are in pain and have emotional, physical and mental pain.

Perspective 1:

At some point quite early on in my therapy journey, before I was really aware of energy, I did wonder sometimes when somebody had something going on, 24 or 48 hours afterwards, I tended to feel, to some degree, that same feeling.  I, myself, wondered if there was something like that that could happen and was happening to me.  I actually spoke to somebody I was working with, a mentor of mine at the time, who had a really interesting perspective that prompted me to think more about my energy, which has then continued into the mind and beliefs, as I have moved more into the subconscious and really exploring our belief system.

These days, I feel I'm able to look at it from a different point of view and that has allowed me to feel really empowered and grounded when I’m around any kind of energy of somebody who’s in pain or sad or angry, to hold that space of being compassionate but not being sucked into that energy or feeling anything after being around anybody who’s experiencing pain or emotions in some way.

We have the power!-2.png

How did I go from picking up other peoples' pain to picking up ON others' pain?

The first thing that lady said to me was that it is a common thought that you might pick these things up energetically from people as a therapist when you’re working with people in pain. She suggested this: 'How about next time you think that happened, you actually thank that client, thank the energy and say, “Thank you for highlighting where it is I maybe need to look at in this person or in this area.”' That was a paradigm shift for me! I talk about paradigm shifts here: What Is A Paradigm Shift?

If you are someone who suspects they are picking up others' pain, then thank them for that insight to where it is but also acknowledge that you don’t need to feel it to know that.

That powerful intention has really served me well and I hope it will for you too.

Over the next few blogs, I'm going to explore this even more, finishing with some powerful tips and a free visualisation you can use to help yourself to reduce this, heal it and release it too!



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