Have you Lost your Way with Reiki Healing?

Did You Lose Your Way With Reiki?

I get it, you had been curious about Reiki, excitedly took Level I, maybe even level II.

You knew you'd love to use this to help others someday, but somewhere along the way, life got busy.

😣 You had to change your Reiki self-care practice time one day

😏 Then you missed a couple of days that week

😯 Reiki fell to the bottom of the list of priorities

😫 You got out of the habit

You wonder if you're even connected to the Reiki energy anymore...

…you want to pick it back up as a practice...

…help others with Reiki

…could you even remember what to do?

Hands up if that's you πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

I hear you, way back when I was full of self-doubt and low confidence, consistency was a BIIIIGGG challenge for me too.

I dropped my self-care routines at weekends, didn't prioritise it during the week, so then, when it came to thinking about using my skills I had learned for myself and for others, I got scared.

I felt a fraud, doubted I could even help someone else if I couldn't help myself, asking myself:

😲 What are the Reiki ideals again?

😲 Would I remember the techniques I had learned?

😲 Could I remember the basic routines?

😲 How do I draw the Distance symbol?!

😲 What if I don’t feel anything?


β›” Support

β›” Accountability

β›” Confidence

As soon as I developed each of these in my own long winded way, everything changed!

Now, as your online Intuitive Life and Business Coach and a Teacher of Reiki, I ensure these elements are in all my trainings, so after refreshing, or starting your Reiki journey, you leave with total confidence and belief in your abilities to have strong self-care routines in place and belief in your abilities to support others with Reiki, whilst having fun and enjoying yourself!

My long winded route, means you don't have to have that challenge yourself!

Do you want to refresh your Reiki skills, knowledge and abilities?

Very soon, I am hosting a free Refresh your Reiki Knowledge Workshop, an interactive online workshop where you can refresh your knowledge of the symbols, Reiki ideals and some of the basic techniques, so that you can grow in confidence to use your abilities once again as the incredible intuitive and healer you are and deserve to be.

Register here and join me as I take you on a refresher workshop to reigniting your passion for Reiki healing!



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