Give Your Self Some Love This February! <3

Give Your Self Some Love This February! <3

Give Yourself Some Love This February


What I'm looking forward to bringing you over the month of February seeing as it is Valentine's is some incredible, simple, easy ways that you could take care of your body and give your own self some love this February!

I'm going to show you how to be quite selfish this month. Of course when you are looking after yourself and filling your own container you are going to be able to help other people fill theirs as well by giving them some love, sharing some love and offering them some treats, for Valentine's or just because.

Let's do this!

When it comes to self-care I think it's so important to realise that it might feel selfish at times.  You might attach some guilt to that, but actually it is not selfish at all; it is self-care and if you and your fuel tank are empty you have nothing to be able to help anybody else with or give to anybody else in terms of energy.

The things we're going to talk about over the next few weeks will overlap but really simply we're going to split them into Body, Mind and Spirit.

It's going to give you the opportunity to start tackling some physical things and then start to tackle some mind-set things, a sort of 'check up from the neck up' and then to tackle some things really deep inside the heart and soul.  It's going to allow you to work on anything that will help you to bring you into balance if you're feeling slightly out of whack at the moment.  

As you know, I am all about simplifying the really overwhelming and complicated concepts around physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health leading to ultimate health and happiness on every level of your life.  By working on these three things over February, we're really going to start work on releasing any traumas, any emotions, any memories that are stored in that spiritual layer of our being that may then actually be becoming a physical issue in your body.  As it works through those layers that we have within our body you start to maybe express something physical - aches, pains, dis-ease, or unhappiness in some respect of imbalance, just giving your body a little sign that it needs your attention.

Let's move on to the body.  

I have four tips for you.

Tip 1:  Physical Activity:

The first one of these is to really work on physical activity. You notice I’m not calling it exercise. This is about allowing your body to do what it needs to do, what it's asking you to do. That might just be taking in some really thorough deep breathing exercises for two minutes a day.  It might be getting out in the fresh air.  It also may be going to the gym or going for a swim, but ultimately, it's about knowing that whatever you're doing is going to boost the physical layer of your body.  It's not so much about losing weight, to get fit or anything else you will gain (or lose!); it's just to give you some balance back into your life.  With this tip, I’m really talking about just getting out and doing something for you that involves your physical body.  A little bit of movement and a little bit of deep breathing. It can be that simple!  The way it works is it stretches out the diaphragm and the ribcage and allows your shoulders to pull back and relax which is a brilliant way to release an area where we hold tension daily.

Tip 2:  Massage:

Then we're moving on to number two.  This is about massage.  When I first started doing massage and treating people with massage, even in my own mind I thought, "This is a luxury. This is something people pay for as a treat."

But in my 10 years as a massage therapist I have realised that actually massage is not a treat, it's a necessity.  In fact there are doctors and GPs around our country especially that are now prescribing massage when it comes to lowering blood pressure or stress with patients as well as things like the typical things you'd associate massage with, like back pain and injuries.  So there is absolutely no doubt that on your physical body, massage has the most incredible effect of cleansing your body, helping to remove any toxins, helping to reduce stress, helping to release tension, but also helping to really re-balance the body and get it working in an efficient way so it can get rid of bugs, so it can eliminate toxins effectively, it can boost your immune system, it can lower your stress levels, your blood pressure levels and all sorts of other benefits over time. 

But I think it's incredibly still seen by some people as a luxury, soif this is you, maybe take yourself some time over February or this week especially; just allow yourself some time to massage yourself.  It might only be your hands.  It might be your feet.  But then it might also be your whole body.  Just take some time to allow yourself to use a lovely moisturiser, something that makes you feel good, makes your skin feel great, and maybe even smells fantastic as well. Just take an extra five minutes after your bath or your shower just to moisturise and massage your body really gently, or, on the tender spots, you might want to pay them a little more attention and work a little more thoroughly on those. It's really up to you.

Tip 3:  Love Yourself:

This tip is all about the physical side of self-love, of loving yourself.  This might be something that just makes you, forces you to sit still for an hour maybe once a fortnight or once a month. Something like getting your hair done, nails done, maybe taking time out to run a bath and have some beautiful bath oils in there and light some candles, maybe even dry body brushing which I’ve talked about before in an earlier blog.

By taking these little times out, it's not only making you stop still, but it's also giving you that chance to tap into your divine femininity - that beauty that is you as a woman. As you take that time, what you're doing is recharging that container as well because so often in our world we are, "I must do this. I must fit this into this time." It's very "Go Go Go and Do Do Do" and that's a very masculine energy that's at play there.  By just slowing things down slightly and allowing you to really enjoy the pampering that comes with some self-love and taking care of yourself, being taken care of, you're really harnessing that feminine energy which just makes you feel incredible. 

Tip 4:  Water & Nutrition:

Then we have top tip number four which is water and nutrition.  I know; I’ve snuck these two into one, but they kind of work well together!  

We're talking about drinking lots of water, taking care of your body on that level, but also taking in great nutrition in the form of fresh foods, whole foods, seasonal foods, which are fantastic because they tend to have the nutrients that our body would need in, let’s say, the winter months, or the summer vegetables and fruits tend to have the vitamins that we require in the summer months.

Allow yourself to really start to explore those fresh foods and vegetable aisles and using the whole foods, create some incredible recipes.  Get yourself topped up and filled up on the inside on the physical level of your body.  

Actually that starts to shine out on the outside as well! 

If you're struggling to get that good nutrition in, then don't be afraid to supplement.  There are some great supplements out there which will allow you to pretty much cover anything you feel you're lacking whether it's in a multivitamin or whether it is in more specific items that you know you're lacking or suspect you're short of.  As you do this you'll find your body starts to refresh and renew on a really deep physical level.

Next week we're going to be talking about the mind.

I'm going to be diving just a little bit deeper and the week after that a little bit deeper than that!

You know me; I love to explore these things. If you have any questions, if you have any queries, anything that has come up for you as a result of talking about those things, then pop them as a comment.  

Let me know how you're getting on and implementing these things and getting stuck into them and noticing how they're changing your energy levels, your wellbeing and just in general good feelings about yourself and possibly about how you're able to then share that love around with other people as well!

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Have a great week!



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