Give Yourself Some Love this February (Part 3) <3

Give Yourself Some Love this February (Part 3) <3

Give Yourself Some Love This February!!


It's part 3 of our February blog about giving yourself some love this February.

We’ve already covered the body - the physical side of ourselves, and the mind which we covered last week around the mental and self-love that you can give yourself and about taking time out in order to fill your own cup, in order to be able to give other people as much love and attention that they need in your world, whether that be for your work, your life, family, friends, and other things like that.

We know that self-love and care is so important. So many of us attach a lot of guilt to it because it feels selfish. It feels like we shouldn’t be doing that when we have other people to look after.

But what I really want to get across to you is that if your container of energy, of love, of patience is empty, you have nothing to give anybody anyway.  Take some time just to really fill that tank up, to get yourself filled up.  If your cup is empty, how on earth are you ever going to be able to give everybody as much love as you really want to and as much care as you really want to?

This is all about giving you some really simple, really easy steps to be able to just do some little things that are going to make you feel really good on the inside which then, of course, starts to show on the outside as well.

I’ve loosely encompassed this into body, mind, and spirit.  Generally speaking, these areas will cover our physical selves, our mental, our emotional, our thoughts and our feelings, and also our energetic selves as well, that spiritual self that feels like 'it's destiny' or 'it's meant to be' something that controls us and everything that happens to us, that feels like, let's say, a higher power of sorts.  

Generally speaking, if there is a trauma or an emotion in some kind of way and it's stored in the spiritual layer, that energetic layer of our being - eventually, chances are it will manifest into something physical in our body or in our feelings or in our thoughts.  In working with all three of these; body, mind and spirit, as an encompassing perspective, then we can really start to change everything for ourselves.

Today, we are talking about the 'spirit' side of things - the energetic side of things, the spiritual side of things.

If ever you’ve had that sense that things are out of your control, these things happen, coincidences, synchronicities, all these things, and you think, “that’s random”, there is a possibility and a school of thought, and this is just my opinion and my perspective only, that there is actually something out there that creates that kind of pattern of events for us.

That means as well some of the darkness, some of the tough stuff as well.  Sometimes the school of thought, it’s believed that those things are there for us to become the people that we really need to be, for us to be tested to realise that we can appreciate the light only when we know the dark and there are other polarities like that.

By working on the spirit and taking care of our energy, we’re starting to tackle the outer layer.  But remember that outsider layer penetrates right through to our physical bodies over time.  So if we really help and fill that area full of love and clear out any blockages, you know that that is going to move all the way through into you and your core and your cells and your life and your reality.

Let’s go there now!

Top Tip 1:

Number one, my top tip is aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy doesn’t mean you have to go and see an aromatherapist or anything like that.  You can, of course, if you want to but if you know of any essential oils or any herbs that you have in your garden or even any spices, you can get incredible medicinal properties as well as relaxation properties.  Just check with your GP if you are not sure if there may be any health complications whilst using essential oils!

Aromatherapy works at every single layer of our being - mind, body and spirit.  And aromatherapy doesn’t have to be anything complex; Do you remember a time when you've smelt something cooking, or a flower and it's thrown you right back to a beautiful happy memory?  That's it!  It can be a simple blend of lavender or eucalyptus or lemon, for example.  I’ll break down what each of those is for just to simply give you some direction of something you can work with right way.

Most people tend to have lavender in their garden or you can buy it from various places in plant form, or as an essential oil.  

Lemon, the rind of lemon – the skin – as well as being able to buy an essential oil, lemon is incredible to use to energise yourself.  

Eucalyptus as many of you might know if you’ve ever had a cold, you tend to sniff eucalyptus or Vicks VapoRub which has an effect that is head-clearing.  Not only does it help to clear your head and your sinuses, but it helps to clear your thoughts as well.  

Lavender is calming for the nervous system.  Most people associate lavender with having a really amazing night’s sleep. It does just what it says on the tin; it allows you to relax and calm your system down in order to allow incredible healing to come through into the physical layer of your body.

Top Tip 2:

Top tip number two is tapping.  I don’t mean the tapping that I’ve talked about before or tapping on acupressure points; I mean really slowing the tapping down to consciously awaken areas of your chakras, your energetic areas, your pressure points, any area that with help you to bring your attention and awareness into that layer of your body and allows you to become aware of awakening things like the chakras, of awakening the energy meridians of the body that run on the energy lines. Allow yourself to from head to toe take just 30 seconds to a minute to gently tap front and back and awaken all of those senses within your body, not just the physical ones.

Top Tip 3:

Top tip number three; I’m talking about reiki and energy healing here. Reiki and energy healing helps you to clear blockages and trapped energy that are stored in your aura and body.  It could be blockages around weight, emotions, memories, anything that gets stored up in our body over time.  Our body and mind is like a Polaroid.  It captures every photo and image and feeling and sensation of every single experience we’ve ever had in our lives.  Not only does our mind do that, but our body stores it somewhere as well.

So, if some of those have been locked in your body somehow, then reiki just allows that to release. It allows the flow to come back in through your energetic body, to allow your physical body to function at an optimum level.  It promotes wellbeing, relaxation, and healing amongst so many other benefits. If this is something you’re interested in, you can find out more information here.

Top Tip 4:

Top tip number four is the use of crystals.

Rose Quartz, I absolutely love Rose Quartz.  It’s a beautiful pink one. Rose Quartz is all about love and it’s perfect for today, because it resonates deep with the heart chakra as well so that energy level is there to allow our hearts to feel pure love.

Citrine is all about clarity and optimism which resonates with our solar plexus.  

Carnelian; creativity and receiving and boundaries which resonates with our sacral chakra, a bit lower down around the sacral area of the spine.

That’s just giving you an example of three but there are so many crystals out there and each of them has their own meanings and intentions.

Of course, you don’t have to actually have crystals; you could wear underwear that has that particular colour and it will help you to infuse some of that energy into your body, jewellery or just any colour clothes. 

If you feel you need some real heart love then a pink or a green will be wonderful. If you feel like there’s something at the throat that you need to express, then blues will be incredible to help you harness the energy to do that!

So these are my four top tips; aromatherapy, tapping- slow beautiful tapping that really awakens the energetic layers of your body, reiki, and crystals or colour matching crystals to the chakras and the needs that you feel your chakras might need.

If you have any big take homes from this, then let me know.  Let me know what you think, what you feel, and how you’re enjoying that. 

Have an amazing week!



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