Where do your food addictions come from?

Where do your food addictions come from?

Breaking Down a Food Addiction


Understanding how/why/where your food addictions came about



When it comes to breaking through a food addiction, you have to firstly become aware that you have one.  It’s in that awareness that you then create choices around what you do next.  What’s the definition of an addiction?  Check out last weeks’ article

Then it is key to understand how, why and where food addictions come about.

How food addictions come about:


Prehistoric survival instinct:

Back in prehistoric times, caveman and cavewoman stumbled upon a beehive full of honey.  After 20 years of plain vegetables and wild boar, this honey was like golden nectar inside of their mouths.  They vow to have a little every day, keep it in the cavepantry and save it over a period of weeks and months because it was so scarce and such a treat.  On the first night, cavewoman can not get to sleep for thinking about that honey and its delicious taste.  She sneaks out of bed and wanders out to the cavepantry and dips her finger in the honey.  Yum, then once more and another and soon, the beehive is half empty.  She goes back to bed satisfied and full.  The same happens the next night and the next and the hive is now empty.  Now it seems, cavewoman can relax, knowing the honey is all gone, even though she is disappointed that there will unlikely be any more for years.

Nowadays, we have sweets, treats and food on tap 24/7, yet we still have a prehistoric survival instinct that kicks in, ‘telling’ us to eat it all.


Mind Programming using TV: 

TV is hypnosis at its most powerful and not for good I’m afraid.  Have you ever watched a film with Pizza Hut featured and it’s made you fancy a pizza? Or that romantic scene on a soap over a delicious looking cheesecake and you’ve started associating good, comforting, happy feelings with cheesecake?  



Were you told you weren’t getting any dessert until you finished your dinner?  Given ice cream when you had a sore throat to make you feel better?  Given sweets when you had been a good girl?


Why food addictions come about:


Repressed Emotions:

In childhood most often, but at any time in our lives’ we feel or hear something that makes us feel not good enough, clever enough, loveable enough, for example and as a child, we can not express clearly, or we may not be efficient at expressing our feelings, of how that experience has made us feel.  Instead, it just gets locked up inside.  Weeks, months or even years later, that expression you couldn’t find in tears, is causing other organs in your body to weep-in this case, your digestive organs and your brain.



There may have been a time when you were so ill, stressed or frightened that your mind made a note of what you did afterwards to make yourself feel better.  If you were given treats or food after illness or injury for example, when the grown up you feels ill, stressed or frightened again, your mind goes back and searches the database to find out what you did back then to make yourself feel better and makes you desire whatever that was, thinking it is helping you.



If you ever witnessed or experienced any situation that made you feel you were too small to help, or to save yourself or someone else, your mind locks on to that as a message that you ‘need to be bigger’.  Whatever we think about, we bring about.  This could be in the instances of hearing your parents argue as a child, or abuse of some kind.


Where food addictions come about:


TV and supermarkets:

Marketing and advertising on TV and in supermarkets is lucrative business.  Huge food companies pay millions of pounds for prime time spots and locations to promote their processed treats and foods, so you see them, want them and go and buy them!


Subconscious messages:

We are always receiving messages and thoughts based on our subconscious filters.  If you know that as a child you always got Lucozade when you were off school with a sickness bug and it made you feel special and cared for, then the moment you become ill nowadays, you reach for the fizzy drink with the subconscious mind making the emotional connection, rather than the logical part connection that Lucozade has nothing to do with helping you get over a sickness bug!


Partners, friends and peer pressure:

‘Go on! Have one!  I’ll be offended if you don’t.  I made them especially.’

It is all too common to hear those words, especially if you have actually told someone you are watching your weight or cutting some food out.  I put money that it is not a salad that they are saying this about either.  It’s called ‘enabling’.  Our loved ones do this because they are expressing their love towards us, but not in the way that we need to receive that love.  It’s their way of showing how much they appreciate you, but in a food addiction, that is the last way we need to be appreciated.  It is your responsibility not to blame them for the issues you may have with food, but to take action to express that you would rather have a healthy meal, or a hug, or a drink of water instead.


What do you see in yourself, lovely lady? 

How have your food addictions come about?

Why have your food addictions come about?

Where have your food addictions come about?


If you feel something inside you stirring up as you read this, chances are there is something going on for you that is deep rooted in your subconscious mind and it is controlling the show.  Don’t get angry, or mad at yourself as you realise this, thank your amazing mind for being so protective or intelligent or resourceful, and acknowledge that it no longer needs to do that for you, you are in control now and if you want to feel loved, or express your frustration at a situation, you don’t need food to do that, you have the ability to express yourself with words and actions so eloquently.


Most people need support and accountability to overcome a food addiction for good.  I have created an amazing supportive Facebook community to help people do just that-look us up over here!


Reach out if you're wanting to share anything after reading this and any other of my articles - I love to hear from you and help if I can!




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