Give Your Self Some Love This February!! Part 2  <3

Give Your Self Some Love This February!! Part 2 <3

Give Yourself Some LOVE This February!! Part 2


It’s Valentines, I’m feeling the love, and I thought rather than go all commercial on you, let’s really dive deep into ourselves in giving ourselves some self-care, some self-love and just helping ourselves to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves.  How on earth are we ever going to be able to help other people, pick them up and help them through their life woes and bring children up and spend time with loved ones, when our cup is empty, when our container is completely empty?

As I said, last week we covered the body in a physical way.  But body, mind and spirit all overlap. This week we’re going to be covering the mind.  They’re all of equal importance - the mind, the body and the spirit aspects of this – but I think the mind is one that is always overlooked.  It’s one of those missing pieces as you start to do things to connect yourself and give your mind some love, you start to see the most incredible transformations in your life, in your body and in your energy levels as well.

I cannot wait to let you know exactly what’s in these and the four tips I’m going to be sharing with you as well. You will never guess what an orange has to do with your mind! 

If we know that there is any trauma, any emotion, any memory stored in the spiritual layer of our body and our being, then eventually at some level it’s probably going to manifest into our physical body as pain or disease or something that we’re not particularly happy to have.  When we work through these layers of mind, body and spirit, we start to address our wholeness, our wellbeing, on a really holistic level, which is the name of the game ladies.

The way to ultimate health is to really work with every part of ourselves.  As we do that and as I start to show you some of these aspects of the mind, you’re going to be really excited to take action on some of the steps I’m giving you.  

I cannot wait to hear how it works for you and what kinds of transformations occur for you as well. 

Our minds and our health:

When it comes to addressing the mind part of our being, we're talking about things we think, things we feel, maybe the words we tell ourselves every day; whether they’re empowering or disempowering. We’re also talking about being present - keeping our thoughts and our being very much with us in this very moment. And you hear me talk about it a lot, but that in the very present moment there is really nothing wrong with us, we are perfect.  There are no ailments and there’s no pain because when you experience that pain it’s already in the past, if that makes sense?  One second later it’s already gone. In the very present moment that we’re always here, we’re perfect.  We’re perfect just as we are.  There’s nothing that needs to change.  There’s nothing that we think we need to move forward with because as soon as you do that you’re out of the present again.  

I’m going to help you to try and tap into the present with this blog and help you to develop some of these mind skills that will enable you to feel well and stay energised despite the chaos of life.

On your part it might need five or maybe ten minutes of your time once or twice a day, or even a week if you don’t have much time at all.  But if you do nothing but venture into the mind aspect of your wellbeing, then anything you do is going to be progress.  Cut yourself some slack; you can dip your toes in gently.

Let’s get started.

I like to keep things nice and concise for you!  

Top Tip 1:

The first tip I’m going to talk to you about is meditation.  Sometimes when I say meditation all sorts of things conjure up - sitting for an hour going “oooommm” or being so uncomfortable or falling asleep or something.  But meditation in my perspective can mean just literally two to five minutes, longer if you want to, to just sit and be still.  Be aware of your body and how it feels.  In those few moments that you take to meditate, you can focus on something you want to bring in to your energy.  That might be a goal or some kind of focus, like health, that you want to have.  Or you can be looking for divine inspiration, just opening your mind up to creativity and allowing ideas of what your next steps might be to do with your career, your health, your weight, your goals, anything at all to do with that and what’s going on in your world.  Just creating that space that allows you then to receive the messages clearly from your higher self to allow you to get clarity on where you need to go next, what you need to do next, or maybe who you need to speak to next.  I feel that meditation even if it’s just two minutes a day can really recharge you.  It can feel like a full night’s sleep, believe it or not.

There is no right or wrong with meditation.  I am very open to the fact that lots of people say, “I can’t stop thinking when I’m meditating.  I can’t stop doing this and that. I can’t stop thinking about what I need to do next.”  All you need to do if that happens to you is give yourself permission to come back into the present as soon as you realise that has happened.  There is no right or wrong way to do that.  

But what I want to do is set you as a challenge.

If you’ve got a timer on your phone just set it for five minutes, two minutes if you’re really short of time.  You could do that after reading this! 

Sit upright, take a moment just to breathe in deeply with your eyes open, two or three times and then gently close your eyes.  Feel your feet on the floor, your bottom on the seat, your back against the chair, notice where your shoulders are, and notice how your head feels. Is it hanging forward or backwards or left or right.  Just notice where your body is and allow yourself to move into a state where you’re very conscious of your breath.  You may be even noticing your heart beating in your chest.  As you do this you’re moving into the most incredible state to be able to draw your attention, if the mind wanders off, back to your heartbeat or back to your breathing. Just spend a few moments of that time just waiting. Allow yourself to literally sit. Think of nothing. If thoughts do come through just bring them back into your breathing as you become aware of them. When that timer goes off take a deep breath in, open your eyes and you’re back up.  Get back into the real world again, recharged and rejuvenated.  It’s a beautiful place to be!

Let me know how that tip goes for you.

Top Tip 2:

We’re talking about mindfulness here.  Mindfulness for me means being very present, observing yourself, being very aware of yourself and your thoughts and your feelings and your actions. The Headspace app is amazing.  Anyone who knows me well knows I praise that all the time because it helped me change my life and still does.

Let’s move on to tip number two which is all about mindfulness. Mindfulness as I said is really about being conscious of yourself - what you do, what you think, what you feel – just observing that in yourself.  You can actually start to move around life with a really light heart, with an incredible curiosity and wonder about the world, like your eyes have just opened to the scenes around you. The things that you see, the people that you experience, the relationships you have, it really creates this beautiful wonder in your world which allows you to also explore every aspect of life - into the darkness as well as the light.

As you do this, my task for you is to take any activity like walking, cooking, eating, just being able to play with the dog or the cat and allow yourself to really feel everything about that experience that you’re in.  Allow yourself to really explore the details as you may never have done before.

My example is this beautiful orange.

Next time you’re grabbing a piece of fruit or a vegetable to eat, just take a moment to look at the skin. Just notice the textures. Just notice how it feels. Is it cold? Is it warm? Use all of your senses. As you explore the texture of the skin, just think about where it may have come from - the journey it has taken to get to you.  Really appreciate with full gratitude the actual journey that this very orange has been on to get into your fridge or in to your fruit bowl.  Then, as you peel the orange, listen as the skin breaks.  Feel how it comes off.  Does it come off in small pieces or big pieces? What does the inside feel like? Are these things that you’ve ever been aware of before?  How does it smell?  Really bring yourself into all of your senses and allow yourself to really explore how that feels - how it feels in your body, how it feels within your hands.  And then as you start to eat it, notice the senses again.  What happens?  Quite often with certain foods they’ll take you back to a memory.  What does an orange mean for you?  For me it reminds me of Christmas time because my mum always used to put an apple and an orange in our stocking.  What does it mean to you to experience some of those foods?  Is it a good memory?  Is it not so good?  Part of being mindful is also accepting that the darkness is there, the not so good is there, and knowing that we can work with it rather than work against it and try and push it to one side.  Take a moment when you’ve finished eating that orange to really feel what it feels like in your body, how it feels in your mouth, that sweetness, that juiciness.

Can you see where I’m going with that mindfulness is being able to apply it to anything and really exploring it?  You’ll be amazed at what a difference that makes to your eating as well.  

Really enjoy experimenting with that. I would love to hear how that goes for you!

Top Tip 3:

Addressing the mental-emotional side of our mind with hypnosis or hypnotherapy or visualisations, for instance.

This allows you to access the deeper layers of your mind to identify and release really stuck, blocked, trapped emotions, energy, thoughts, and beliefs.  Anyone who knows me knows that I'm always explaining that those thoughts and feelings lead to our actions, which lead to our results and our reality.  If you’re not completely happy with your reality right now, then it might be worth backtracking to where your thoughts and feelings are coming from and what they’re telling you.

It’s really interesting to then start to work with those to turn them on their head and bring them the other way round.  You can do that with something like hypnosis.  If you’re new to my work,  here is a hypnosis there to help you lose weight and beat food addictions.  In my Facebook community, Ultimate Health - The Holistic Way with Leila Hardy, there is also a really powerful energy clearing session in there, which will really allow you to address some of those deeper mind issues that you feel may be holding you back from having ultimate health and happiness,  confidence and weight.

Top Tip 4:

Affirmations or afformations.  

Really starting to address those thoughts you tell yourself, what effect the little devil on your shoulder has when he/she mentions “you’re not good enough” or as soon as you want to try something new he says, “But you’re a failure.”  

Address that person, that voice and start to become aware of what it’s telling you and how that might be affecting your reality, and then start to switch it around using affirmations or afformations.

Affirmations are statements to help you verbalise exactly what you want to think and feel. That could be something like if you feel you’re not good enough or you feel like you’re a failure, it might be saying something like, “I am a success in anything I do. I am good enough.” It could be that simple.

An afformation works with the mind in a slightly different way and that is by actually asking your mind a question rather than making a statement.  It’s all well and good for people saying, “I am this” or “I am that”.  But sometimes there may be people out there who when they say that, that voice then jumps up and goes, “Yeah, right. You’re not this. You’re not that.”  And it gives you a million reasons why you’re not.

But if you ask your mind a question instead, rephrase the exact same words, but in a question like “Why I’m I so successful in everything I do? Why I’m I good enough?” the mind will start to look for answers to that question that you are asking.  It will start to give you lots of reasons why you’ve been good enough in the past, why you are successful in everything that you do.  As you do that you start to reinforce the good feelings.  The incredible changes that go on in the mind as you do little things like these, create your reality.  

You want to feel more motivated to take the actions that make you feel successful and feel good enough, but of course when you take those actions to make yourself feel good enough and to make yourself feel successful, guess what happens?!  You really do feel good enough and you do feel successful. And you become successful in everything you do!  It’s a very simple principle but it’s just about tweaking it slightly so your mind starts to receive it in a completely different way.


So here are my four tips!  

We have meditation, mindfulness, using hypnosis or hypnotherapy, and affirmations or afformations to address and transform the mind area of our body and give our Selves some love this February!

As you do that I cannot wait to hear how it goes!  

Let me know your progress; comment or private message me.

I love to hear your success stories ladies.

I’m going to leave you with it. 



Give Yourself Some Love this February (Part 3) <3

Give Yourself Some Love this February (Part 3) <3

Give Your Self Some Love This February! <3

Give Your Self Some Love This February! <3